Rival Turf! Cheats & Cheat Codes for SNES

Rival Turf! Cheats & Cheat Codes for SNES

Originally released as Rushing Beat in Japan, Rival Turf! is a beat’em up game developed by Jaleco in 1992 for the SNES. Over the years the game was ported to Nintendo’s Virtual Console and Nintendo Switch Online. The game lacked reviews from the time it was released however in the early 2010s it was reviewed poorly for its lack of originality. It was compared to Capcom’s Final Fight but Final Fight was superior in every single way.

The Premise Of Rival Turf!

You choose between Jack Flak (Rick Norton in Japan) or Oozie Nelson (Douglas Bild in Japan) before choosing one or two player modes. The gameplay consists of defeating endless enemies using punches, kicks, and various weapons you find throughout the game. Jack is on a journey to rescue his girlfriend Heather. Oozie Nelson is a police officer who helps with his powerful wrestling moves. The game has a two-player versus mode, where the player who wins twice out of three rounds wins the match.

Main Characters Of Rival Turf!

Jack Flak – The hero who is out to rescue Heather. The flying kick and the backdrop are his specialty attacks.

Oswald “Oozie” Nelson – A police officer.

Heather – The damsel in distress.

Other Titles In The Series

Rival Turf! is a part of a trilogy.

Rival Turf! Cheat Codes

Change names for every character in the game – Play through the game until you get to enter your name in the high score screen. When at the high score screen, enter your name as CHRCONF. After you do that, a hidden character config screen will appear, letting you change each character’s name.

Hidden Level Warps – There are two warps in the game. For the first one, defeat exactly 30 enemies, then locate the door in the second section of Level 4, and press Up. This will warp you to the boss fight for that level. For the second one, defeat exactly 66 enemies, then position yourself in the middle of the lower stairway at the end of the second section of Level 5. Jump straight up and press Up at the same time. This will warp you to the boss for that level.

Pro Action Replay Codes

These codes require the third-party hardware, Action Replay. If you are emulating Rival Turf! These codes should work as well as the emulator supports cheat codes.

Player 1 Always Angry: 7E024F:03

Player 2 Always Angry: 7E031F:03

Unlimited Continues: 7E10F505

Unlimited Health (Player 1): 7E0217FF

Unlimited Health (Player 2): 7E02E7FF

Unlimited Lives (Player 1): 7E023F09

Unlimited Lives (Player 2): 7E030F09

Unlimited Points (Player 1): 7E022470

Unlimited Points (Player 2): 7E02F470

Invulnerability (Player 1): 7E0208FF

Invulnerability (Player 2): 7E02D8FF

Lower All Enemy Health


Game Genie Codes

These codes are similar to the previous section except they require the Game Genie hardware instead. These codes also work with emulators.

Unlimited Continues: C2C3-0F0D

Start With 1 Life: DDB7-D4A7

Start With 8 Lives: D5B7-D4A7

Start With 1 Continues: DFB0-DF07

Start With 9 Continues: DBB0-DF07

No Score Lost When Special Attack Used: DD62-A7A6

Full Energy From All Food: DD6A-AD61

Start With More Energy


Start With Less Energy


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