Most Interesting NPCs in Grand Theft Auto V

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Most Interesting NPCs in Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto is the vibrant and expansive open world we’ve always wanted. There’s plenty to do and lots of trouble to get into. While navigating the story or traversing the world, you’ll undoubtedly encounter many interesting characters. Many of these characters have rich backstories and hilarious personalities. Their stories and interactions are worth seeking out and experiencing for a laugh. Even if you’ve left the game, which came out ten years ago now, far behind, you may not have met these entertaining characters. Below is a list of the best interactions by the most interesting NPCs in Grand Theft Auto V

The Mime

Silent but violent. You know the drill, the mimes don’t speak; they mime. So, if you want to take in their act, you can simply watch them do their thing in silence. You can also take selfies with them, as many other NPCs do. If you decide to interact with them and push a little too far, they may crack and start yelling and insulting you, which is funny because they’re not supposed to talk. The mimes seem especially tough to knock out, so be aware if you decide to go a round with them. If you punch a mime, do they make a sound? 

You can find the mime working on Prosperity Street Promenade in Del Perro.

Hitchhiking Girl 

This NPC is wild and has one of the most fun stories. She is a Bohemian hitchhiker who will tell you all about herself and then some. For example, she enjoys taking drugs in the desert to try and find herself. She has some exciting things to tell you, including that she wants to surprise her boyfriend at work, seemingly to do something inappropriate. Be careful, though, as her boyfriend isn’t a fan of other guys helping her hitchhike. 

You can meet and possibly give her a ride at the junction of East Joshua Road and Route 1 in the San Chianski Mountain Range. There, she’ll ask you for a ride to Vinewood Hills as part of Random Event Hitch a Lift 3.

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“My dad’s really happy with me, He loves you, too!” Jesse’s real name seems to be Jesus, and yes, it’s that Jesus. Meeting him is your chance to meet the son of God, maybe. You’ll find him reciting various phrases from the Bible and even telling parables like “The Prodigal Son.” Pretty much everything he says is something from Christianity, but it kind of comes off as drug-induced nonsense. 

You can meet the man and hear all about his dad, life, and beliefs at Del Perro Pier, Los Santos. 

The Zombie 

“I’m the undead. I’m a charity.” The zombie you can meet in the game is named Graham. He’s something between a cosplayer and a delusional person who believes he’s the Vinewood Zombie. He’s got plenty of interesting stuff to tell you, like he wants to give himself a lobotomy and that he’s a philosophy major. You can always get a selfie and go if you’d rather not listen. Bring some cash, though, as he’s also asking for money. 

You can meet the Vinewood Zombie at Vinewood Boulevard and Alta Street.

Tap Dancing Hillbilly

Everyone wants to meet a tap-dancing hillbilly, right? You know that saying about not meeting your heroes, well, this is your chance to do just that. The dancing hillbilly is actually Jesco White from Rebel Radio which you can listen to in GTA V and GTA Online

If you want to put a face to the voice and see some spiffy moves, you can meet him in front of a house at the Foreclosed North Alamo Pier off North Calafia Way. He may even sing you a song if the radio is playing!

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Impotent Rage 

Did you know Grand Theft Auto V has superheroes? Well, it does, sort of, and you can meet him. Impotent Rage is the unfortunately named superhero based on a television cartoon you can interact with. It doesn’t seem like GTA is the best place for superheroes, as Impotent Rage will hilariously tell you himself. If you speak with him, he’ll let you know how bad his life is and describe some of his bad interactions with other citizens. 

You can meet Impotent Rage outside of Hardcore Comic Store on Eclipse Boulevard.

The Drunk Driver

You can meet this intoxicated and highly entertaining fellow in the Random Event Drunk Driver 1. To experience all his antics and anecdotes, you have to approach the driver arguing with his friend. He’ll ask you to drive him where he needs to go. Along the way, he’ll tell you some embarrassing stories and a very disturbing one involving drinking too much on Thanksgiving. 

You can find this gem of an NPC at the La Spada restaurant in La Puerta. Don’t hesitate to drive too fast for a little extra laugh. 


Jerome is a very outspoken and devoted priest. He’s so dedicated that he essentially curses everyone not with him in his religious beliefs. If you join him in his spiritual endeavors, though, you’ll be saved and rewarded according to him. While you can’t speak with Jerome, he’ll undoubtedly speak at you when you pass him. He may even get a humorous reaction from other NPCs. 

It’s not surprising at all that he chose to plant himself and preach outside a liquor store. You can find him in front of South LS Liquor on the corner of Carson Avenue and Dutch London Street in Rancho.

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Jane is a devoted and proud recruit for a religious group called the Children of the Mountain. She is a “new age” preacher who’s all about self-actualization. She may be able to sway you to go out and find yourself or maybe even join her cult group. What she has to say is interesting, to say the least. 

You can meet her and perhaps gain some enlightenment in front of the fountain at the Rockford Hills City Hall, near Carcer Way in Rockford Hills. 


Josef is a Russian immmigrant with an immigrant problem. Despite being one himself, he constantly complains about immigrants from other countries. He is also overly patriotic, but towards what country is not exactly clear. Josef will spout off anthems and sayings from many countries, some of which, of course, are inappropriate.

You first meet him when you save him from a fight during a Trevor Philips Industries mission. You’ll then get involved with him and his anti-immigrant crusade for a few missions.

Pamela Drake

“But I’ve had work done… but let me tell you – none of it worked!” Pamela Drake is an aging actress wholly fed up with the industry. She was once a starlet and seemed to do many shady things to get parts in Vinewood. She has plenty to tell you about her past as a movie star, most of which is hilarious and enlightening. 

You can find her trying to score her latest role while strolling down Vinewood Boulevard outside Von Crastenburg Hotel.

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“Every insane man must be armed.” Clinton is a war vet, althoguh what war exactly is unclear. He seems like a parody of the stereotypical depiction of Vietnam veterans, though. Clinton’s problem is he still thinks he’s at war and on the front lines. He rants about the military and the war around him, including insinuations that he is the protagonist of Rambo. 

Clinton clearly isn’t alright, but if you’d like to meet him, he’s at Sandy Shores in Blaine County.

The Runaway Bride

You’ve heard the legends, and now you can meet one yourself. The runaway bride who looks much like actress Anna Paquin will approach you as part of Random Event Hitch a Lift 4. It is then up to you to help her, make things worse, or simply walk away. 

Apparently, her rich husband isn’t the man she wants to be with anymore. She’ll tell you way too much about him and their relationship before asking you to drop her off at home. If you take her up on it, be careful, as the rich husband knows exactly where she is and isn’t happy with some guy driving her around.

You can find her in Great Chaparral. She will be making her escape from the Hill Valley Church and desperately calling for help.

Mary-Ann Quinn

“I don’t care that I’m thirty-nine and single.” Mary-Ann is a highly motivated and aggressive fitness fanatic. She is generally an angry person but exceptionally so towards men. She has some relationship issues that haven’t left her very friendly.

When you encounter her, she’ll likely be shouting, hurling insults, or accusing men of trying to make moves on her. She also doesn’t seem to have a filter and says quite a few shocking and inappropriate things. Eventually, she’ll challenge you to a physical competition, like a bike race.

You can encounter her at different times as each of the three protagonists, and it will trigger the Exercising Demons side mission for each character. 

  • Trevor meets Mary-Ann after the mission, Reuniting the Family. She’s in front of the broadcast station on Mount Haan Drive in Vinewood Hills. 
  • Franklin meets Mary-Ann after the mission, Predator. Franklin finds Mary-Ann at the end of Paleto Point in Paleto Bay.
  • Michael meets Mary-Ann after the mission, Complications. He finds her exercising across from the Von Crastenburg Hotel on Playa Vista in Del Perro. 
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The Drunk Couple

While it wouldn’t be fun to actually meet them, you get to do it vicariously through one of the protagonists. This couple is drunk and looking to party. You’ll encounter them as part of Random Event Drunk Driver 2. You can opt to take the couple for a ride for cash, and they’ll say and do many improper things. Each of the protagonists trigger different dialogs and actions from the couple, who look different every time too. You’ll surely find plenty to laugh about whether you help them or drop them off at their requested motel or with the Altruist cult. 

You can find the drunk couple near Sandy Shores Medical Center in Sandy Shores.

Antonia Bottino 

Antonia seems to have found herself in an end of Goodfellas-type situation. Her family is involved with organized crime, and some of the opposition are taking out their beef on her. You can intervene and keep her from suffering a painful mob-style disappearance, or you can just watch. 

When you help her, she’ll give you the details of her situation with the mob and a little bit of cash. Furthermore, if you deliver her safely to her family, you get a decent reward of $60,000 later in the game. It pays to be a hero in this situation. 

You can find Antonia and her gravediggers on a dirt track in North Point, north of Paleto Bay.

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