Panzer Dragoon Saga Cheats & Cheat Codes for Sega Saturn

Screenshot of Panzer Dragoon protagonist looking at a dragoon.

Panzer Dragoon Saga Cheats & Cheat Codes for Sega Saturn

The Panzer Dragoon series is a series of video games developed by profound Japanese game developer, Sega. Panzer Dragoon is a series of rail shooters except for this title, Panzer Dragoon Saga. The title was developed to compete with Final Fantasy 7 for the Sony Playstation and while development had struggles the game became a cult classic. The game was released for the Sega Saturn in 1998 to critical acclaim. The game sold well with many critics even saying it surpasses Final Fantasy 7 in many ways despite its short length. Today, the title is described as “the greatest RPG you’ve never played” because it’s so hard to get your hands on a copy today.

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The Premise Of Panzer Dragoon Saga

In Panzer Dragoon Saga you control Edge. Edge is a young mercenary who rides a flying dragon. The gameplay is divided into navigation, battles, and exploration. While on foot, common RPG mechanics are present in this title such as talking to NPCS, upgrading weapons, and buying items. When flying your dragon, you have a reticle that allows you to fire lasers and activate triggers. The game also features full voice acting and FMV cutscenes.

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The Main Characters Of Panzer Dragoon Saga

  • Edge: A mercenary working at an excavation site. When a tragic event ensues, Edge meets a mysterious dragon that will lead him to his ultimate destiny.
  • Azel: A mysterious girl, recovered from the excavation site. She is soon awakened from her everlasting sleep and will stop at nothing to fight for and protect the man who awakened her.
  • K. F. Craymen: The leader of the Imperial Black Fleet. He was a former high-ranking member of the Imperial Academy. An Imperial officer gone renegade. Craymen a defector of the Empire, now makes his own decisions and takes responsibility for his own actions. He will stop at nothing to uncover the secrets of ancient technology and to take control of mankind’s destiny.
  • Paet: A man who lives in the Town of Zoah’s Holy District and helps Edge multiple times. He has vast knowledge of ancient technology, being capable of building and repairing airships and other ancient devices.
  • Gash: A friend of Edge and the leader of the Seekers.

Other Titles In The Panzer Dragoon Series

Panzer Dragoon Saga Cheat Codes

Free Health In Battles

In any battle with any opponent, let all three of your attack bars charge up to full. If you leave all three bars charged, after a while either your HP or BP will start charging until it reaches the max.

Music Box

If you have a Panzer Dragoon Zwei save on your Saturn, the little girl in the Holy District of Zoah will give you a Music box which plays the Panzer Zwei theme at Campsites.

Action Replay Codes

The following code requires the third-party hardware, Action Replay. If you are emulating Panzer Dragoon Saga then these codes should work in the emulator as well.

Code EffectCode
Master CodeF6000914 C305
B6002800 0000
Bypass Error Message for JAP Version16002ED0 0009
Bypass Error Message for USA/PAL Version16002EB0 0009
Infinite BP1604A6D0 270F
Infinite HP1604A6CC 270F
Max Dyne1604A6F4 0098
1604A6F6 967F
Max EXP1604A6DC 0098
1604A6DE 967F


Astral Phantoms

Be nice to your dragon by always smiling to him, petting him, letting him sleep until morning, etc. Also give him a name at the beginning. Astral Phantoms allows your dragon to attack on its own.

Baby Dragon

After having the Eye Wing Dragon, visit Shellcoof and access all of the pyramids around the ship. Enter the ship and fly to the Genesis Chamber where you find the Dragon Crest and Amrosias. Also found here is a Baby Dragon who will tag along and collect items unreachable to you. Access the Baby Dragon to receive the items.

Change Enemy Color

While viewing enemy info., plug a controller into the second port and Press Start. Now you can change the color and brightness of an enemy with different buttons.

Faster Speech In Cutscenes

During a cutscene press L or R to speed up or slow down the speech.

Get Dyne Easily

To make this secret work, make sure your Saturn has a save file for Panzer Dragoon Zwei in its backup memory. For every hour you have played Panzer Dragoon Zwei you will get 100 Dyne when you start Panzer Dragoon Saga. Example: If you have played Panzer Dragoon Zwei for 8 hours, then you will start off Panzer Dragoon Saga with 800 Dyne.

Light Wing Dragon

Collect all twelve of the D-Units that are scattered around. There are two in each of these places – the Valley, the Desert, Uru, Uru Caves, the Forest of Zoah, and The Tower.

D Unit Locations

  • Above Excavation Site – Access the birds (you have to kill the Arachnoth first)
  • Valley/Canyon Deep Gulch – inside a tunnel
  • Garil Desert – Worm Lair
  • Garil Oasis – Blue Ruins
  • Uru – Sunken Southern Ruins – next to the entrance
  • Uru – Deep North
  • Underground Ruins of Uru – B4F – needs Dragon
  • Underground Ruins of Uru – B2F North – needs Dragon
  • Inside the Forest of Zoah
  • Inside the Forest of Zoah
  • Tower – 14F North
  • Tower – 14F North – right next to D unit 11

Solo Wing Dragon

After becoming the Light Wing Dragon, and having the Baby Dragon, return to the Forest of Zoah. Now go into the Red Ruins. Enter the central structure and find the section without a Dragon Crest. Access this to return the Crest and become merged with the Baby Dragon, creating the Solo Wing Dragon.

Tri-Burst Gun Upgrade

During the daytime, talk to Radgam the Hunter at Village of Zoah. Keep talking and he’ll ask you questions – answer them correctly to get Tri-Burst for free.

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