Final Fantasy 1 And 2: Dawn Of Souls Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes for Game Boy Advance (GBA)

Final Fantasy 1 And 2: Dawn Of Souls Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes for Game Boy Advance (GBA)

Final Fantasy 1 And 2: Dawn Of Souls

Sound test

Successfully complete both games to unlock the sound test option.

Bonus puzzle game in Final Fantasy 1

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Enter the ship, hold A and press B(55). Arrange the tiles in order from 1 to 15 to collect 100 Gold.

Blood Swords in Final Fantasy 1

To get the second most powerful Blood Sword, go to Pavel’s house after you are halfway through the game. He will give you all of his treasures.

Dead Link in Final Fantasy 1

Go to the town of Elfheim. There is a group of three gravestones near the White Magic shop. If you search the one on the left, it reads “Here Lies Link”.

Defeating Chaos in Final Fantasy 1

Chaos, the last Boss, is very difficult to defeat. Use the Blood Swords that were obtained at Pavel’s house, etc. and he will die in two hits.

Class upgrades in Final Fantasy 1

Once you get the airship, if you have the item Rat’s Tail with you, you can perform this trick. If not, go to the Citadel of Trials and retrieve it. After you get Rat’s Tail, press Select + B to see your current position and look to the northwest. You will see a strand of yellow squares, which represent islands. The easiest way to get to these islands is to take the airship you just received and go to Crescent Lake. Then, go to where the town is located. Once there, go to your left. When you see a somewhat half a circle of grass, go up. You will see Mount Gulg. Once you are hovering over the volcano, keep going up. It will require a few seconds to reach the desert, but once you do, locate the tower in the desert then hover over it. Next, go to your left. Once you see the island with a blue covering and two holes, go up to the island above it. Find a place to land and go into the rightmost hole. Once you go in, the location should read “Dragon Caves B1”. Go down the pathway, It is very long, so you should dash right down it. Once you see the stairs, go into them. A room will appear, and be identified as “Dragon Caves B2”. Go through the door and dash straight up until you see the Dragon King Bahamut. Talk to him and he will update your party’s ranks, as follows:

    Warrior to Knight
    Monk to Master
    Thief to Ninja
    Black Mage to Black Wizard
    White Mage to White Wizard
    Red Mage to Red Wizard

Concentration card mini-game in Final Fantasy 2

After getting the snowcraft, use it north of Salamand. During the game in the snow area, hold A and press B(22).

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Recommended party in Final Fantasy 2

To get a real good party, train Firion in Swords, Guy in Axes/Black Magic, Maria in Spears/White Magic, and Leon in Swords. On the Soul Of Rebirth, train Minwu (Mindu) in Staves/White Magic, Scott (Gordon) in Swords/ Black Magic, Josef in Fist, and Richard (Gerath) in Swords.

Mastering in Final Fantasy 2

To master any weapon or magic, use it every turn of every battle and equip two of the weapons (for example, two swords, two shields, two axes, etc.). You will get to level 16 easily.

Ultima Weapon

To get the strongest sword in the game (better than the Massamune), The Ultima Weapon, defeat Taimat in the Sky Palace. You will see a scene where a statue disappears in a place called Whisperwind Cove. Go to the cave where you obtained the Levistone. Take your canoe to look for a cut to the east. You will see a cave, which is the Whisperwind Cove. Go through the floors until you finally defeat the 40th floor Boss (Death Gaze, HP: 30,000, weakness: Fire and Diaja). Walk through the teleporter behind the Boss’ grave. You will be in a room with a room. Directly to the northeast is a room with the Ultima Weapon (usable by a Knight, Ninja, White Wizard, Black Wizard, Master, and Red Wizard).

Cheaper inn prices

Use Cure on your entire party until your life is full. The inn will then just charge you for MP healing. Once you have gotten the Pirate Ship from Provaka, you can use it to dock at the port below Cornelia. Whenever you need to heal, take the ship to Cornelia and use the inn in the town. It will only cost 30 gil, regardless of the condition of your party, or their level.

Evil Eye

Magic spells are expensive. However, there is one particular monster that is capable of making it easy for your economy, and helps to level up very quickly. In the Cavern of Ice, directly in front of the chest which contains the Levistone treasure, you can find the Evil Eye (HP 162, Gil 3,225, experience 3225, weakness: none). You should be able to defeat it with a couple of good hits. Every time you defeat it, just walk away a step and return to the spot where it appears to fight it again. Repeat this for easy money and experience. It is rather easy to complete this short dungeon, and the Evil Eye willnot give you much trouble. No investments (such as Ether) are required.

Earthgift Shrine

This dungeon is easy to complete. However, the Bosses found at the end of it might not be so easy to defeat if you are not prepared. Every time you defeat a boss, you will be kicked out of the dungeon and must complete it again in order to fight the other Bosses Also, once you defeat them, they will be there again the next time. They all like to use Quake; it is a good idea to be protected against it (Ribbon, Nulldeath).

    Echidna (lower right): HP 4,800, X-potion (fully restores HP), weakness: none.

    Cerberus (lower left): HP 4,000; Kotetsu (small katana usuable by Warrior/Knight-Red Mage/Red Wizard-Thief/Ninja), weakness: none.

    Ahriman (upper right): HP 5,000, Dry Ether (fully restores MP), weakness: none.

    Two-Headed Dragon (upper left): HP 4,500, Bard’s Tunic (a light loose-fitting tunic usable by anyone), weakness: none.

Whisperwind Cove

Once you enter this dungeon, you will have to travel across an insane parallel universe filled with bizarre events and new powerful creatures. This crazed-out dungeon consists of 40 floors where you will encounter mini side quests such as the Fairy Town of Feyhem, the dwarf trading adventure “Monsters Have Feelings Too”, save a little town from the phantom train, a giant beaver game, the fallen kingdom, and mage town. Every ten floors or so, you will encounter a Final Fantasy 6 Boss in some of the most difficult battles in the game. The following are their identies, weaknesses, and item given. Do not expect any gil or experience from any of them.

    Typhon (Mr. Chupon): HP 10,000, Genji Helm (heavy helm usable by Warrior/Knight – Thief/Ninja), weakness: ice.

    Orthros (Ultros): HP 17,000, Rune Staff (casts Healara, usable by White Wizard), weakness: fire and lightning.

    Phantom Train: HP 9,999, Megalixir (fully restores party’s HP and MP), weakness: fire and dia.

    Death Gaze: HP 30,000, Lightbringer (sword that casts Holy, usuable by Red Wizard), weakness: fire and dia.

Because of all the trouble that this dungeon represents, once you complete it, the mighty Ultima Weapon (sword bound to its wielder’s HP usable by all the higher classes) is awarded to you. Additionally, several nice pieces of equipment will be found. It is recommended that you to attempt this dungeon with your characters at level 60, at least. You should also have 99 Ether and Turbo Ether and all the maximum level spells. Throughout the whole thing, there are only a few chances to go back to the surface and very little places to heal. You will need lots of magic and items.

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