Dragon Force Cheats & Cheat Codes for Sega Saturn, PlayStation 2 and More

Dragon Force Cheats & Cheat Codes for Sega Saturn, PlayStation 2 and More

Dragon Force is a fantasy RTS (real-time strategy) game with RPG elements. The game was developed and published by J-Force and Sega. Dragon Force made its world debut on March 29, 1996, for the Sega Saturn. The game was eventually ported to the PlayStation 2 on August 18, 2005.

After its release, Dragon Force received near-universal praise from critics. The game was lauded for its perfect balance between its war simulation gameplay and RPG elements. Dragon Force did phenomenally finically in both America and Japan. Hundreds of thousands of units were sold, making it a clear success.

Dragon Force Premise

Dragon Force takes place in the fantastical world of Legendra ruled by eight different nations that vie for power. Legendra is plagued by a powerful evil god named Madruk, who was sealed 300 years ago. Madruk’s seal has begun to weaken, threatening his eventual release. Now, the eight monarchs of Legendra must put aside their petty squabbles to defeat Madruk once and for all.

Dragon Force Main Character

At the beginning of the game, players will choose to play as one of the eight monarchs of Legendra. Each monarch has their own storyline, but whichever one the player selects, that monarch gains the Dragon Power. The Dragon Power is a special power capable of defeating Madruk. The player will lead the other seven monarchs as the commander of the Dragon Force and battle Madruk’s Dark Apostles.

Dragon Force Series

The success and popularity of Dragon Force earned it a direct sequel in 1998, titled Dragon Force II: Kamisarishi Daichi ni. Unfortunately, Dragon Force II: Kamisarishi Daichi ni only received a release in Japan and doesn’t have an English translation. This sequel still maintains its RTS gameplay, but a new “laboratory system” has been added. The new feature allows players to research new abilities and have two different types of soldiers in the same army.

Dragon Force Cheat Codes

As a classic game on the Sega Saturn, Dragon Force has multiple cheat codes and secrets. One of the cheat codes enters the game into a debug mode. Once you’re in this mode, you can create duplicates of every item in the game, including late-game weapons. Players can also unlock secret playable characters as well. We’ve broken down every cheat code and secret for you in the chart below.

Cheat Codes/SecretsEffects
Debug modeTo start the debug mode hold L, R, X, and Z then press Down, Down, Up, Down, Down, Left, Left, Left, Up, Down, Right, Right, Right, then start at the press start screen.
All items secretOnce you have entered the debug menu on the title screen, hold on to ‘X’ and enter the game, (Be it continue or new game), all the way until the domestic affairs screen appears. You will see that you have at least 15 medals, and one of every item, even the DragonForce weapons.

If you hold on to ‘X’ every time the screen says,”Lord___, Domestic Affairs beckon…”, you should have a fresh supply of items and medals every phase.
Play as Reinhart and GoldarkTo play as them, beat the game with any of the characters. When you start a new game, they’ll be accessible.
Unlock Ending CinemaOnce you beat the game, you can view the ending at any time in the Option Menu.

For players that own an Action Replay, there are also codes Dragon Force. These codes can instantly unlock all abilities, automatically win fights for you, and much more. Each character in the game has their own set of codes that unlock unique features, there are also master codes that will give players access to everything.

Dragon Force Master Code

  • F6000914 C305
  • B6002800 0000

Dragon Force Cheat Code FAQ

Does Dragon Force have any cheat codes?

Yes, Dragon Force has multiple in-game cheat codes that players can access. These cheat codes can place the game in a debug mode where players can duplicate items at no cost. There are also two secret playable characters that players can unlock by beating the game.

Dragon Force also has Action Replay codes. These codes can grant players access to a plethora of special features for every character in the game. The master codes will automatically unlock everything for players.

What is an Action Replay?

An Action Replay is a cheat device that lets players input different cheats for multiple retro platforms. They manipulate the memory of the game code to allow cheats like unlocking all abilities or automatically winning fights.

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