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Boss in Flashgal.

Flashgal Cheats & Cheat Codes

Flashgal is a side-scrolling beat ’em-up action game developed by Kyugo and published by Sega in Japan and Romstar in North America. The game was released to the public in 1985, in the age of iconic beat ’em ups and fighting games like Punch-Out!! and Karate Champ. The game blends elements of unarmed combat and shooting in a traditional arcade game from a side point-of-view. Players navigate through levels beating enemies using a combination of kicks, punches, and jumps. 

The gameplay features automatic side-scrolling, similar to Contra, which adds to the challenge of the game. Players require quick thinking, skills, and good reflexes to defeat oncoming opponents. Flashgal enemies consist of various types of aggressive foes, like gangsters, ninjas, and even robotic birds. In this article, we’ll take a dive into what Flashgal is all about and what it offers in terms of cheats.

Flashgal Premise

The game puts players in the shoes of a superhero, not entirely unlike a few famous female superheroes from movies and comic books. Flashgal herself undoubtedly shares some resemblance at least with Wonder Woman. In the game, the protagonist fights against a city overrun by crime, trying to dismantle a criminal empire led by an evil mastermind, an unnamed man in a suit.

Motorcycle in Flashgal
In some stages, Flashgal rides her iconic motorcycle.

©Screenshot for Flashgal – Original

The game progresses through eleven unique levels, each presenting new challenges and enemy types. The game has an interesting selection of enemies that start with mafia goons that fit the plot to more obscure robotic birds. The gameplay also involves vehicle segments that test players’ reflexes on motorcycles and jet skis. While it clearly borrows some aspects of both gameplay and likeness from other properties, Flashgal certainly offers an exciting and unique beat ’em-up experience.

Flashgal Characters

Flashgal, the game’s protagonist, is a female superhero fighting against a tide of crime. Her appearance and abilities draw inspiration from comic book heroines, equipped with martial arts skills and later, weapons like a katana and a gun with infinite ammo. The main antagonist is an unnamed bald man in a white suit, a crime boss who confronts the protagonist at the end of levels with increasing difficulty.

Characters and Enemies

  • Flashgal: The titular character, a female superhero with a mission to rid the city of crime. Flashgal is known for her combat skills and agility.
  • Crime Boss: The main villain, a bald man in a white suit. He uses a variety of tactics to stop Flashgal, including gunfire and henchmen.
  • Gangsters: Common enemies Flashgal faces. The henchmen of the boss enemy do not carry firearms and simply attack with punches.
  • Ninjas: The black-clad ninjas are fierce fighters that can do acrobatic maneuvers and attack Flashgal with throwing stars.
  • Samurai: The Samurai enemies attack Flashgal with slow pace and determination. These sword-equipped enemies have a simple attack pattern and are fairly easy to defeat.
  • Robotic Birds: The robotic birds fly above the Flashgal and drop shells. Player can shoot them down by shooting upwards.
  • Robotic Butterflies: Robotic butterflies do not have attacks, instead they gravitate towards the Flashgal. A simple strike will take them down.
  • Monkeys: Monkeys are higher up and have an attack similar to the robotic birds.
  • Helicopters: Helicopters are flying enemies in certain maps that drop bombs on Flashgal. 
  • Dogs: The dogs attack Flashgal by running towards her, jumping when closer to Flashgal, but are easy to defeat with a simple punch. 
  • Bombers: The planes attack the Flashgal’s helicopter with bombs. 
  • Fighter Planes: Fighter planes have a missile attack that sends rockets straight forward towards the helicopter of Flashgal.
  • Bats: Bats come in swarms. They fly horizontally towards the center of the screen and then attack Flashgal downwards.
  • Speed boats: The henchmen on speed boats do not have an attack, they simply drive towards Flashgal’s boat and need to be avoided by jumping over them.
Enemies in Flashgal
The game features a host of enemies that need to be dealt with or avoided.

©Screenshot for Flashgal – Original

Games in the Series

Flashgal is the singular entry in Sega’s arcade franchise, which is known for its female protagonist and blend of beat ’em up and shooter mechanics. Despite its fun and distinct gameplay, Flashgal did not receive any sequels, or ports for that matter.

  • Flashgal (1985)

Flashgal  Cheats

Flashgal offers straightforward gameplay without an official set of cheats. As the game was released as a classic arcade, there are no cheats to help players along the way. The only way to pass through the levels is to master the mechanics of this hybrid shooter/beat ’em up.

Flashgal Cheat Codes FAQ

Can Flashgal be played in multiplayer mode?

Yes, Flashgal supports two players, in a traditional arcade fashion, allowing friends to tackle the game’s challenges together.

Are there different weapons available in Flashgal?

While primarily focused on hand-to-hand combat with Flashgal’s powerful strikes and kicks, there are also additional weapons like a katana and a gun with infinite ammo in certain levels.

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