All Bosses From Final Fantasy V In Order

Final Fantasy V concept art

All Bosses From Final Fantasy V In Order

Though its reinvention of the Job System from Final Fantasy III gives players more freedom than ever before in terms of class selection and party composition, Final Fantasy V is by no means an “easy” game. It’s actually thanks to that very same freedom that players can find themselves soft-locked behind certain boss encounters thanks to prioritizing the wrong Job classes for the encounter at hand. Thankfully, like Final Fantasy III, the game does a fairly good job of giving players access to new classes right as they become necessary for certain encounters, though it is much more vague in terms of how players should go about their class distribution. Because of this, all bosses from Final Fantasy V are capable of wiping your party.

Still, where Final Fantasy V‘s combat shines is in its ability to make multiple strategies viable depending on the fight at hand. If an enemy is weak to a particular element or status ailment, there are typically multiple avenues to employ effective attacks in battle regardless of Job selection, and it’s a pretty common occurrence for an encounter to shift from being maddeningly difficult to trivial once players get their party composition in-line and those class synergies kick in. Even Final Fantasy V‘s final boss, Neo Exdeath, is a potential cakewalk depending on how much grinding the player does ahead of time to have the right Jobs and abilities.

Wing Raptor

Final Fantasy V boss spriteWing Raptor is the first boss that players will encounter and is the guardian of the Wind Shrine. Due to it being an early game fight, there’s not many abilities the player has at their disposal other than Attack, but the Wing Raptor has a low HP pool and only a handful of attacks. The main thing to watch out for is its form shift between wings open and wings closed, as attacking with the wings closed results in a counterattack that can easily kill a party member at this stage.
HP – 250
Weaknesses – N/A


Final Fantasy V boss spriteKarlabos is Final Fantasy V‘s second boss that players encounter while traversing the Torna Canal. Like other aquatic life in the series, Karlabos has a telltale weakness to Lightning-elemental magic, and at this point players should have at least one Black Mage in their party with the Thunder spell handy. With only 650 HP, a few rounds of casting Thunder while attacking and healing the party will see this fight over just as soon as it begins.
HP – 650
Weaknesses – Lightning


Final Fantasy V boss spriteAfter Karlabos drags the party’s ship into a whirlpool and Syldra disappears, there’s no choice but to make your way through the Ship Graveyard area. The final room of this dungeon will see the players encounter Siren, whose form-shifting fight should keep players on their toes at this point in the game. Siren shifts between normal and undead forms each turn, and only her undead form is weak to fire and restorative White Magic (like other undead enemy types). During her normal phase, pummel the boss with melee attacks, then switch to using Fire, Cure, and Potions during the undead phase.
HP – 900
Weaknesses – Fire, Healing Magic (when Undead)


Final Fantasy V boss spriteMagissa and her husband Forza attempt to kidnap Princess Lenna, resulting in Bartz coming to her rescue with the rest of the party. As a magic user, Magissa is especially vulnerable to the Silence ailment and players can basically render her useless if they’re able to successfully inflict her with it. After she loses a certain amount of health, Forza will show up to use melee attacks against the party. If players happen to pick up a Frost Rod in Carwen, it’s possible to use the item in battle to cast Blizzaga and kill them both instantly.
HP – 650
Weaknesses – Silence, Frost Rod


Final Fantasy V boss spriteGarula is one of many boss enemies in Final Fantasy V that, after their initial encounter, later become normal enemies players run up against in random battles. During the initial boss fight with Garula inside Walse Tower, it relies heavily on hard-hitting physical attacks and is impervious to most magic. Like Magissa and Forza, players can use the Frost Rod item to break it and cast Blizzaga, eliminating Garula in a single turn. Otherwise, it’s best to set up a party of three Knights and one White Mage, alternating melee attacks and healing the party.
HP – 1,200
Weaknesses – Frost Rod


Final Fantasy V boss spritePlayers will need to fight most of Final Fantasy V‘s best summons as bosses before they earn the right to use them, and the first one players will come across is Shiva. Residing behind a waterfall within Castle Walse, the fight includes Shiva herself as well as three Ice Commander enemies accompanying her. Even coming prepared with a squad of Black Mages ready to spam Fire, there’s still the possibility of getting overwhelmed by the Ice Commanders, which makes returning to face Shiva after getting Ifrit advisable. However, players can break a Flame Rod to cast Firaga and instantly wipe out Shiva’s mob while also bringing her near death.
HP – 1,500
Weaknesses – Fire

Liquid Flame

Final Fantasy V boss spriteThe Liquid Flame is one of the more challenging of the initial bosses thanks to its three separate forms with 3,000 HP each. Liquid Flame routinely cycles between its humanoid, hand, and whirlwind forms, and each of them have their own attacks and weaknesses. While the human and whirlwind forms are weak to Ice magic, the hand form is not. Still, spamming Blizzara is the safest way to quickly eliminate all three forms, and it’s even better if the player has a Mystic Knight capable of casting Blizzara on their sword.
HP – 3,000 (each form)
Weaknesses – Ice

Iron Claw

Final Fantasy V boss spriteIron Claw is the last obstacle the players face while desperately trying to escape Karnak Castle. To make matters worse, there’s a continually dwindling time limit before the castle explodes, placing pressure on the party to eliminate the foe quickly. Thankfully, Iron Claw is relatively weak and teaches Blue Magic users the valuable Death Claw spell (which comes in handy for several other boss encounters in Final Fantasy V). Though it doesn’t have any elemental weaknesses, Iron Claw is especially susceptible to Sleep and Stop.
HP – 900
Weaknesses – N/A


Final Fantasy V boss spriteThough it makes the fight easier to get Ifrit before Shiva, the same can be said about fighting Shiva first and bringing the summon into battle with Ifrit within the Library of the Ancients. Whatever the case, Ifrit’s Fire-elemental abilities make him an easy target for Ice-elemental attacks. Have mages spam Blizzara and/or use Mystic Knights with Blizzara enhancements on their swords to quickly defeat Ifrit and add him to your summon roster.
HP – 3,000
Weaknesses – Ice, Water


Final Fantasy V boss spriteAs a demon residing within a book in the Library of the Ancients, Byblos’ weaknesses are pretty readily telegraphed to the player. Physical attacks result in a pretty mean counteroffensive from Byblos, but the player should have at least one Mystic Knight at this point capable of using Fira on their sword. Additionally, after having just beat Ifrit, a Summoner can bring the powerful ally into battle with Byblos and make short work of this demonic presence.
HP – 3,600
Weaknesses – Fire, Holy


Final Fantasy V boss spriteRamuh is a random encounter that players can finally reach at this point in Final Fantasy V‘s story, as the party now has access to the part of the map where Istory is located. The surrounding forest is where players have a chance of coming across this Lightning elemental summon, and his encounter can either be a battle of attrition or a breeze depending on whether the party learns Death Claw from Iron Claw in Karnak Castle. Casting Death Claw has roughly a 30% chance to kill Ramuh outright, but otherwise the fight can drag on thanks to Ramuh’s Thundara attacks necessitating constant healing.
HP – 4,000
Weaknesses – Blue Magic, Control


Final Fantasy V boss spriteThe fight against the Sandworm in the Desert of the Shifting Sands presents a unique challenge in that players will want to avoid any attacks that might miss and hit one of the three holes on screen or hit multiple targets at once. The Sandworm will regularly emerge from one of three holes, but attacking the holes themselves results in a nasty counterattack of Gravity against the party, effectively halving a member’s HP. Since the Sandworm is very weak to Water, the safest bet is to purchase several Water Scrolls before the fight and then have a Ninja in the party throw them to quickly eliminate the Sandworm as a single target.
HP – 3,000
Weaknesses – Water

Cray Claw

Final Fantasy V boss spriteBefore the party can successfully take flight in their new airship, they have to remove the creature attached to its hull, Cray Claw, that’s dragging them back to the earth. Thankfully, the fight is rather trivial given the many options the player should have at this point to attack Cray Claw with its weakness — Lightning elemental magic. Casting Thundara with a Black Mage, having a Summoner cast Ramuh, or having a Mystic Knight cast Thundara on their sword are all viable options that should end the fight in just a few turns.
HP – 2,000
Weaknesses – Lightning


Final Fantasy V boss spritePlayers fight Adamantoise while revisiting all of the meteorites, with the monster lurking inside the Tycoon meteorite location. Like other reptilian enemies, the creature is weak to Ice-elemental magic, which is a blessing considering that physical attacks are essentially useless. As a bonus, any Blue Mages that have Level 5 Death can instantly KO Adamantoise and make this fight a single-turn affair.
HP – 2,000
Weaknesses – Ice

Soul Cannon

Final Fantasy V boss spritePlayers will have to defeat the Soul Cannon and its Launchers before they can enter the Ronka Ruins, but despite their high HP pools the fight is actually fairly simple. As machines, both the Launchers and the Soul Cannon are especially vulnerable to Lightning elemental magic, and the Soul Cannon itself takes a pretty long time to charge up its attack. Since dealing with the Launchers first is ideal, having a Blue Mage that can cast Level 5 Death is great as it will wipe out both instantly. Afterward, players can focus on doling out Lightning damage to the Soul Cannon.
HP – 22,500
Weaknesses – Lightning


Final Fantasy V boss spriteThe Archeoaevis is yet another Final Fantasy boss that continually shifts its elemental barrier, making using elemental magic a risky proposition. Instead, having the party continually buff themselves while debuffing Archeoaevis is a better move, opening it up to significant damage from melee attacks and avoiding accidentally healing the creature by hitting it with its current elemental affinity.
HP – 1,600 (x4), 2,500
Weaknesses – Wind (except final 5th form)


Final Fantasy V boss spritePlayers get the opportunity to best Titan in battle and recruit him as an ally while exploring the Karnak meteorite. As one might expect, this physical powerhouse hits hard and is capable of dealing extensive damage to the party using his Earth Shaker ability. A clever way to avoid the attack entirely is to cast Float on the party, which at this point is most easily accomplished by visiting the North Mountain and having a Beastmaster use Control on a Gaelicat. With the threat of Earth Shaker gone, simply keep pummeling Titan with melee attacks.
HP – 2,500
Weaknesses – N/A

Purobolos (x6)

Final Fantasy V boss spriteThe battle against the 6 Purobolos is made all the worse thanks to their propensity to use Self-Destruct and instantly wipe out party members. The best strategy to counter this is to hit the Purobolos hard and fast with powerful multi-target attacks. One of the more reliable options is to have one or two Ninjas in the party who can throw elemental scrolls, hitting each of the Purobolos simultaneously for decent damage.
HP – 1,500
Weaknesses – N/A

Chimera Brain

Final Fantasy V boss spriteThe fight against Chimera Brain can be a bit challenging depending on the party’s composition, especially if several members don’t have equipment for Water-elemental resistance. The Chimera Brain will routinely cast both Frost and Aqua Breath, which are multi-target attacks with the potential to hit the party hard. Thankfully, having one or two Time Mages on hand makes this fight much easier with Chimera Brain being especially susceptible to Gravity. Cut his HP in half and then finish him off with melee attacks.
HP – 3,300
Weaknesses – Time Magic


Final Fantasy V boss spritePlayers will actually fight Gilgamesh initially in a mock-battle before facing him properly on the Big Bridge. That said, this fight still doesn’t require players to defeat the henchman, as he’ll retreat after sustaining roughly 1,500 damage. Gilgamesh is relatively susceptible to negative status ailments and Time Magic like Slow, though the fight won’t last long to begin with.
HP – 11,500
Weaknesses – Time Magic, Status Ailments


Final Fantasy V boss spriteThe fight with Tyrannosaur serves as a great reminder of paying attention to enemy designs to try and determine their weaknesses, with the creature obviously being a fossil/skeleton and belonging to the undead category. Tyrannosaur hits hard and can use its ??? attack to inflict damge equal to HP lost, which makes a stand-up fight a recipe for disaster. Instead of attacking it using normal means, use a Phoenix Down on the enemy to achieve an instant KO.
HP – 5,000
Weaknesses – Fire, Healing


Final Fantasy V boss spritePlayers actually come across a breif fight with a normal Abductor enemy type upon entering Galuf’s world, but the second battle with this enemy is an official boss. For whatever reason, though, the boss enemy has the same stats as the initial Abductor fight, which makes this battle incredibly trivial. If a member of the party is a Dragoon, using Jump can possibly end the fight in a single turn depending on character and Job level.
HP – 1,500
Weaknesses – Jump


Final Fantasy V boss spriteGolem’s boss fight is unique among summons in that players don’t actually fight the Golem directly but instead defeat two enemies attacking him. If players are able to defeat the Zombie and Bone Dragons before they defeat the Golem, then Summoners gain the ability to call upon Golem in battle. As undead foes, both dragons are especially vulnerable to both Healing and Fire-elemental magic.
HP – 2,500
Weaknesses – N/A

Dragon Pod

Final Fantasy V boss spriteThough the Dragon Pod doesn’t have any attacks that hit the party directly, it does continually summon Dragon Flower enemies that are capable of inflicting various negative status effects that can drag the fight out longer than necessary. Once again, though tough, the Dragon Pod is vulnerable to the Death Claw attack (provided players have a Blue Mage with the ability) and the Dragon Flowers themselves are relatively weak and should regularly fall from melee attacks.
HP – 12,000
Weaknesses – N/A


Final Fantasy V boss spriteThe third fight against Gilgamesh sees the character summon his ally Enkidu roughly halfway through the fight, and Enkidu’s ability to heal Gilgamesh makes him a priority as soon as he appears. After eliminating Enkidu and reducing Gilgamesh’s ability to recover HP, hit him with Slow to limit the amount of attacks he can hit the party with while applying Haste to your own teammates.
HP – 8,888
Weaknesses – N/A


Final Fantasy V boss spriteEven with taking advantage of Atomos’ weaknesses, it’s likely that this boss fight will be the toughest one players have faced up to this point in Final Fantasy V‘s main quest. This fiend awaits players at the top of the Barrier Tower and has pretty much every Time Magic spell at its disposal to continually hit the party without any hope of reprieve. That said, there are a couple of tricks players can use to make the fight much easier. First and foremost, hit Atomos with Sleep as soon as the fight begins. Once Sleep takes hold, Atomos will be rendered inert, allowing players to hit him for as much damage as possible. Another strategy involves purposefully killing one party member so that Atomos doesn’t spam Comet. With only three members active, Atomos resorts to other, less destructive attacks.
HP – 19,997
Weaknesses – Sleep, Poison


Final Fantasy V boss spriteCatoblepas is an encounter that players can come across in Galuf’s world as a random battle, residing in the forest with mountains surrounding it in the northwest region of the map. Thanks to the fact that this enemy will counter any damage done with the Petrification-causing Demon Eye attack, it’s best to try and find a single attack that can instantly kill Catoblepas. With a Beastmaster in the party, head to the cave at the Northern Lake and Capture an Ironback. Releasing the Ironback during the Catoblepas fight will deal 5,000 damage and kill the creature instantly. Afterward, players can call upon Catoblepas in battle as a summon.
HP – 5,000
Weaknesses – Control, Poison

Crystal Guardians (x4)

Final Fantasy V boss spriteBartz and his companions will need to defeat the 4 Crystal Guardians in the Great Forest of Moore, and like the actual Crystals, each Crystal Guardian has a specific elemental affinity. The bottom-left Crystal Guardian has the Wind affinity, the top-most one is Fire, the Guardian on the right is Water, and the bottom Guardian is Earth. The best strategy is to protect the party from the Crystal Guardians’ magic attacks using Shell and focus on one guardian at a time using a particular elemental weakness based on its affinity.
HP – 7,777
Weaknesses – Various


Final Fantasy V boss spriteCarbuncle is another optional boss fight that rewards players with a new summon, this time featuring an encounter in Castle Exdeath. Carbuncle’s use of Reflect makes hitting it with magic spells dangerous, but every three turns its barrier will come down to allow it to cast Cura on itself. During this window, the party can effectively cripple Carbuncle by using Break, Poison, or Stop, then hammer it with physical attacks and strong elemental magic.
HP – 15,000
Weaknesses – Break, Poison


Final Fantasy V boss spriteGilgamesh’s new form is quite an upgrade, making for a bit more of a challenge compared to past encounters with Exdeath’s henchman. The fight starts off normally, and players can basically use the same strategy as before — cast Slow on Gilgamesh to counteract his speed and cast Haste on the party. After he sustains enough damage he’ll transform, and from here players can simply wait out the clock until the fight ends.
HP – 55,000 (1st form), 60,000 (2nd form)
Weaknesses – Time Magic


Final Fantasy V boss spriteThe first fight with Exdeath shows just how powerful the foe truly is. Accordingly, Exdeath comes with plenty of attacks at his disposal that are capable of inflicting tremendous damage or applying debuffs and negative status ailments. Thankfully, the new summons the player should have at this point are a great help. Start by casting Golem to absorb physical damage, and then cast Reflect on as many party members as possible. Having a Mystic Knight use the Drain Spellblade ability can help characters recover health without needing to worry about restorative magic. Alternatively, players can cheese this fight by having a party of 4 Beastmasters catch Yellow Dragons, releasing them all at once and instantly killing Exdeath.
HP – 32,768
Weaknesses – Holy


Final Fantasy V boss spriteAs the first boss of the final, merged world, Antlion is a complete pushover. Though the creature is weak to Water, a better strategy is to use Sleep or Berserk to render Antlion ineffective in combat. Then, just hit Antlion with everything the party has to quickly defeat it.
HP – 8,100
Weaknesses – Water


Final Fantasy V boss spriteThe fight against Odin is yet another encounter that’s either easy or near-impossible depending on whether players know the trick to his defeat. One of the most powerful summons, Odin only gives the party 60 seconds in which to prove their worth and defeat him in battle. And, of course, dealing 17,000 damage in a minute is a tall order. Thankfully, Odin is extremely susceptible to Petrification. Have a Mystic Knight use the Break Spellblade ability and it will eventually take. Afterward, the player can call on Odin to instantly wipe screens of enemies as a summon.
HP – 17,000
Weaknesses – Break, Meteor


Final Fantasy V boss spriteMelusine is the first Demon of the Rift that the party faces, attempting to possess Lenna before the party successfully stops her. She’s another barrier-shifting foe whose elemental affinity changes, requiring players to use Libra in order to ascertain her current weakness. Between hitting her with elemental magic that counteracts her current affinity and taking advantage of her low defense to hit her with melee attacks, the fight against Melusine shouldn’t last too long.
HP – 20,000
Weaknesses – Varies

Wendigo (x4)

Final Fantasy V boss spriteWendigo is one of the guardians of the tablets the party needs to acquire the Sealed Weapons. Accordingly, the fight against him is fairly challenging unless players know what to expect ahead of time. The player begins the fight facing four Wendigo, with only one being real and the other three being an illusion. After 7 turns, the real Wendigo randomly rotates, making tracking him down and inflicting damage incredibly difficult and frustrating. The best way to avoid this is to immediately cast Sleep on all four Wendigo at the beginning of the fight, rending the beast incapable of shifting location. Any damage dealt to one Wendigo impacts the other three in this state.
HP – 20,000
Weaknesses – Sleep, Time Magic


Final Fantasy V boss spriteThe Minotaur is one of two bosses in the Fork Tower and is a purely physical fight thanks to the player’s inability to use magic. The beast also absorbs the Holy element, so it’s best to not have Excalibur or other Holy-imbued weapons equipped. Instead, have a pair of Monks or Ninjas hit the Minotaur as hard and fast as possible and be prepared for its casting of Holy as a deathblow.
HP – 19,850
Weaknesses – N/A


Final Fantasy V boss spriteThe magic-using boss of Fork Tower is Omniscient, who also happens to have access to the Flare spell. Using any kind of physical attack on Omniscient will reset the encounter, but casting Carbuncle at the beginning of the fight will render Omniscient’s various magic attacks useless. And, with all of his powerful magic reflecting right back at him, the fight doesn’t last all that long.
HP – 16,999
Weaknesses – Wind


Final Fantasy V boss spritePrior to his appearance in Final Fantasy VI as a secret character, the legendary mimic Gogo shows up as a boss in Final Fantasy V. The reward for defeating Gogo is the crystal shard containing the Mime job, making tracking down this optional encounter very much worth it. Though Gogo taunts the party at the battle’s outset, the trick is to do nothing — don’t select a single command. After a short amount of time, Gogo will congratulate the party and disappear, giving them the crystal shard in exchange.
HP – 47,714
Weaknesses – Water

Triton, Nereid, Phobos

Final Fantasy V boss spriteFinal Fantasy V boss spriteFinal Fantasy V boss spriteThese three demons guard the tablet residing within the Great Sea Trench, and each of them have different elemental weaknesses while all three being vulnerable to healing magic as undead foes. Provided players have the Odin summon, it’s possible to summon him right at the battle’s outset and instantly KO all three bosses in a single turn. Otherwise, simply utilize their various elemental weaknesses and hit them with negative status ailments.
HP – 13,333
Weaknesses – Ice (Triton), Fire (Nereid), Earth (Phobos), Healing (All)


Final Fantasy V boss spriteThe final two summon bosses in Final Fantasy V are, without a doubt, the toughest of them all. The first that players will challenge is Leviathan, who also guards the tablet within Istory Falls. Thanks to Leviathan’s powerful Water-elemental magic, the party can easily suffer defeat if not prepared. Equip everyone with Coral Rings to negate damage from the Tidal Wave attack, then summon Golem to absorb damage from Leviathan’s physical attacks. After the preparation stage, hit Leviathan with every Lightning-elemental attack the party has.
HP – 40,000
Weaknesses – Lightning


Final Fantasy V boss spriteThe fight against Bahamut isn’t just the toughest battle against a summon, it’s also one of the hardest fights in all of Final Fantasy V depending on whether players prepare ahead of time. And, to make matters even more complicated, Bahamut will change up his tactics for every 5,000 HP he loses, becoming even mroe dangerous the closer he gets to defeat. The best way to counteract his most powerful attacks are to equip the party with Reflect Rings and cast Float, negating the Atomic Ray, Earth Shaker, and Mega Flare attacks at Bahamut’s disposal. Aside from that, have both magic and physical Job users hit Bahamut with their strongest attacks.
HP – 40,000
Weaknesses – N/A


Final Fantasy V boss spriteCalofisteri is yet another Demon of the Rift and the first of Exdeath’s lieutenants players will face within the Interdimensional Rift, Final Fantasy V‘s last dungeon. She counteracts magic attacks with Reflect and physical attacks with Drain, but a simple way around this is to enter the fight with Reflect Rings equipped. This will lock Calofisteri into casting status buffs on herself, which opens up the ability for the party to hammer her with powerful physical attacks and magic.
HP – 18,000
Weaknesses – Silence


Final Fantasy V boss sprite
Apanda looks a lot like Byblos, which should tell players all they need to know about this fight. Like the boss players fight in the Library of the Ancients, Apanda is extremely weak to Fire. Interestingly, he also has a deep fear of Ifrit, and summoning him will see Apanda cower in fear. Just hammer Apanda with every Fire-elemental attack possible to quickly end the fight.
HP – 22,200
Weaknesses – Fire

Alte Roite/Jura Aevis

Final Fantasy V boss spriteFinal Fantasy V boss spriteAlte Roite doesn’t seem like much at first glance, but after defeating the old man he quickly transforms into the powerful Jura Aevis. In order to avoid needing to fight them both back-to-back, begin the fight with Alte Roite by casting Berserk. In this state, he will be incapable of transforming into Jura Aevis and is an easy victory.
HP – 6,000 (Alte Roite), 15,000 (Jura Aevis)
Weaknesses – Berserk, Blue Magic


Final Fantasy V boss spriteWhile the fight against Azulmagia isn’t necessarily difficult, it can drag on for long if players don’t know what to do. He possesses several of the game’s Blue Magic spells (which the player can learn if they don’t already know them) and will instantly learn and use any Blue Magic spells used against him. The easiest way to defeat Azulmagia is to inflict him with poison and have Mystic Knights use the Bio Spellblade ability, quickly draining his health.
HP – 27,900
Weaknesses – Poison


Final Fantasy V boss spriteCatastrophe likes to use Earth Shaker and will counteract the party’s use of the Float spell to avoid it with the 100Gs attack. Accordingly, players can enter the fight with Float cast on the party and everyone equipping Reflect Rings to have Catastrophe instantly kill itself with the 100Gs attack.
HP – 19,997
Weaknesses – N/A


Final Fantasy V boss spriteAs the king of the castle in the Interdimensional Rift, Halicarnassus is the toughest boss players have faced so far in Final Fantasy V‘s final dungeon. But, much like the other bosses, there’s a trick to Halicarnassus that makes the fight much easier. He begins the battle by casting Frog, so equipping Ribbons on everyone will render that attack useless. Afterward, have a party member cast Haste on everyone and heal while others pummel Halicarnassus with their strongest attacks.
HP – 33,333
Weaknesses – N/A


Final Fantasy V boss spriteTwintania hits the party with a plethora of heavily destructive attacks capable of dealing massive damage, all of which the player can negate with the right equipment. Flame Rings and Coral Rings will absorb Atomic Ray and Tidal Wave, respectively, and once the beast enters its Charging Phase before casting Giga Flare, it becomes especially vulnerable to physical attacks. Having Reflect cast on the party before Giga Flare will result in a major backfire for Twintania and should defeat it.
HP – 50,000
Weaknesses – Water, Holy


Final Fantasy V boss spriteOmega is one of the optional superbosses residing within the Interdimensional Rift and is an immense challenge for those willing to take it on. It has permanent Reflect and Shell buffs as well as a 95% chance to evade all physical attacks, making it practically invincible. The most reliable means of defeating the enemy is to wear gear negating the damage of its attacks (Reflect Rings, Ribbons, Flame Rings, etc.) and utilize non-physical abilities (such as the Bard’s songs) and non-reflectable magic (many Blue Magic spells, Summons, etc.).
HP – 55,530
Weaknesses – Lightning


Final Fantasy V boss spriteArguably the hardest boss in all of Final Fantasy V, Shinryu will typically wipe out most parties in the first turn of the battle. It awaits players willing to challenge it on the second-to-last floor of the Interdimensional Rift and hits hard with both physical and magic attacks. Equipping Coral Rings is a must to absorb damage from the Tidal Wave attack, and it’s also wise to routinely cast Golem to absorb its hard-hitting physical attacks. A quick way to whittle down Shinryu’s HP is to have a party of Dragoons with Dragon Lances equipped using Jump every turn. This way, players avoid most of the dragon’s attacks.
HP – 55,500
Weaknesses – N/A


Final Fantasy V boss spriteThe final time players face off against Gilgamesh, he’ll actually end the battle prematurely after losing a little bit of HP, remarking that his heart isn’t in the fight anymore and he doesn’t agree with Exdeath’s methods. Players simply need to encounter him this last time in order for him to show up and save the day later.
HP – 37,000
Weaknesses – N/A


Final Fantasy V boss spriteSpeaking of Gilgamesh, as long as players let him talk and finish out his confession during the last encounter with Exdeath’s henchman, he’ll show up to save the day and take on the bulk of the work during the next boss fight with Necrophobe. With Gilgamesh’s help, this fight becomes a non-lose scenario, but even if the player faces him solo he’s not much trouble.
HP – 44,044
Weaknesses – N/A


Final Fantasy V boss spriteAt the end of the Interdimensional Rift awaits Exdeath in his true form, that of a sentient tree. This first half of the final battle against Exdeath is fairly straightforward and much easier than several of the Demons of the Rift the player has fought beforehand. Using high-level spells and having a Mystic Knight use Flare Spellblade along with dual-wielding will make this fight laughably easy.
HP – 49,001
Weaknesses – N/A

Neo Exdeath

Final Fantasy V boss spriteAfter merging with the Void, Exdeath becomes Neo Exdeath and threatens to erase existence itself. The challenge with this fight comes from the absolutely staggering HP pool the boss has thanks to its 4 parts, each of which have over 50,000 HP. Still, the same strategy from Exdeath’s tree form holds water here as well. Though Neo Exdeath gains some powerful new attacks, simply keep the party’s health high while hitting it with powerful non-elemental magic and melee abilities. Focus on one part at a time before moving on to the next to slowly whittle away at the boss’ repertoire of attacks.
HP – 50,000 (Front), 55,000 (Top), 55,000 (Middle), 60,000 (Back)
Weaknesses – N/A
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