Doom 1993 Cheats and Codes for PC

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Doom 1993 Cheats and Codes for PC

Doom 1993 Summary

Doom was created by id Software in 1993. This game has been considered the first pioneering first-person shooter games. It is the first entry in the Doom series featuring early examples of 3D graphics with a mix of 2D images. In Doom, the player will assume the character of a space marine referred to as Doomguy. They will fight their way through zombies and demons on the moons of Mars with a finish in Hell.

Premise of Doom 1993

Doom Gameplay
Doom 1993 Gameplay.

The premise of Doom is for players to defeat the enemies within each level leading to the last battle with the final boss in the game. The environments are 3D giving players a real feel of the game. The enemies and objects featured in 2D at fixed angles. The levels of the game will be grouped into episodes and throughout these levels’ enemies of both the undead and demon type will try to overwhelm the player. To defeat these enemies the player will find weapons and ammunition throughout the levels. There are five difficulty levels each adjusting the number and abilities of enemies as well as the main character.

Main Characters in Doom 1993

The main character Doomguy will be the playable character though the game, but there are various other characters that add to the storyline and gameplay of Doom.

  • Daisy: Doomguys pet rabbit
  • Helper Dog: Helps the player with enemies throughout the game

Titles in the Series

Weapons in Doom
Featured weapons including a chainsaw.

The Doom title extends all the way back to the 90’s and is going strong with titles continuing to be released for updated consoles.

  • Doom (1993)
  • Doom II: Hell on Earth (1994)
  • Master Levels for Doom II (1995)
  • The Ultimate Doom (1995)
  • Final Doom (1996)
  • Doom 64 (1997)
  • Doom 3 (2004)
  • Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil (2005)
  • Doom RPG (2005)
  • Doom Resurrection (2009)
  • Doom II RPG (2009)
  • Doom II: No Rest for the Living (2010)
  • Doom 3: BFG Edition (2012)
  • Doom (2016)
  • Doom Eternal (2020)
  • Doom 64: The Lost Levels (2020)
  • The Ancient Gods, Part One (2020)
  • The Ancient Gods, Part Two (2021)
  • Mighty Doom (2023)

Doom 1993 Cheat Codes

Note: This is the 1993 game by iD Software, not to be confused with the 2016 game Doom by iD Software.

Cheat Codes

While playing the game, enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function:

ResultCheat Code
Invincibility iddqd
All weapons, keys, ammo, and 200% armor idkfa
Berserker strength idbeholds
Temporary invincibility idbeholdv
Temporary invisibility idbeholdi
Full automap idbeholda
Anti-radiation suit idbeholdr
Light amplification visor idbeholdl
Walk through walls idspispopd
Chainsaw idchoppers
Level select idclev [episode number][map number]
Toggle full map; full map and objects; normal map iddt
Display coordinates and heading idmypos
Change music to indicated level idmus [level number]


How many levels are in Doom 1993?

There are three main episodes in Doom each containing nine levels.

How long does it take to beat Doom 1993?

Depending on the players skill levels the game can take around 10-12 hours to complete all 19 achievements in the game.

How many weapons are there in the game?

There are a total of eight weapons in the game including Fists, Chainsaw, Pistol, Shotgun, Chaingun, Rocket Launcher, Plasma Rifle, and BFG 9000.

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