Last Fortress: Underground Cheats & Cheat Codes

Gear factory production screen in Last Fortress.

Last Fortress: Underground Cheats & Cheat Codes

Love your sims and want to dig deeper into the strategic (and mostly free) community building of Last Fortress? You’ve got a lot to do, but we can help you tackle it. Here’s what you should know and the ways to excel — especially when the hordes start coming.

Last Fortress: Underground Summary

Last Fortress: Underground is a strategy game in which you take control of a group of survivors in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. It’s an app game designed specifically for mobile devices. Your job is to outfit your group and organize them to gather supplies and slowly build a settlement. Hunting, gathering, growing, engineering, and fighting (including zombie hordes) are all important aspects for survival. Successful production efforts will produce different kinds of coins you can use for upgrades.

While the major goal is survival, tasks in the game vary greatly. There’s lots to upgrade, a number of randomized events, and big long-term goals for growth like adding to your population, etc. You can see at a glance the power of your base by watching your CP number, which can indicate how prepared you are for defense.

There’s also lots of community interaction in the game, adding another level of play once gamers are comfortable building out their base. You can join alliances and communities to gain more resources and get upgrades for important things like training. Once in an alliance, you can group up and join battle events, completing daily missions. You may also find yourself in competition against enemy alliances, which can have serious repercussions.

In all, it’s a relatively friendly survival strategy game compared to grueling options like RimWorld. The gameplay loop is more casual, but with room to grow if you get obsessed. The very community-oriented angle is a unique take if you want to ascend to more important management roles. Continued seasons introduce new content and challenges that keep the game interesting.

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Last Fortress: Underground Premise

War screen in Last Fortress Underground.
All-out wars can get intense between warring alliances.

The world is apocalyptic and includes hordes of zombies and nuclear wastelands. Once, survival was only guaranteed at Castle, a enormous enclave of human survivors. But after an immense attack, Castle has fallen, flooding the wilderness with escapees desperate to survive.

Players take the role of a commander who is among a group of survivors after Castle is breached. You’re lucky enough to come across a lone bunker in the middle of nowhere where you can rest at. But this bunker has potential! With the right plans, you could add a source of power, start gathering slim resources, and expand into different sections. If you start gathering other survivors, you may even be able to send out exploratory camps.

Zombies are lurking out there and may ruin your plans at any moment. Also, the survivors you start with all have their own specialties and training, so you have to work with what you get. You may have any mix of engineers, scientists, doctors, soldiers, minors, and more. That means you’ll have to build to your strengths and spend currency wisely to enhance your production. And, of course, watch over your Armored Personnel Carrier, which needs fortification and swift repairs if it breaks down.

You’re not in this mobile game alone, and trying to go solo can be very dangerous. If you want your base to survive as long as possible, communicating with other players to form alliances can make gameplay easier, gibing you much-needed resources. This helps with growth, but also means you’re expected to defend the alliance and take part in its wars.

Last Fortress: Underground Main Factions and Characters

Leveling up rifle skills in Last Fortress.
In Last Fortress, you can level up skills for your troops.

Technically, the primary characters in Last Fortress: Underground are you and the other alliance base commanders in various alliances. But the playable “character” doesn’t have much of an identity other than what you give it. While you can take on various roles like Battlemaster or Master of Transporting in an Alliance, there’s not a lot of backstory there.

However, there are heroes, key members of different factions who you can recruit to gain specialties and access to different features. Some heroes you start with, and some heroes you can find in missions or outright buy with in-game/real currency.

The problem is that there are a lot of heroes, over a dozen for most factions. So, to make things a little easier, we’re going over the factions instead and what they do. Plus, we’ll mention a few heroes you may encounter if you’re focusing on one faction.


The Solari faction includes hard workers who help with the construction capabilities of your base. They are one of the most important factions early on in your survival. You’ll want to dump resources into this faction and find useful heroes. The more heroes you have from Solari, the more their bonuses increase. Three heroes, for example, give a 10% boost to their stats, including HP. Heroes in this faction include people like Maurer, Tikka, Lemuros, and NATE.


The Minutemen are a group of defenders who take a more active approach, helping those who need it. Their goal is the survival of humanity, and no task is too big or small. They also have some significant military capabilities, including powerful weapons and armor. That makes investing in this faction important for defense against zombies and others. Heroes here can include Akendalf, Bolten, Mira, and Coleman.


These Mad Max-style people aren’t playing around. They see the apocalypse as a winner-take-all problem to solve and they intend to be winners. They focus on stealing, taking over communities, and fighting each other. For the few bosses on top, it’s a good life. For everyone else, it’s depravity and death. However, they do have their advantages. No one is better at making vehicles that can survive the apocalypse, and their fighting power is notable. Heroes include Blanche, Max, Matthew, and Buccaneer.


The Wildings turned their backs on technology and embraced a new kind of naturalism. They worship what’s left of the world and try to bring nature back into balance. Along the way, they have adopted several shamanistic rituals that may seem odd to outsiders. They also have serious trust issues. However, no one is better at living off the land, scavenging supplies, and helping things grow, so they are powerful allies. Heroes here include Harman, Titan, Irma, and Elaine.

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Humanity has left a lot of technology literally in the dust. Most people don’t understand or use technology anymore. The Watchers specialize in understanding and keeping this technology. Many of them are scientists or technicians who are the best in high-tech power plants, production systems, growth techniques, and all kinds of machinery. They also have a reputation for being ruthless and condescending and generally think they’re better than everyone else. But you’ll need them to excel, from factories to high-end mech suits. Heroes include Roland, Galande, Macklin, and Qian Qian.


The last two factions are a bit different. They were added during a special event, made available to only players with certain resources, and are more limited. They were only available for a limited time but may make future appearances. Lawbringers stay above the fray and don’t appear to even be human, but rather beings watching civilization across history. They offer advice to humans but avoid getting directly involved. The only hero here is Palmer.


Wreakers are the only ones who benefited from the zombie apocalypse. It gave them strange powers, which they can use to further their own ends without regard for others. The only hero available in this faction is Soros.

Last Fortress: Underground Titles of Video Games in the Series

Despite the colon in the title, Last Fortress: Underground isn’t part of a series. The game is created and run by Life is a Game, a relatively new studio. They don’t really have any other game apps out yet, so the future is unclear. However, this Android-focused developer could have other titles in the works.

Last Fortress: Underground Cheat Codes

Rewards screen after a Last Fortress war.
Immense battles yield rewards and winner charts in Last Fortress: Underground.


As a mobile app, Last Fortress: Underground doesn’t include any traditional input codes. However, there are a few codes and tricks beginning players should know to help make things a bit easier.

This advice should work on any device that’s compatible with Last Fortress: Underground. Keep in mind this game continues to be updated and releases new seasons in which mechanics or other features may change.

Military Supply Code

Last Fortress: Underground offers promos to entice new players and make the start of the game a bit easier. This is the closest the title comes to cheat codes, except they’re called military supply codes. Basically, as a commander you get access to hidden resources with the right passcodes.

In the past, military supply codes have provided very valuable caches like a wrench, an extra hero selection card, and a limited-time power-up for building. They also include stashes of currency like Z coins so you can buy more stuff to expand your base.

The trick is that these promo military supply codes change frequently. Older codes expire, so looking up a code can be hit or miss. Currently, the latest code that works is MDSMCSWK.

However, if that doesn’t work, we suggest looking up the latest supply code info within a month or two from your current time. Last Fortress has a Facebook page, fan forums, and more where codes are usually listed. There should be a code out there for you!

Unlocking Extra Garages

Key to your journey in Last Fortress is the ability to travel out into the wilderness and scavenge, make camps, and meet others. To do that, you need powerful vehicles — not just one, but several. That means unlocking Garages for storage. Fortunately, while you can spend real-world money to do this, there’s another way.

First, level up your Control Center. You want it to be as powerful as possible to get more Garages. When it reaches level 6, you should be able to shop with a trusted seller to purchase Drawings, which include a new Garage. At level 12, you’ll get an option to buy another. But you’ll have to take your VIP score to level 10 to purchase the last garage, which will take a lot of steady playing (or cash), so prepare.

Getting More Residents

Many activities in Last Fortress are time-gated by days or hours, so they take a little patience to slowly mop up. However, one key activity that isn’t exactly time-gated is getting more residents for your base/settlement/fortress.

Head to your missions menu and look for Radar missions. Radar missions involve rescuing refugees. Every refugee you rescue gets added as a resident to your base! Just make sure that your APC is well-outfitted for the trip so you can bring everyone back safely.

Getting NATE

What’s a NATE? NATE’s a hero with the Solari faction, which helps manage your settlement and production processes. They’re the people who get everything done, but they can’t work forever. Well, unless they’re NATE.

You always need to assign people to provide raw materials and then gather produced goods, or production will shut down and leave everyone in trouble. There’s a slightly hidden solution for it. Get NATE, the robot butler, and he will auto-collect produced resources while also providing them with raw materials. That makes him an invaluable asset! Collection him and level him up ASAP if you want to speed everything up alone. The only problem is that NATE is usually only available via the store for around $10 or so, so it’s kind of a pay-to-win scenario. Use vouchers and sale days to cut down the cost.

Last Fortress: Underground Cheat Code FAQs

Do Cheats Work in Multiplayer Mode?

Since the only real cheats for Last Fortress are the military supply codes and knowing a few tricks about heroes, yes. The resources provided by supply codes can help you in multiplayer modes too. Tricks to speed up production will also help you grow faster, become a more attractive ally for groups, and survive longer in the wilderness.

Can Cheats Help in Competitive Mode?

Yes. Competitive mode pits Alliances against each other. All the same boosts apply to your participation in competitive mode.

Can I Transfer Zones in Last Fortress?

Yes. You can pay currency to transfer to the opposing zone. This is basically a switch sides button. Annoyed players stuck with an Alliance that isn’t trying or communicating may be tempted to switch sides.

Is the Feature Called Mop Up Good?

If you’re interested in leveling and improving ASAP in Last Fortress, you should know about Mop Up. This newer feature sets your base to an automatic mode where it will periodically fight zombies even when you’re offline. The number you fight can increase over time as you improve and gain more attack power and experience. This helps you gain experience even if you can’t play for a while.

Is There a Puppy in Last Fortress?

Yes. If you find a puppy, you can assign people to feed it (very important). The puppy may even give you a gift in return.

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We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
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