Final Fantasy Origins Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes for PlayStation (PSX)

Final Fantasy Origins Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes for PlayStation (PSX)

Final Fantasy Origins

Note: This game is also titled Final Fantasy 1 And 2 Premium Package .

Final Fantasy hints

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View world map

Once you have the ship, go to Matoya’s Cave (somewhere near Pravoca). Talk to a broom. It will say something that appears like nonsense. However, notice that it says “Flipper over, flip flip! Elcric dna trats!” Flip the line “Elcric dna trats” and it spells: “Circle and start”. Press Start + Circle and you can view a world map.

Easy experience

Northeast of the port town of Provaka is a two space wide peninsula with enemies from the Northern Continent. They offer a lot experience and are difficult to defeat unless you are around levels 12 or 13.

Throughout the game are certain “keyed” squares that will always send you into battles, consisting of one to eight specific monsters. Many of these squares are found directly in front of treasure chests, or in rooms that have treasure chests. If you keep going over the square, you will get into a fight every time, against the same basic enemies (one or two, more or less).

By the time you reach the Earth Cave, you should be at about level 10. As you enter the cave, go directly left into what is referred to as the “Hall Of Giants”. In this place, with each step you take, you will encounter at least one Hill Gigas. Step into the first block that begins the Hall Of Giants. The most common fight you will have is two Hill Gigas and two Lizards. Winning this fight results in about 500 experience points each time. It may seem boring, but it pays off to take the extra time to level up here.

Easy gil

Acquire the ship from the pirates. Board the ship, and repeatedly press X + Circle fifty five times. A number-sliding game will appear. Complete this as fast as possible. If you finish under two minutes, you will receove 10,000 gil. Finish under four minutes for 5,000 gil, and under six minutes for 2,000 gil. Note: This feature is in the beta version of the game and may have changed in the final release. Also, later in the game, the armor for the warriors are high, magic costs a lot, and you do not have much money. Use the following trick to get 486 to 1386 gil in the Western Keep. Once you obtain the Mystic Key, return to where you fought the evil elf at the Western Keep. Go the room which you need the Mystic Key to enter. There are random battles at each chest you touch once. The two chests at the top are random battles of Mummies, which cause sleep and are heavy on damage. The chest at the bottom is nothing but Wraiths; they are easier to fight for the money. Make sure you have enough Dia2 and Fire2.

Easy healing

With the correct items, you can constantly keep your party at full HP without using any MP. Find a battle with at least one weak enemy. Kill all but that one monster. Along the way, use the White Shirt for Invis2 to make your entire party invisible. Once this is accomplished, you can set your strongest attacker to use the Giant’s Glove (casts Saber, and increases your attack power). Set the other three characters to use the Heal Staff, and the two Heal Helms. You can substitute any other item for the Giant’s Glove, but it is recommended because it does not do any direct damage. A controller with an auto-fire feature is useful. If one is not used, you will have to keep pressing the button (when using items, holding the button will not automatically keep the cycle going).

Adamant location

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The location of the Adamant needed for Excalibur is in the tower in the sky — you need the chime and the cube. Go in the tower and continue to the place with eight ways to travel. Go in the bottom left diagonal and fight the enemy that guards it. Open the treasure chest to get the Adamant.

Zeus Glove

Go to Bahamut’s cave. Once you first enter, go to the bottom left part. The Zeus Glove will appear in the items screen if you are lucky — there is a 1/300 chance of finding it.

Invisible guard in castle

In the first castle entered in the game, Castle Coneria, above Queen Jane’s room is what appears to be a room with no one inside. Search around the room a bit, however, and you will realize that you can talk to someone although they are not there. After you rescue the princess, the message will change.

Spell casting items

The following is a list of items that cast spells. They are especially useful if you are using a party with little or no magic:

    Gauntlet and Thor’s Hammer: Bolt2
    Mage’s Staff: Fire2
    Black Shirt: Ice2
    The two Light Axes: Dia2
    The Venom Blade: Poison
    The Heal Staff and two Heal Helms: Heal 1
    The Muddle Staff: Confuse
    The Giant’s Glove: Saber
    The White Shirt: Invis2
    The Defender: Blink

Dragon Warrior reference

Find the three tombs located next to the white magic shop in Elfland. The tombstone farthest to the left reads:

    “Here lies Erdrick”

This is a direct reference to a character in the game Dragon Warrior .

Final Fantasy: Legend Of Zelda reference

Find the three tombs located next to the white magic shop in Elfland. The tombstone farthest to the left reads:

    “Here lies Link”

Final Fantasy 2 hints

Easy HP and Strength

Go into battle, against Imp or another easy monster. Hit yourself with two or three of your characters, and cure with the other one. Do this a few times, then kill the monster(s). You will gain HP and Strength, which is an easy way to built up a character at the start of the game.

Game Shark Codes

Final Fantasy Codes
Infinite Gil 800BE070 FFFF
Quick Level Gain 800F4D3C FFFF
Lower Monster Encounters [Note] 80083E64 0001
Final Fantasy 2 Codes
Infinite Gil 800AF7C4 FFFF
Infinite HP Character 1 801F6ACA 03E7
Infinite HP Character 2 801F6C96 03E7
Infinite HP Character 3 801F6E62 03E7
Infinite MP Character 1 801F6ACC 0063
Infinite MP Character 2 801F6C98 0063
Infinite MP Character 3 801F6E64 0063

Note: This will greatly reduce the encounter rate unless it is a tile where you have to fight, or while walking on the Hall Of Giants. If you use the codes and you get a file corrupted message when loading from your memory card, go back to the main Final Fantasy 1 menu and turn off the codes. Go back to the load game menu. Go to your file and it should not result in a corrupted message again. Then, go into your game and turn on the codes.

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