Legend Of Mana Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes for PlayStation (PSX)

Legend Of Mana Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes for PlayStation (PSX)

Legend Of Mana

Note: This game is also titled Seiken Densetsu 4 .

Debug room

Note: This code requires a Game Shark or Pro Action Replay cartridge. Enable the following code in the North American version of the game:

    D0102672 0101

    30102674 0001

Enable the following code in the Japanese version of the game:

[lasso rel="amzn-meta-quest-3-128gb-breakthrough-mixed-reality-powerful-performance-asgards-wrath-2-bundle" id="175390"]
    80102752 0002

Load the game and refer to the following .

Secret sword

Have a saved game from SaGa Frontier 2 on the same memory card as the one used for Legend Of Mana . Enter the save screen, highlight the SaGa Frontier 2 file, then exit out of the save screen. Enter Bone Fortress and head toward the bridge where you fought the DeathBringer. There will be two skeletons at that location. Approach them and you will fight DeathBringer 2. After defeating it, you will get the strongest sword from SaGa Frontier 2 .

Get a Chocobo

To get a Chocobo as a pet, have a saved game from Final Fantasy 8 on the same memory card as the one used for Legend Of Mana . Enter the save screen, highlight the Final Fantasy 8 file, then exit out of the save screen. When you catch a bird egg in the eastern section of Domina it should hatch into a Chocobo.

Get “Fastest Wheel”

Complete the “Catchin’ Lilipeas” quest and have a saved game from Chocobo Racing on the same memory card as the one used for Legend Of Mana . Enter the save screen, highlight the Chocobo Racing file, then exit out of the save screen. Go to Polpota Harbor. On the Polpota Harbor map screen Skippy, the thin big eared creature from the “Catchin’ lilipeas” and “Huntin’ Du’cate” quests, will appear and hand you a ring item called “Fastest Wheel”.

Shadow Zero mini-game

Successfully complete the “Jewel hunter” quests (The Lost Princess, The Flame of Hope, Drowned Dreams, The Looking-Glass Tower, The Lucky Clover, Cosmo, Two Pearls, Alexandrite, Flourite, and Tear Drop Crystal). When those events are finished, go to the bar in Domina on Salamander day. You should see a Shadow Zero standing near the counter. Talk to him to play the game.

Land Bopper mini-game

Get nine lands in full view on the world map (which should resemble a slanted tic-tac-toe board). Then, hold L1 button for approximately four seconds to get the Land Bopper start screen to appear.

New Game+ feature

Successfully complete the game, then load the game that is next to a music symbol. This will give you a “New Game+” feature. This game allows access to your old level, items, weapons, and instruments. When you start out in your home, go to the study (the room to the right down the stairs). Find the encyclopedias and go to the “Forbidden Tome”.


    Rename items

    While on the menu screen, enter the equip menu. Select the item of your choice, select the status of the item, and press X(2) on the item. A name creation screen will appear, allowing you to enter the name of your choice.

    Items with value

    If during the course of the game you find your characters Lucre (funds) a bit low, go to the SS Bucaneer. Once there, make your way to the lower deck area and enter the left door on the bottom of the screen. This will place you in the forecastle. Here and in the next room are the Polter Box enemies (which resemble a treasure chest). The Polter Box frequently drops three different valuable crystals. The Sun and Moon crystals each sell for 750 Lucre. The Glow crystal sells for 1,000 Lucre. Go in and out of the room to bring the enemies back as many times as needed. If you have not got the SS Bucaneer, yet go to the second floor of the Bone Fortress and fight the Kid Dragon at that location. He will ocassionally drop a Dragon Steak, which is worth 1,000 Lucre. The Kid Dragon will also drop Dragon Breath which is very useful in tempering swords and sells for 300 Lucre.

    Two player duel

    [lasso rel="amzn-meta-quest-3-128gb-breakthrough-mixed-reality-powerful-performance-asgards-wrath-2-bundle" id="175390"]

    If you want to fight a friend, travel to Geo and go to the uppermost dot. Enter the building and go past Sotherbee into the basement. Continue down once more and talk to the Garlic Guy. You can fight against an NPC or a friend’s character.

    Monster eggs

    The most common places for monster eggs to appear are locations which had Boss battles. If when you enter a recent battle area and a monster egg is not there, leave that room and return until one appears. When you find one, map out the most common areas that the monster eggs wander around and leave food every place it usually goes. Note: You can only have five pieces of food out at a time.

    Locations of different types of monster eggs

    To raise a certain class of monster you need a certain type of egg to have a chance of getting that monster. For example, if you wanted to have a Land Dragon, whose class is Dragon, as a pet you would need to hatch a Dragon type egg to have a chance of getting it. The locations of the different types of egg are as follows:

      Aerial egg: Luon Highway (Boss location), Norn Peaks (nowhere special 1)
      Aquatic eggs: Madora Beach (extreme right of area), SS Buccaneer (lowest room)
      Arthropod eggs: Norn Peaks (nowhere special 2)
      Beast eggs: The White Forest (nowhere special)
      Demi: Human eggs: ??? (???)
      Demonic eggs: Jungle (nowhere special)
      Dragon eggs: Fieg Snowfields (Boss location)
      Morph eggs: Gato Grottoes (Boss location)
      Oddity eggs: Ulkan Mines (Boss location)
      Plant eggs: Jungle (Boss location)
      Poltergeist eggs: Junkyard (nowhere special), Tower of Leires (Boss location)
      Reptile eggs: Luon Highway (in the cave)
      Undead eggs: The Bone Fortress (Boss location)

    Note: The eggs can usually be found where the area’s Boss was located, but not always. They appear in the same places the Spirits (Salamander, Shade, etc.) appear. Sometimes nothing will appear in that location — enter and exit that screen until they appear. A few egg/spirit locations will not work until certain mini-quests (see the Diary) are have been completed.

    Six Wisdom usual locations

      Gaeus the Earth: He is always passing time at the Luon Highway.
      Olbohn the Warrior: Has his own room in The Underworld.
      Pokiehl the Bird: After The Tree of Mana appears he can be found at its base. Before that, you may meet him once or twice during your adventures.
      Rosiotti the Beast: He can always be found perched on his throne in The Jungle.
      Selva the Wind: He can be found at the forking path near the temple in The Gato Grottoes. It is said that he likes to travel though…
      Tote the Turtle: He likes the view from the cliff at Lake Kilma.


    Throughout the game you will receive “Artifacts” that allow you to create towns, caves, etc. The following is a complete list of the Artifacts and the lands they create:

      Mailbox: Home
      Color Blocks: Domina
      Wheel: Luon Highway
      Jade Egg: Mekiv Caverns
      Stone Eye: Lake Kilma
      Flame: Gato Grottoes
      Medallion: Jungle
      Firefly Lamp: Lumina
      Sand Rose: Duma Desert
      Trembling Spoon: The Underworld
      Ancient Tablet: The Mindas Ruins
      Torch of Coral: Madora Beach
      Broken Doll: Junkyard
      Skull Lantern: Norn Peaks
      Rusty Anchor: Polpota Harbor
      Moons Mirror: Tower of Leires
      Tome of Magic: Geo
      Dragonbone: Bone Fortress
      Bottled Spirit: Ulkan Mines
      Pirates Hook: SS Buccaneer
      Frozen Heart: Fieg Snowfields
      Green Cane: The White Forest
      Golden Seed: Orchard
      Brooch of Love: Lucemia
      Jumi staff: Bejeweled City
      Sword of Mana: Tree of Mana

    Word translations

    In the town where you have to sell lamps for someone, you will encounter small caveman-type people that only speak with the following words:

      Dub: Yes
      Dud: No, goodbye
      Duba: You
      Duda: Me
      Dubba: Friends
      Buba: Dudbear
      Gug: All other creatures
      Da: Light or stars
      Ba: Night
      Dudda: Lamp
      Dubababa: Many or very
      Du: Little
      Baba: Music
      Dada: Please
      Gak: Displeasure
      Bub: Do not understand

    General forging and tempering tips

    Mystic Power Cards seem to work best in threes. For example, where one Cleric Card would have a slightly negative effect on attack power, three greatly increases it. The God of War Card only gives a slight boost in raw power if one is used. If three are used it is raised by 10 (the God of War Card works well on all types of Orihalcon Armor).

    Plunge Attacks on your weapon can be changed. For instance, the Sun Crystal’s Card, Sun God (you may need three applications of this card in a row) will change one of your plunge attacks (on the one handed Orihalcon sword) to Sunlight, which will still only do medium damage but will also be incredibly effective against the undead. Some items will change the amount of damage (from medium to large, etc). Save before you experiment — you may get results you do not like, and will want to load that saved data.

    Forge and temper strong swords

    To forge either a one handed sword with an attack power of 245 or a two handed sword with an attack power of 307 you will need the following items:

      One piece of Orihalcon (this method may work with other metals but the resulting weapon may be weaker).

      Five Gold Coins from each of the eight Elemental Spirits (Wisp, Shade, Jinn, etc.).

      Five Bottles of Dragon Blood.

      Five Bottles of Holy Water.

      One Vial of Dragon Breath.

    Note: The following instructions will assume that a one handed Orihalcon sword is to be forged and tempered.

      Forge your Orihalcon into the HalcSword with an attack power of 75.

      Go to the “Temper a Weapon” option.

      Start off by tempering your weapon with the Elemental Spirit Gold Coins. The order you temper your weapon with them is extremely important. If done correctly, six of your elemental essence markers will be active. If done in an incorrect order only four will be active.

      Apply the Shade Elemental Spirit Coins first. Temper the sword with all five coins or until three Shade Elemental Cards (Mystic Powers on the weapons status screen) appear and have been applied to your weapon. This will raise your attack power by approximately 10 points, raise the sword’s Shade Essence Level to 4 and give it the Shade Elemental Essence Marker.

      Now that you have finished with Shade, apply the rest of the coins the same way in the following order: Salamander, Jinn, Dryad, Wisp, Aura, Gnome, and Undine. When you have done this the sword will have approximately 140 attack power.

      Note: If you want to try changing Plunge Attacks, now is the time to do it. If you try it later it will negatively effect your attack power and waste your materials.

      Next, temper the sword with the five bottles of Dragons Blood or until three God of War Cards have appeared. This will raise your swords bonus stats slightly and increase attack power.

      Then, temper your sword with the five bottles of Holy Water or until three Cleric Cards have appeared. The first Cleric Card will lower your attack power slightly. Ignore that because the second will increase that attack power moderately and the third card will boost it greatly, so that the swords attack power is around 225.

      Finally, to get your sword’s attack power up to 245, temper it once with a Vial of Dragon Breath.

Game Shark Codes

Japanese Version

[lasso rel="amzn-meta-quest-3-128gb-breakthrough-mixed-reality-powerful-performance-asgards-wrath-2-bundle" id="175390"]
Allows Game to Play in a Mod-Chip System D0050ECA 1040
80050ECA 1000
Level 99 30043750 0063
HP 999 80043754 03E7
Max Money 8004316C 967F
8004316E 0098
Chrono Cross (Beta)
1st Character Infinite HP 80083B38 03E7
80083A96 03E7
1st Character Status 80083A98 6363
80083A9A 6363
80083A9C 6363
Front Mission 3 (Beta)
1st Character Infinite HP 801161FE 03E7
80116200 03E7
Dewprism (Beta)
Infinite HP 80134058 0064

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