Cybernator Cheats & Cheat Codes for Super Nintendo

Cybernator Cheats & Cheat Codes for Super Nintendo

Cybernator is a 2D mecha action game developed by Japanese developer, Masaya. Originally titled Assault Suits Valken, Cybernator was released in 1992 for the Super Nintendo and is the second entry in the Assault Suit Series. The game is currently available on Super Nintendo, PlayStation 2, and Nintendo Switch. The PlayStation release is only available in the Japan and PAL(Europe) Regions. Upon release, the game received positive reviews from publications, praised for its graphics, music, and story.

The Premise Of Cybernator

Cybernator follows Jake Brain, a mech pilot fighting in a worldwide war. You control a four-story tall mecha with slow movement. While normal walking is slow, the developers compensate for this with the dash feature. You’re also able to jump. If you keep the jump button held, the mecha can fly for a short period. The mech comes equipped with a cannon and you also have access to a melee attack. You can acquire other weapons by collecting power-ups. These powerups provide the Laser Beam and the Homing Missile. A level in Cybernator generally are very large area that can be navigated with the help of an onscreen minimap. In certain stages, the mecha is given an upgrade that allows it to fly freely which changes the gameplay.

The Main Character Of Cybernator

Jake Brain is the main character of Cybernator as the game roughly follows him and his platoon. He is a soldier drafted into the Pacific States Marine Corps and pilots a Federation Assault Suit, the mech you control. Jake states he only fights because he is a soldier and he isn’t concerned with patriotism or politics.

Other Titles In The Series

Japanese TitleUS TitleEU TitleRelease DateConsole
Assault Suit LeynosTarget EarthN/AJP March 16, 1990 / US 1990 / No EU releaseSega Genesis
Assault Suits ValkenCybernatorCybernatorJP Dec 18, 1992 / US April 1993 / EU 1993SNES
Assault Suit Leynos 2N/AN/AJP February 17, 1997 / No US release / No EU releaseSega Saturn
Assault Suits Valken 2N/AN/AJP July 26, 1999 / No US release / No EU ReleasePlayStation
Assault Suits ValkenN/AAssault Suits ValkenJP August 26, 2004 / No US Release / EU June 2005PlayStation 2
Assault Suit LeynosAssault Suit LeynosAssault Suit LeynosJP December 23, 2015 / US July 12, 2016PlayStation 4, Windows

Cybernator Cheat Codes

You can use the following cheats without the use of a game genie, action replay, or other third-party hardware.


Extra Lives – At the title screen, hold Up+L+R and then press start

Napalm Gun + – To unlock the Napalm Gun, you have to beat the first level without shooting anything except for the boss of the level. After that, you must complete level 2 without dying once, once you do that you have the best weapon in the game. If you can clear the second level as well without shooting anything except the boss on top of not dying, the napalm gun becomes even stronger.


The following two sections of codes require the third-party hardware associated with them.

  • Unlimited Health: 7E14CA20
  • Unlimited Credits: 80E024AD
  • Unlimited Continues: 7E01FA09
  • Never Overheat: 7E195900
  • Weapons Start at 2: 80951402
  • Weapons Start at 3: 80951403
  • Start with Homing Missiles: 80951C8D
  • Start with Lasers: 80951F8D
  • Start with Napalm: 8095228D
  • Start with 6 Credits: 80956F05
  • Start with 10 Credits: 80956F09
  • Energy Chip Worth More: 82E119A0

SNES Game Genie Codes

  • Start with 6 Credits: D9B1-17AF
  • Start with 10 Credits: DBB1-17AF
  • Unlimited Credits: C234-4FDD
  • Start with Lasers: 62BF-17AF
  • Start with Homing Missiles: 62BF-17DF
  • Start with Napalm: 62B4-1D6F
  • Energy Chip Worth More: CD3F-1406
  • View the Failed Ending: F4BD-176F
  • View the Successful Ending: F7BD-176F
  • Start On Level 3.1: D4BD-176F
  • Start On Level 3.2: D7BD-176F
  • Start On Level 3.3: D0BD-176F
  • Start On Level 4.1: D9BD-176F
  • Start On Level 4.2: D1BD-176F
  • Start On Level 5.1: D5BD-176F
  • Start On Level 5.2: D6BD-176F
  • Start On Level 6.1: DBBD-176F
  • Start On Level 7.3: FDBD-176F
  • Start On Level 7.4: FFBD-176F
  • Only 2 P’s Needed For Level 2 Vulcan: D461-4D62
  • Only 4 P’s Needed For Level 3 Vulcan: D061-4FD2
  • Only 3 P’s Needed For Level 3 Laser: D761-4462
  • Only 3 P’s Needed For Level 3 Missile: D765-4DD2
  • Only 2 P’s Needed For Level 2 Napalm: D465-4FD2
  • Only 4 P’s Needed For Level 3 Napalm: D065-4F62
  • Only 2 P’s Needed For Level 2 Punch: D465-4462
  • Only 3 P’s Needed For Level 3 Punch: D765-47D2
  • Energy Chip Worth Nothing: DD3F-1406


If you are using an emulator to play Cybernator and that emulator supports cheats, you can use any of the codes listed above. You simply input the code the same way you would above in the cheat menu of your emulator if it’s applicable.

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