Medieval Dynasty Cheats & Cheat Codes for PC, PS4/5, Xbox One, & Xbox Series X/S

Medieval Dynasty landscape

Medieval Dynasty Cheats & Cheat Codes for PC, PS4/5, Xbox One, & Xbox Series X/S

Medieval Dynasty is Render Cube’s open-world first-person survival title taking place in the Middle Ages. The title is a unique mix of city-builder, life-sim, and survival gameplay with a medieval aesthetic. In addition to releasing on PC, Medieval Dynasty is also available on modern consoles. Development duties were handled by Render Cube, with the game being published by Toplitz Productions.

Since its release Medieval Dynasty maintains a “Very Positive” rating on Steam and is a generally well-received survival title in what is quickly becoming a crowded genre. The title has an all-time peak concurrent player count of just over 18,000, with an average of 4,000 daily active players. The title continues to be regularly updated with free add-ons and is supported by Render Cube.

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The game continues to be a popular game for streamers on services such as Twitch. Since gameplay doesn’t truly ever “end”, players have endless options in how they progress their characters and settlements. The open-ended nature of the gameplay and realistic survival and sim elements lend themselves to players spending dozens, if not hundreds, of hours in the title.

Medieval Dynasty Premise

Medieval Dynasty forest

Players in Medieval Dynasty assume the role of a young man who deserts the battlefield to start a life for himself. In the age of feudalism and forced military service, this man decides to branch out on his own at the risk of his own life. Starting the game with virtually nothing and no discernable skills, it’s up to you to figure out how to survive. What begins with basic hunting, fishing, and shelter-building progresses into you becoming the strong and skilled leader of a settlement.

The world of Medieval Dynasty operates on a day/night cycle and features dynamic weather events. Players must defend their settlement against wild animal attacks, bandits, and other outside threats. Combat is a key component of the game but is not the focus. In fact, players can choose to avoid combat altogether with careful planning. The game does feature a main quest line and story events, but it’s also a viable option to ignore all of these and play the game as a survival title and life-sim.

In addition to these gameplay elements, Medieval Dynasty features robust city-building gameplay. Players must construct and upgrade their houses, and then expand the buildings around them. As players’ settlements grow, they become more renowned and attract settlers. One of these settlers might choose you as a husband, leading to starting a family and the establishment of a dynastic line.

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Medieval Dynasty Main Characters

Medieval Dynasty blacksmith

As an open-world survival game where each save file is different, Medieval Dynasty features a massive selection of randomly generated characters. Alongside basic Townspeople, Vendors, Newcomers to the settlement, and Villagers/Workers, several unique NPCs are constant across each playthrough. The main characters in Medieval Dynasty include:

  • Player Character: The player-created character is a feudal serf who is conscripted into military service. With military conflict rampant in an ever-changing world, the player character decides to take their life into their own hands and become a deserter. When the game begins you are starting a new life on the edges of the kingdom.
  • Castellan: The Castellan is the feudal governor to whom the player pays taxes as tribute. At the beginning of each playthrough, the Castellan will be Uniegost — an older male in his 50s.
  • Wife: Although different in each playthrough, the player character will eventually take a wife with whom he will start a family and birth an heir.
  • Heir: The heir is the eldest male child of the player character and the next in line to inherit the responsibility of leadership over the settlement you’ve built.
  • Herald: The Herald arrives from the local castle to deliver challenges from the King. These challenges are the game’s many quests, which aren’t necessary for gameplay.

Games in the Dynasty Series

Publisher Toplitz Productions has several other dynastic simulation games under its belt, each with its own unique setting. While Medieval Dynasty is one of the most popular of these titles, it is by no means the only one players continue to enjoy. Games in the Dynasty series from Toplitz Productions include:

  • Medieval Dynasty (2021)
  • Wild West Dynasty (2023)
  • Sengoku Dynasty (Expected 2023)
  • Pirate’s Dynasty (In Development)

Medieval Dynasty Cheats

Life in the Middle Ages was hard, and Medieval Dynasty does a great job replicating the authenticity of Medieval life. As a result, players might find the initial hours of Medieval Dynasty to be very tough-going and slow. Thankfully, there are plenty of available cheats to help ease the burden of establishing your settlement. Better yet, these cheats are universal across all versions of the game and require no third-party software or hacks. All cheats for Medieval Dynasty are native to the game’s settings menu.

To activate cheats, head to the “Customise Game” menu from the game’s options. Some of the cheats can only be applied at the start of a new game, while others can be applied at any point during gameplay. Additionally, some cheats activate at the beginning of a season or only last for a season. As a result, players might want to customize the game time length of their seasons so they can experiment with different cheats.

Cheats Only Available at New Game Start

  • Difficulty — This changes the settings of various options and the availability of cheat settings below based on developer presets. This cheat is only available when starting a new game.

Cheats Applied Instantly In Active Gameplay

  • Taxes — Affects how much taxes the player is charged for buildings or fields
  • Buildings Limit — Affects the maximum number of buildings the player can have. Note: Too many buildings will affect PC performance
  • Events — Turn Events on/off. Note: Events can have a positive or negative effect on the game’s outcome
  • Unlimited HP — Turn invulnerability on/off
  • Unlimited Stamina — Turn stamina consumption on/off
  • Lack of Hunger — Turn the need to eat food on/off
  • Lack of Thirst — Turn the need to drink water on/off
  • Unlimited Carry Weight — Turn infinite carry weight on/off
  • Poisoning — Turn the poison status effect on/off. With the effect off, players will be immune to poison
  • Temperature — Turn the temperature system on/off. With the effect off, players will be immune to negative status effects from overexposure to hot or cold
  • Fast Crafting — With Fast Crafting enabled, players can craft all items in one cycle
  • Fast Building — With Fast Building enabled, players can instantly build with a single hit from the Hammer
  • XP Gain Multiplier — Raise or lower the amount of XP gained
  • Technology Gain Multiplier — Raise or lower the amount of Technology gained
  • Dynasty Reputation Multiplier — Raise or lower the amount of Dynasty Reputation gained
  • Stop Dropped Items From Spoiling — Items dropped on the ground will not spoil when the season changes

Seasonal Cheats Applied at the Beginning of Each Season

  • Length of Season (Days) — Affects how many days a season lasts. Developers recommend not changing this setting
  • Inhabitants: Food Needs — Raise or lower the food needs of people in your village. Setting to 0% eliminates the need to supply food
  • Inhabitants: Water Needs — Raise or lower the water needs of people in your village. Setting to 0% eliminates the need to supply water
  • Inhabitants: Wood Needs — Raise or lower the wood needs of people in your village. Setting to 0% eliminates the need to supply wood
  • Bandits — Turn bandits on/off
  • Bandits: HP — Raise or lower the HP of bandits
  • Bandits: Damage — Raise or lower the damage of bandits
  • Animals: HP — Raise or lower the HP of animals
  • Animals: Damage — Raise or lower the HP of animals

Medieval Dynasty Cheat FAQs

Does Medieval Dynasty have a command console?
No — while the game does not have a command console (the developers have disabled it by default), cheats are accessible directly from the options menu.

Are there mods for Medieval Dynasty?
Yes — the active community for the game has crafted dozens of mods that improve gameplay and provide tweaks to performance.

Is there a building limit in Medieval Dynasty?
The default building limit is 65 buildings. There is a cheat (see above) to change this under the options menu but use caution. Too many buildings can cause the game to crash.

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