Fable Anniversary Cheats & Cheat Codes for Xbox 360 and PC

A Steam promotional image for Fable Anniversary.

Fable Anniversary Cheats & Cheat Codes for Xbox 360 and PC

Fable Anniversary is the 2014 remake of Fable, released for the Xbox 360 and PC to celebrate its 10th birthday. The original game’s developer, Lionhead Studios, took charge of the remake, with additions like mod support, improved graphics, and achievements justifying its release. Fable Anniversary received positive reviews upon release, but it wasn’t enough to immediately revive the franchise.

Fable Anniversary Premise

Fable Anniversary plays just like the original game, just now with a fresh coat of paint. You play as the Hero of Oakville, moving through the world of Albion and completing a series of quests to progress the main story. While most of these quests come directly from the Heroes’ Guild, you also meet plenty of individuals who need your help with odds and ends. How you deal with this is entirely up to you. You can choose to help them and live up to the moniker of Hero, or you can ignore them. However, it will affect your reputation, and you’ll face some real consequences along the way.

Even in the remake, the game’s combat shows its age. Like the other Fable titles, Fable Anniversary uses a melee, magic, and ranged combat triangle that doesn’t have much depth by today’s standards. If you’re massively invested in Fable Anniversary‘s story however, these combat mechanics are solid enough to get you across the finish line. 

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A Steam promotional image for Fable Anniversary.
Relive the good old days in Fable Anniversary.

©Microsoft Studios – Original

Fable Anniversary brings back the morality system, which has been a core feature of the franchise over the years. Every decision you make is branded either “good” or “evil” by Fable Anniversary, and it even affects your appearance at the extreme ends of the scale. A halo means you’ve been well-behaved while glowing red eyes and horns mean you’re considered an evil hero now. Such a black-and-white system is an interesting idea, but it has drawbacks. For example, you could murder an entire village of innocents, yet undo all of that bad karma by simply eating a ludicrous amount of tofu, which is considered “good” by the game. Overall though, it’s a positive addition that makes you think twice before each decision.

Fable Anniversary Main Characters

A Steam promotional image for Fable Anniversary.
Fable Anniversary is a grand adventure.

©Microsoft Studios – Original

While the Fable franchise is known for having deep lore if you really dig for it, it’s also famous for not taking itself too seriously. Fable Anniversary is no different, taking a playful approach to much of its supporting cast. However, the game’s main story is pretty standard fare, with many of the tropes you might expect to see in a fantasy game. This is particularly evident looking at these main characters in Fable Anniversary:

Fable Anniversary’s Key Players

  • The Hero of Oakvale: The Hero of Oakvale is your protagonist throughout Fable Anniversary, and the game offers enough versatility for you to be whoever you want to be. After seeing their family murdered by bandits at a young age at the infamous Oakvale Raid, the protagonist joins the Heroes’ Guild, where they train to avenge their deaths. They confront their true destiny when Jack of Blades makes his evil return to Albion.
  • Weaver: Weaver is the Guildmaster of the Heroes’ Guild. He takes the Hero of Oakvale under his wing, and becomes his mentor while growing up. As the protagonist becomes more powerful, Weaver develops a personal investment in the Hero of Oakvale’s mission to rescue their remaining family members.
  • Theresa: Theresa is the Hero of Oakvale’s older sister, and an essential character in the Fable franchise as a whole. Blinded by Jack of Blades during the Oakvale Raid, she is eventually found by bandit chief Twinblade, and rises by his side to become his number two due to her prophetic powers. Theresa is ultimately kidnapped by Jack of Blades, leading the Hero of Oakvale to track down their remaining family. She later appears hundreds of years later in Fable 2 and 3.
  • Jack of Blades: Jack of Blades is the antagonist of Fable Anniversary. He arrives from the Void, and immediately demands the people of Albion become his loyal subjects. He reintroduces himself to the world at the Arena, where he first interacts with the Hero of Oakvale. Jack of Blades has a series of victories over the protagonist, leaving them on the verge of defeat, although a final battle between the two at the Chamber of Fate ultimately decides how their journey ends.

Fable Anniversary Titles in the Series

A Steam promotional image for Fable Anniversary.
The Fable franchise has seen better days.

©Microsoft Studios – Original

In the early days of Xbox, the Fable franchise was essential to its initial success. It gave the console a killer RPG franchise just as the Xbox began building up its roster of exclusives. Nowadays, fantasy RPGs are a dime a dozen on all platforms, so gamers have far more to choose from. In some sense, the Fable franchise became somewhat obsolete, with the last main entry being Fable III in 2010. With Lionhead Studios shutting its doors back in 2016, hope for a return was lost until recently, when a reboot developed by Playground Games was announced. While it seems the game is early in development, it could be just what the franchise needs to conquer the RPG genre once again.

Fable Anniversary Cheat Codes

A Steam promotional image for Fable Anniversary.
For any Fable Anniversary cheats, you’ll have to exploit the game.

©Microsoft Studios – Original

Unfortunately, cheating in Fable Anniversary isn’t as simple as inputting a cheat code and insta-winning. Instead, you’ll have to use some in-game exploits if you’re wanting to get ahead. Luckily, there are a couple of extremely overpowered exploits that we’re going to show you.

Infinite Money

First of all, go to a town and buy a house. Upgrade the house as much as possible. Then, even if the door is open, break door the door with your sword. Place all of your most expensive trophies inside the house. The more the house is upgraded, the more you’ll be able to store. Head outside, and sell the house with all of your trophies inside. Go back in, grab the trophies, and re-buy the house.

Repeat these steps of putting the trophies inside the house, selling it, then rebuying it without the trophies. This is because the trophies add value to the house, so it means that you make a profit every time you do this. It shouldn’t take long before this method gives you more money than you’ll know what to do with.

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Infinite XP

This infinite XP exploit is probably the fastest you can find in Fable Anniversary, and involves farming mobs for the highest combat multiplier possible in the shortest amount of time.

First, head to Cliffside Path, located when coming out of the Underground Tunnel. As soon as you enter, you should be attacked by oncoming Undead. You’ll notice that if you kill these Undead, they die in a single hit and respawn infinitely. All you need to do now is simple: cast the Physical Shield spell to ensure your combat multiplier remains intact, and kill the Undead for as long as you can. This will build up an insane amount of XP, as long as you don’t let the combat multiplier expire. When you feel you’ve gained enough XP, simply leave Cliffside Path.

There are other areas where you can attack NPCs infinitely for combat multiplier, but this is definitely where the fastest rates can be found.


If you don’t want to go through the time and effort of using exploits, PC players are instead able to use mods to get ahead in Fable Anniversary. Our pick is the Mega OP Mod on Nexus Mods, which in the creator’s words, turns you into a “god.”

The full list of changes for this mod includes:

  • Higher Base Mana Regen (no spell cost)
  • Base HP per upgrade higher
  • Both HP and Mana can be upgraded a lot higher using potions
  • Better Stealth (decreased visibility multiplier)
  • Higher max money
  • No money loss on death
  • No more scars
  • No Morality decrease
  • Hero stays 18 years old
  • Harder to get drunk
  • Higher chance of decapitating enemies
  • All Legendary Weapons now have 7 augmentation slots
  • All Ranged Weapon projectile speed increased by 6
  • Crossbow Damage increased
  • All Spells massively buffed for the player (higher damage, longer effects, reduced cooldowns)

There’s no doubt that this mod is the closest thing you can get on PC to a cheat code in Fable Anniversary.

Fable Anniversary Cheat Code FAQs

A Steam promotional image for Fable Anniversary.
Any questions about Fable Anniversary‘s cheat codes? We’ve got you covered.

©Microsoft Studios – Original

Which of These Fable Anniversary Cheats Can I Use on Console?

Unfortunately, console players aren’t able to use the Mega OP Mod we showed earlier — that’s exclusive to PC gamers. However, the exploits work on any platform, so these are your best options if you’re looking for an alternative way to get ahead.

Can I Use Cheat Engine For Fable Anniversary?

While there are Cheat Engine tables available for Fable Anniversary, we wouldn’t recommend you use them. There are reports online of them setting off some players’ anti-virus programs, so that’s one thing to bear in mind.

Cheat Engine tables can often be the most versatile way to cheat in games, however, as they’re fan-made they always come with some element of risk. Right now, there are just none available for Fable Anniversary that we’d be comfortable endorsing.

Can I Use Console Commands in Fable Anniversary?

While many games on PC feature console commands as a way to make changes to a game, Fable Anniversary isn’t one of them. It’s unknown why Lionhead Studios didn’t make the console available to players, especially as it’s a single-player game. Unfortunately, there’s currently no way to activate it via a mod, either.

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