Derby Stallion III Cheats & Cheat Codes for SNES and More

Derby Stallion III Cheats & Cheat Codes for SNES and More

Derby Stallion III is a combination of horse racing and business simulation genres. This game was developed and published by ASCII, which is best known for the RPG Maker programming software. Derby Stallion III was released in Japan on January 20, 1995, for the SNES.

The Derby Stallion series was an incredibly popular game franchise in Japan. Each of the games in the series sold millions of copies and topped the gaming sales charts. Derby Stallion III sold over 1.2 million copies all of its own. The Derby Stallion series is an engaging and immersive franchise that manages to still be popular decades after the release of the first game.

Derby Stallion III Premise

Derby Stallion III plays very similarly to the other games in the series. The objective of the game is to win the title of GI (Group I) Racer and essentially become the greatest horse racer. In order to do that, players must compete in weekday and holiday races that make up a 1-year racing schedule. Players will also join the “SRA” (Sonobe Racing Association) group.

To help players gain an advantage in the races, players must make a series of smart business decisions. Players can manage their ranches and stables, make bets on races, breed prime horses, train horses, and much more. In Derby Stallion III, players get to take part in every part of the horse racing business.

Derby Stallion III Series

The Derby Stallion series is an iconic collection of games that date all the way back to 1991. The first game Derby Stallion: Best Race, was one of the most popular games in Japan after its release. Although the Derby Stallion series was never officially released outside of Japan, it still managed to become a successful franchise with a dedicated fan base. Derby Stallion III is the ninth game in the series. Derby Stallion games are still being made today. A game for the Nintendo Switch was released in 2020. Below is a list of every single Derby Stallion game that has been released.

NameRelease date
Derby Stallion: Best Race December 21, 1991
Derby Stallion: National Edition August 29, 1992
Derby Stallion PC-9800 Series Edition May 28, 1993
Derby Stallion DOS/V Edition September 28, 1993
Derby Stallion II February 18, 1994
Derby Stallion FM-TOWNS EditionFebruary 18, 1994
Derby Stallion EX September 30, 1994
Derby Stallion Macintosh Edition November 26, 1994
Derby Stallion III January 20, 1995
Derby Stallion ’96 March 15, 1996
Derby Stallion July 17, 1997
Derby Stallion ’98 September 1, 1998
Derby Stallion March 25, 1999
Derby Stallion ’99 September 30, 1999
Derby Stallion for Windows May 26, 2000
Derby Stallion 64 August 10, 2001
Derby Stallion Advance December 6, 2002
Derby Stallion ’04 April 22, 2004
Derby Stallion for DoCoMo Winter 2005
Derby Stallion P July 27, 2006
Derby Stallion DS June 26, 2008
Derby Stallion Cancelled 
Derby Stallion Gold December 4, 2014
Derby Stallion December 3, 2020

Derby Stallion III Cheat Codes

Derby Stallion III has multiple in-game cheat codes that can give you major advantages. With these cheat codes, players alter the weight limit before races, start with extra money, or make the game harder for an extra challenge. For your convenience, we’ve broken down each of these cheat codes in the lists below.

At the breeder’s cup entry screen, highlight the weight limit and then hold L+R and press up or down on the d-pad to change the number.Change Weight Limit
  • You can cause special effects in the game by using specific passwords when naming your ranch.
ビりオンHuge amount of money
おとなしNo music or sound effects
ハコテンStart with mostly debt

Derby Stallion III Cheat Code FAQ

Does Derby Stallion III have any cheat codes?

Yes, there are a number of in-game cheat codes available in Derby Stallion III. These cheat codes grant players multiple advantages that make both the races and the ranch business much easier. Players can alter the weight limit before races, give themselves money, or put themselves in debt if they want an extra challenge.

What are cheat codes?

Cheat codes are exploits that change the game’s behavior and give players an advantage. They may help move on to a different level, make the player completely immune to damage, or do some other action that wouldn’t take place without them. Cheat codes can also add wacky effects to the game like making your character’s head massive or shooting rainbows out of your gun.

These cheat codes can make the game more accessible and appealing to casual gamers or those who find its current state inaccessible.

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