Evil West, Cheats & Cheat Codes for Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Windows, and More

Evil West

Evil West, Cheats & Cheat Codes for Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Windows, and More

Evil West is a third-person shooter developed by Flying Wild Hog and released in 2022. The game has generally favorable reviews, with praise for its concept and design, but criticized for the repetitive and unbalanced enemy encounters. While the developers haven’t announced a sequel, they have confirmed they are working on a new fast-paced action game.

Evil West Premise

Players play as Jesse Rentier, a vampire-hunter agent who must protect the American frontier from monsters. Hordes and gauntlets of vampires will be thrown at the player as they battle in brutal, “lightning-fueled” combat. Players can follow the story alone or play in online co-op with a friend to take out the monsters. The game takes inspiration from Devil May Cry and God of War for its combat mechanics and actions.    

Evil West Main Characters

Throughout the story, players will meet a variety of NPCs but will always play as Jesse Rentier. The cast of characters is limited but makes up for it with intense and gripping gameplay.

  • Jesse Rentier 
  • William Rentier 
  • Felicity D’Abano 
  • Peter D’Abano 
  • Chester Morgan 
  • Edgar Gravenor

Evil West Video Games in the Series

While no more games are under the same title, the developers have a long history and library of video games. Most of their titles consist of action-packed combat, similar to fast and brutal vampire killing found in-game.

  • Trek To Yomi (2022)
  • Shadow Warrior 3 (2022) 
  • Shadow Warrior 2 (2016)
  • Shadow Warrior (2012)
Evil West

Evil West Cheat Codes

There are no cheat codes for the game. If you want to alter the gameplay, you must use exploits or mods. However, changing the gameplay becomes much harder due to the online co-op factor. It also takes away from the intended experience the developers wanted, as there are set encounters and battles they want you to face. Having a challenge in a title creates a more rewarding experience.   

Evil West Cheat Codes FAQ

Does Evil West have cheat codes?
No, unfortunately, for players of Evil West, there are no cheat codes available to use.

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