Hooked Inc Cheats & Cheat Codes for PC, Android, iOS, and iPadOS

The banner for Hooked Inc.

Hooked Inc Cheats & Cheat Codes for PC, Android, iOS, and iPadOS

Hooked Inc, known also as Hooked Inc: Fisher Tycoon or Hooked Inc: Fishing Games, is a fishing game for mobile platforms and PC. The game was released by Lionstudio, attracting a huge crowd with millions upon millions of downloads. The maker of the game describes it as an addictive idle clicker game suitable for both those that enjoy idle games and the clicker aspect of gaming.

Here we’ll go through what the game has to offer in terms of gameplay, story, and characters, as well as take a deep dive into what type of cheats, tips, and tricks it might potentially have available.

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Hooked Inc Premise

In Hooked Inc, players enter unknown waters with one singular aim: to catch the Big One! Players try to find and catch the rarest, most exotic fishes possible while upgrading their gear and boats. With each upgrade to the fishing boat, the player also gains improved skills and other benefits. More powerful items are unlocked that allow the fisher to go for larger catches. The bigger the fish, the bigger the payout. 

As players venture further out in the open waters, they’ll find more lucrative fishing spots and more challenges. In addition to the fishing action, the game also features an idle simulation portion. As players go idle, their crew will continue to catch fish, providing profits to the player. Coming to the game, new treasures await the player. There are also daily multiplayer fishing tournaments where players can truly challenge themselves. The payout for the best is definitely worth the time.

Rodrick in Hooked Inc.
Rodrick is there right from the beginning.

Hooked Inc Characters

Fishing is not a lonely profession, at least in Hooked Inc. While players start fishing alone, the game starts with a guide, Rodrick. Quickly the player will be able to hire crew members to bring in additional catch, which increases profits. There are tons of characters, both friendly and competitive, that will be available during the players’ journey on the waters.

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  • Rodrick: Rodrick is the friendly fisherman that greets the player as soon as they grab their fishing pole. As the face of the game, he is also the first crew member players can hire. Upgrades increase Rodrick’s stay-away time as idle fishing speed.
  • Rod Junior: Next up after Rodrick, is his son, Rod Junior. He becomes available fairly soon after Rodrick, as the second crew member for hire. He also gets faster idle fishing in addition to more income while away with upgrades.  
  • The Mechanic: The mechanic joins your crew when you venture to the big sea for the first time. The hiring cost for the mechanic varies, depending on the number of crew members you already have. The mechanic can be upgraded to a maximum crew level of 3.
  • Hank: Hank is a crew member for hire with a maximum level of 6. He wears his yellow raincoat and an eyepatch. Leveling Hank increases epic and shark damage and fish value.
  • Britney: The beach girl Britney is available for hire. She has a maximum crew level of 20 with leveling-up bonuses to package value and idle income.
  • Jet Ski Juliet: Juliet is a premium crew member that is available in special offer packs. One needs to use real money to acquire her. Look for her on Valentine’s Day. Max level 30 and doubles all income with Row Row Romeo.
  • Winston: Winston is an old gentleman. As a crew member, he has a maximum level of 15 and upgrades bring increased fishing experience gains.
  • Lee: Lee is a different sort of crew member. Instead of leveling him up manually like the other crew members, Lee gains levels based on how many fish you catch. He’ll automatically gain experience and increase fish value with each 200 fish you catch. His maximum level is 9999.
Crew Members in Hooked Inc.
Players can access new crew members with gems.

Games in the Series

At this point, Lionstudio hasn’t come up with a successor to their popular fishing game, Hooked Inc. However, the game has gotten a host of updates during its lifetime, which have upgraded and changed the crew members. Some characters have gained maximum levels, including Danny, Britney, Hank, and Winston.

Hooked Inc Cheats

Lionstudio has not included a traditional cheat code system popular in older games in Hooked Inc. This means the players have to resort to glitches or third-party apps to achieve cheats. At this point, there don’t seem to be any safe cheats that work well for the game. While there might be third-party applications that do achieve results, we don’t suggest you use them because of the possibility of harming your device, game, or data security.

While changing the date and time on your mobile device could previously allow players to gain extra cash, this seems to be somewhat fixed by the developer, at least on mobile. Now trying to do this results in a potential loss of gems and experience, so we don’t suggest you do it if you want full access to all the features of the game.

Free Spin in Hooked Inc.
The Anchor menu includes the option for a Free Spin of the wheel.

That being said, we can still provide new players with valuable hints, tips, and tricks to achieve better results in the game.

  • Move to New Waters: It is very beneficial to move to new locations, in deeper waters. This allows players to catch much bigger fish and increase profits tremendously.
  • Spin the Wheel: There is a wheel that you can spin on the top of the anchor menu, which gives free boosts and gems. Watching an ad will give you additional spins.  
  • Make Yourself a Crew Member: By connecting the game to your Facebook account, players can access themselves as a crew member. This increases fish value by 250%.
  • Choose Your Upgrades Wisely: There are various upgrades that you can spend your hard-earned in-game cash on. Some of them give better profits by actively catching fish, others enable better income via idling. You need to decide which one is more profitable based on your game time.
  • How to Catch Birds: From a very early stage in the game, players are able to see birds flying above the waters. At this point, clicking or swiping the birds does nothing. Later on, players can equip the Bird Catcher item, which lets them catch birds. Catching the Seagull the first time will grant players two stars. 
  • Come Back After an Hour: As mentioned, the game offers idle rewards, which means that you’ll get profits even when not in the game. However, there is a maximum time of one hour, after which rewards stop accumulating. Thus, it is optimal to come back and collect your rewards hourly.
  • Get More Gems: Gems are a very valuable premium currency in Hooked Inc. Completing goals is a good way to access some of the special upgrades that are only available with gems.
  • Gold Fish: Players can catch the Gold Fish only when they use a specific boost item. They can find this Gold Fishing item in the anchor menu. It gives 5x value for 1 minute for 5 gems. 
  • Reset the Game: At some point, you’ll likely get stagnant if you play long enough. This is where resetting the game might be the best option. While you lose all your profits, you can start from the beginning with all your crew members and upgrades, which will make a massive difference.

Hooked Inc. FAQ

Can I play Hooked Inc on the PC?

Yes, there are a few ways to play the game on the PC. There are web versions of the game and an emulator also can be used to play the mobile version.

Is Hooked Inc free?

Yes, the game is free to play if you so choose. However, the players are also able to purchase content, like crew members and gems, with real money.

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