Idle Theme Park Tycoon Cheats & Cheat Codes for Mobile

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Idle Theme Park Tycoon Cheats & Cheat Codes for Mobile

Idle Theme Park Tycoon is a fun strategy game where you build and manage your own theme park. As the boss, you buy new islands, add exciting rides, and grow your park until you can open a great Aqua Water Park. The key to success is good planning, smart investment, and patience. But sometimes, we could use a little boost on our way to becoming a tycoon. That’s where this article comes in handy, with cheats, tips, and tricks to speed up your journey.

Idle Theme Park Tycoon Premise

Idle Theme Park Tycoon is an engaging game where you become the manager of a budding theme park. Starting from a modest amusement park, your role is to build it up, making wise investment decisions to expand and introduce new attractions. By buying new islands, you get the opportunity to add exciting rides, attracting more customers and making more money.

Gradual growth is key in this game, with each upgrade and investment increasing your income. The ultimate goal is to accumulate enough wealth to start your own Aqua Water Park. This game tests your entrepreneurial skills, and your strategic thinking and patience. The more your park grows, the more challenges you will face, but the rewards will grow too. The game captures the essence of being a tycoon, giving you the thrill of managing and expanding your very own theme park.

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Rollercoaster in Idle Theme Park Tycoon.
You can create rollercoasters in the games.

Idle Theme Park Tycoon Characters

The game doesn’t feature specific, named characters with individual storylines. Rather, the game focuses more on the player who takes on the role of a theme park manager. Your primary interaction is with the park guests, who are generic and are visitors to your theme park. Their satisfaction is vital as it contributes to the park’s popularity and profitability, which is your ultimate goal in the game.

As you progress, you hire staff to operate your rides and services, but again, these are not specific characters but just regular workers in a theme park. The game’s primary focus is the strategic management of resources to grow and improve your park.

Games in the Series

Codigames specializes in social and mobile games. The company has developed a variety of tycoon games for mobile devices, which range from sushi shops to police departments. The Idle Tycoon series includes at least eight different titles, while the larger Tycoon series is double as strong. Here are the ones we are aware of.

  • Sushi Empire Tycoon
  • Idle Coffee Shop Tycoon
  • Idle Burger Empire Tycoon 
  • Pet Rescue Empire Tycoon 
  • Idle Dinosaur Park Tycoon
  • Hospital Empire Tycoon
  • Law Empire Tycoon 
  • University Empire Tycoon
  • TV Empire Tycoon 
  • Idle Police Tycoon
  • Prison Empire Tycoon
  • Hotel Empire Tycoon
  • Idle Fitness Gym Tycoon
  • Idle Theme Park Tycoon
  • Idle Supermarket Tycoon
  • Idle Airport Tycoon

Idle Theme Park Tycoon Cheats

The game’s developer, Codigames, hasn’t created a cheat code system for the game. As there is no traditional way to enter codes in Idle Theme Park Tycoon, we have to find another way to help our progress. There is one glitch, or a bug, that has been found, allowing players to acquire immense amounts of in-game money quickly. Whether it works might depend on the device and the version of the game. Let’s go through it.

Money Cheat

  1. You must have an active game. Open up the game.
  2. Switch to the phone’s Settings, and adjust the time and date to any time a couple of years in the past. This might involve turning off the automatic date and time function.
  3. Go back to the game. Wait a little while. The game should award you with millions, if not billions of cash. 
  4. If this doesn’t happen, go back to the phone time and date and set it to automatic. Go back to your game. See if it now awards you with money.
  5. Continue switching the date back and forth for more money. You can also try closing the game completely with each change. However, do note that this might be fixed in a newer version of the game.

If the money cheat doesn’t work, there are still a few more general tips we can give you to advance faster in the game.

The theme park in Idle Theme Park Tycoon.
You can upgrade attractions in the park.

Benefits of regular check-ins

Idle Office Tycoon incentivizes regular gameplay by offering daily rewards. These gifts can range from coins and gems to special items, all of which can contribute significantly to the growth of your enterprise. Ensure you log into the game each day to collect these bonuses as they might help you greatly.

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Prioritize upgrades

As a new player in Idle Theme Park Tycoon, one of your primary tasks is to manage and upgrade your theme park. It might be tempting to try to upgrade everything at once, but strategic investment is key to growth. Pay attention to the cost-effectiveness of each upgrade. Some upgrades will give you a more significant increase in earnings relative to their cost. Upgrading existing rides and attractions often provides a better return on investment compared to investing in entirely new ones. Keep an eye on your income per ride and adjust your upgrade strategy accordingly to maximize your profits.

Keep an eye on visitor satisfaction

The satisfaction of your park visitors plays a crucial role in your park’s growth. Thus, a higher satisfaction level means that visitors will spend more money and stay longer in your park, leading to greater profits. Ensure that you have enough rides to avoid long queues, as long waits can reduce visitor satisfaction. Similarly, make sure to upgrade your parking lot and ticket booths to handle the influx of visitors as your park expands. Another major thing is bathrooms. If you spot a lot of green faces, you should upgrade your bathroom situation.

Multiply your earnings

One straightforward strategy in the game is to leverage in-game ads to increase your profits. While it may not seem like a traditional cheat, it’s a risk-free method to boost your resources rapidly.

Be patient and keep the game running

Idle Theme Park Tycoon, like other idle games, rewards patience. The game continues to generate income even when you’re not actively playing. Over time, the money will add up and allow you to make significant upgrades when you return to the game. Moreover, don’t be in a hurry to open up new islands until you’ve fully upgraded your existing park. Moving too quickly can spread your resources too thin, slowing down your overall progress. So, take your time, let your park grow, and save up for the big investments that will really take your park to the next level.

Theme Park Tycoon FAQ

Can I play Idle Theme Park Tycoon on PC?

The game is not officially available for the PC. However, if you have a way to emulate mobile games on the platform, like the Bluestacks app, you can play Idle Theme Park Tycoon and other mobile games on your PC.

When should I expand to new islands in Idle Theme Park Tycoon?

Expansion should be done strategically in Idle Theme Park Tycoon. It’s generally advisable to fully upgrade your existing park before moving on to new islands. While it might be tempting to expand quickly, doing so can deplete your resources and slow down your overall progress. So take your time, maximize your current park’s potential, and then proceed to open new islands when you have sufficient resources.

What mobile devices can I get Idle Theme Park Tycoon on?

You can download the game for most modern smartphones and mobile devices, including both Android and iOS.

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