The 8 Farming Simulator 22 Best Mods You Should Try Today

Farming Simulator 22

The 8 Farming Simulator 22 Best Mods You Should Try Today

Farming Simulator 22 is an immersive experience where players cultivate land, nurture crops, and witness their small farms begin to flourish. Although the game offers vast new features and improved gameplay mechanics, players add something of their own, making the game unique and a better overall experience. This guide will break down the best mods that Farming Simulator 22 has to offer. These mods add depth, realism, and something for everyone to add to the world of farming. 

Farming Simulator 22
Harvest your crops easily with Guidance Steering in Farming Simulator 22.

GPS/Guidance Steering

New and old players universally agree that Guidance Steering is a must-have mod. It makes steering and cultivating much more bearable and easy to use. If you wish to create a track but don’t want to mess up the terrain or spend hours fixing your mistake, Guidance Steering takes that stress away. For example, the mod allows you to set up a point A to B track that calculates your steering angle. This creates a simple outline that is easy to follow. Or if you lack the confidence to stay in the lines, the mod will help you and automatically enter you into the steering angle.

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If you don’t want to bother with AB tracking, the mod features a simple straight-line tool that visualizes where you are driving. This mod is excellent for players who want to do farm work themselves without having to hire workers or don’t want to mess anything up. It also includes many quality-of-life aspects, such as redlining tracks, terrain angle snapping, saving and loading tracks, and much more. The downside is Guidance Steering or GPS for vehicles costs money, but it is well worth the small price. If money is tight, consider saving up or using other mods that will give you more than enough to afford this feature. GPS is a must-have to take your farming to the next level.


While the GPS mod is excellent for players who want to take control of their farm and do the work themselves, AutoDrive is for the opposite end of the player base. AutoDrive allows you to set up driving routes and networks for vehicles that will drive and work autonomously. These vehicles can drive from point A to point B, sell points, shops, and just about anywhere else. 

Some players criticize this mod for the lack of involvement in the game. If every vehicle is automatic and doesn’t require player input at all, except for its initial setup, how much fun can you have? Are you really playing the game? However, this mod is required for players who run large operations. When farms become too large it would be impossible to do everything yourself, so some autonomy from vehicles is a lovely helping hand. It’s also important to remember that real-life farming isn’t about doing everything yourself. These large-scale projects have teams of people working every day on a common goal. 

Farming Simulator 22

Real Life Numbers 

Speaking of realism, Real Life Numbers turns Farming Simulator 22 from a relaxing game to a Souls-like experience. This mod is for those looking for a challenge. In this add-on, the game gives you more realistic yields on crops and prices, meaning that everything will be a lot less. Contracts now don’t pay as much, and helpers will be anything but helpful. Prepare yourself for mistakes and accidents that need to be dealt with on the fly. The economy will not be nice to you, and each year will be a struggle to make ends meet.

One upside or downside depending on the type of player you are is that this mod features customizable options. You can adjust the numbers in an XML file before playing, giving you the ability to make the game even more brutal if you desire. But for players who want a more plug-and-play experience, the base numbers and setting should work just fine. 

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This mod is as simple as they come. Do you have a tree that you want gone? Just use Tree-B-Gone, and it’ll be removed instantly. While this doesn’t offer some of the game-breaking features that other mods employ, it solves a common issue without any hassle. If you are the type of player looking for a vanilla play experience but want something that will enhance the game’s quality of life, Tree-B-Gone is perfect. The tool will cost $42,000 in-game or $22,000 for the mini version. Never will you have to worry about planting a tree in the wrong area or having one mess up the aesthetics of your farm.

Farming Simulator 22


The last significant mod takes the grind and headache out of the game for many players. Courseplay routes your farm for you, whether it be through manually picking and customizing the route or having the mod automatically generate the most efficient. Once completed, workers can be directed to drive on those routes, completing whichever tasks need to be done. The mod doesn’t just make routes, it also automates other daily routines such as delivering crops, seed harvesting, plowing, unloading harvesters, etc. 

This mod is excellent for players with large-scale farms and too many tasks for one person to handle. Or, if you don’t want automation on your farm, consider using it for its route calculator that you can manually adjust and set yourself. It will not only save you time but make your farm that much more efficient, generating revenue.    


While the notable mods for Farming Simulator 22 directly change gameplay and the function of the game, these mods are primarily for aesthetics. While some mods add items that you will use daily, none of them are required to play the game. For example, perhaps you’d like a shed for your harvester, underground storage, or a new car. These mods add a personalized touch that can be missing in the base game. Take a look around and see what you like. 

Farming Simulator 22


Map mods are the best way to experience new fields, land, or countries. While some maps will place you in a specific area, others offer simple empty squares much larger than average. These maps are great for players who want to test out and challenge their creativity. While the small farms are great for singleplayer, the larger and empty maps require more players as it will take hours to cultivate and develop your farm.    


These mods don’t fit into a standard category. There are just too many of them, and their changes to the game are broad. Seasonal mods will change weather patterns and growth rates. Texture packs will affect graphics and how crops and plants look. Cheat mods will give you unlimited money, crops, and materials. There is something for everybody to be found and used. GO and explore the best mods that suit you and make your experience on Farming Simulator 22 personalized. 


With thousands of mods available for players available, it can be daunting to figure out what’s right for you. If none of these mods seemed to fit your play style, there will surely be ones not listed here that you’ll love. Get involved with the Farming Simulator community and ask around which mods everybody else prefers. Community and engagement are some of the best aspects of this game and a reason why players keep coming back every day.  

For players who do not wish to alter their game or use third-party sites for downloading mods but do want more features added, the option of DLC packs is available. Players can purchase Season and Expansion Packs via the platform store.            

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