Arc The Lad Collection Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes for PlayStation (PSX)

Arc The Lad Collection Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes for PlayStation (PSX)

Arc The Lad Collection

Slime Time mini-game

Insert the “Making Of” disc. At the main menu, press Circle(2), X, Square(2), Triangle, Circle, X, Square, Start. If you entered the code correctly, the words “Arc The Lad Slime Time!” will appear. The mini-game is a one or two player game of checkers, using Slimes from the game.

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Infinite Cure-Alls in Arc The Lad

After your first visit to Toyoke forest, keep going back and talking to the Forest Spirit. She will keep giving you a Cure-All each time you talk to her.

Iga’s Rock Spell in Arc The Lad

Once the “Shingan Hoo” spell (rock spell) is cast on enemies, the “Taimakoodan” spell (laser spell) is enabled/accessible. The laser will attack all the enemies under the rock spell. Note: The Taimakoodan spell is not usable independently.

Chongara’s Monsters and 1100+ HP Damage Attack in Arc The Lad

Chongara’s abilities are unique. He summons enemies of all genera at his will. Though his monsters may not seem as useful at first, his two monsters “Raigin” and “Fuugin” can be quite a deadly combination when used accordingly. Though it takes some time to summon both Raigin and Fuugin, once they are out, place them around an enemy, preferably a strong one. But note that they must be in a veritcal formation (for example: Raigin over an enemy, Fuugin underneath the same enemy), in order for the attack to work. Once they are in a vertical formation, a spell will now be accessible, which can inflict more than 1100 HP damage. Death is inevitable.

Chongara’s Secret Character in Arc The Lad

Chongara also has a secret character that he can summon at only certain times. To access her, you must fight your way through all 50 dungeon levels at Alalatos, and eventually fight her. If you do manage to defeat her, she will join your party and Chongara will be able to summon her, but only in certain locations. But then, you have to go up though all 50 levels again, in order to get out. If you die, all the hours of work will have gone towards nothing. So make sure you are well prepared before going down there.

Talking in Arc The Lad

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Talk to many of the people when available. If you talk to them annoyingly (over and over), they just might give you some nifty items. For example, the announcer at Needle will eventually get sick of you and will give you a book that will make you immune to all poison statues.

Item duplication in Arc The Lad 2

Note: Two memory cards are required for this trick. Go to the Arc The Lad Monsters Arena and save your games on both memory cards. As player one, load one memory card. Have player two load the other. Have player two trade an item from his inventory to player one. Save player one’s game on both memory cards. Two of the item are now on both save files. Repeat this as many times as needed.

Note: Two memory cards are required for this trick. Copy the saved game with the item to duplicated to the other memory card. Then, start Arc The Lad Monsters Arena with two players. Go to the trading post, trade the item to the chosen player, then save only with the player that received the item. Reset the game and you will have duplicated the item. This can be done with monsters, used to sell items, and make money or duplicate certain items for quick level ups.

Characters and Spells in Arc The Lad


    Burn Ground (volcanic eruption on enemies)
    Total Healing (replenishes HPs)
    Gail Flash (mystic forces flashes on enemies)
    Slow Enemy (decreases dexterity of enemies)
    Meteor Fall (huge meteor clashes on enemies)


    Cure (replenishes HPs)
    Depoison (cures poison status)
    Silent (disables enemy’s magic use)
    Refresh (cures status)
    Ten No Sabaki (hail of explosions)
    Resurrection (revives dead party members)
    Divide (steals HPs from enemies)


    Ikusa No Kodaiko (raises attack levels on party members)
    Arajishi Daiko (laser attack on enemies)
    Hero Hero Rappa (huge stone notes drop on enemies)
    Ieyashi No Tategoto (replenishes party member’s HP)
    Noroma No Bass (decreases enemy’s dexterity)
    Idaten No Okarina (raises party member’s dexterity)


    Oukarai Bakuzan (three deadly slashes to enemy)
    Juubakuken (paralyzes enemy)
    Shinkuuzan (Illusion attack for enemy at two squares away from Tosh)
    Koenzan (Shadow attack to inflict deadly)


    Explosion (massive explosion against enemies)
    Dream Knock (casts “sleep” on enemies)
    Diamond Dust (hails of ice thrashes on enemies)
    Wind Slasher (cyclones thrash against enemies)
    Heat Wall (creates a fire barrier against enemies; see Hints)
    Thunder Storm (summons lightning bolts)
    Teleport (teleports)


    Shingan Hoo (casts “rock” on enemies”; see Hints)
    Taimakoodan (releases lasers against enemies)
    Senbuugekishuu (releases a flaming kick to hit all enemies around him)
    Ryuusenbaku (summons winds to lift enemies and thrashes them on ground)
    Kishin Ryuueiha (throws ground lightning bolt)
    Metsushuu Reppa (energy wave attack)


    Keraku (three elves who heal members)
    Monfree (creates tiles for passage)
    Fuugin (wind demon; see Hints)
    Raigin (thunder demon; see Hints)
    Hemogee (transforms enemies into trolls)
    Odon (morphs into enemy)

Game Shark Codes

Arc The Lad I Codes
Infinite Money 800BD3EC FFFF
Have Neba Neba 30119810 0063
Have Power Jelly 30119811 0063
Have Power Apple 30119812 0063
Have Energy Fruit 30119813 0063
Have Paralysis Apple 30119814 0063
Have Big Bomb 3011981C 0063
Have Cure-All 3011981D 0063
Have Magic Leaf 30119826 0063
Have Magic Sprig 30119827 0063
Have Blind Brass 30119828 0063
Have Bitter Leaf 30119829 0063
Have Nettle 3011982A 0063
Have Hard Nettle 3011982B 0063
Have Summon Pot 3011982C 0063
Have All Items [Note] 50001C02 0000
80119810 6363
Arc Codes
Infinite Health 80119C4E 03E7
Infinite Magic 80119C4C 03E7
Max Power 80119C54 01F3
Max Spell 80119C56 01F3
Max Defense 80119C58 01F3
Max Speed 80119C5A 0063
Elc Codes
Infinite Health 800BD93A 270F
Infinite Magic 800BD940 270F
Max Exp 800BD94C E0FF
800BD94E 05F5
Super Stats 800BD942 6000
800BD944 6000
800BD946 6000

Note: This code will not work with the Game Shark CDX.

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