Fire Kirin Cheats & Cheat Codes for Web and Mobile

Fire Kirin fishing game key art

Fire Kirin Cheats & Cheat Codes for Web and Mobile

Fire Kirin Summary

The Fire Kirin games are part of a series of “fish table” arcade games where players compete for real-world money. Unlike other gambling and casino machines, fish table games are more heavily reliant on skill rather than luck. Among fish table games, Fire Kirin is perhaps the most well-known and played, becoming one of the premier online fish table games since its release in 2020.

In addition to being the title of a fish table game, Fire Kirin also hosts over a dozen other table casino games on its website. The title is as much a series of casino game types as it is an individual game. An important note to make about these games is while they are technically “free”, each play session costs money due to the potential to earn real-world currency from winnings. Skilled players have developed strategies to help mitigate losses and balance risk with reward.

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Fire Kirin gameplay

While the core experience of the game is technically intended to be multiplayer, fans can enjoy the gameplay as solo players with AI-controlled bots. Similar to other fish table games, the gameplay is characterized by fast movements and recognizing patterns of fish. The ultimate goal of each play session is to successfully hunt as many fish as possible in the time limit.

Fire Kirin Premise

Fire Kirin gameplay

Fish table games are often characterized by their intense and twitch-based reaction gameplay, and Fire Kirin is no different. As players enter the game, they are greeted by an underwater environment populated with various kinds of fish and aquatic wildlife. Each type of aquatic creature is worth a different point amount, and successfully reaching thresholds in-game equates to earning real-world money. Players must hunt and kill as many fish as possible in the limited time window.

In addition to memorizing creatures’ movement patterns and appearance rates, players need to prioritize weapons. Each weapon type available in the game has a different utility and purpose, with some better than others depending on the level and creatures. Mastering the game’s different weapons and figuring out which is best takes practice. To help, demo levels are available for trying out the gameplay and various available weapons.

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Outside the free demo levels, each gameplay session costs real-world money. Essentially, players are “betting” on their skill to be able to clear the board or earn enough points to recoup the initial cost of entry. As players become more skilled at playing the game, the potential for real-world rewards increases. Further, players can spend extra money when entering to purchase special weapons and ammo.

Fire Kirin Main Characters

Fire Kirin gameplay

While the title features several different types of aquatic creatures as well as the iconic firey Kirin dragon, there are no main “characters”. Instead, the game features some unique weapons and creatures. The unique weapons and board targets in Fire Kirin include:

  • Fire Kirin: The titular character and iconic face of the Fire Kirin games. The Fire Kirin appears at least once per game, netting the player huge rewards for a successful takedown.
  • Fury Dragon: The Fury Dragon appears every time a new round of Fire Kirin begins. Although tough and hard to take down, successful hunting of the Fury Dragon grants extra ammo and bonus firepower.
  • Laser Shrimp: The Laser Shrimp is a unique weapon that players can earn after leveling up in-game. Its laser is capable of eliminating multiple fish at once.
  • Mermaids: The Mermaids are tricky to successfully take down due to their complex swimming patterns. However, if a player manages to take one down they earn fast homing bullets that instantly kill other creatures.
  • Missile Attack: The Missile Attack is a unique weapon in Fire Kirin that is very effective at killing fish in the tank. That said, it does cost real-world money to unlock.

Games in the Fire Kirin Series

Fire Kirin is one of many “fish table” games that reward players with real-world money for in-game skill. Fish table game are primarily hosted online via sanctioned gambling sites, with this game being no different. In addition to the titular game in the series, several other fish table games are hosted on the title’s online platform. Games in the Fire Kirin series include:

  • Arc of Templar
  • Baby Octopus
  • Circus Circus
  • Crocodile Adventure
  • Deepsea Volcano
  • Dragon vs Phoenix
  • Eagle Eye
  • Fire Kirin
  • Fish Chopper
  • Golden Toad
  • Golden Tree
  • King Crab
  • Magical Ship
  • Meteor Shower
  • Ocean Monsters
  • Spirit Stallion

Fire Kirin Cheats

Due to the requirement of real-world money to purchase entry credits, there are no official cheats for Fire Kirin. Though many websites might claim to have discovered hacks or credit generators for the game, these are unverified and most likely scams. Not only would cheats disrupt the economy of the game, they would be unethical. Essentially, cheating in the game would be like counting cards at a casino. Due to the ability to earn real-world money from gameplay, there are no cheats available for Fire Kirin or any other fish table games hosted on its website.

Fire Kirin Cheat FAQs

How do you get free play on Fire Kirin?
Fire Kirin does offer players a one-time registration process that allows you to earn $50 worth of gameplay credits. In order to get this bonus, players will need to register and enter personal information. Once registered, players should receive a code that allows them to earn an in-game voucher for $50 worth of credits. Players can then use these credits to play the game and earn real-world currency.

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