Crusader Kings II Cheats & Cheat Codes for PC

A Steam promotional image for Crusader Kings II.

Crusader Kings II Cheats & Cheat Codes for PC

Crusader Kings II is a 2012 grand strategy title developed by Paradox Development Studio and published by Paradox Interactive. The studio released the game solely on PC, as it found its UI and gameplay inadequate for a console experience. It received several expansions over the years, before moving to a free-to-play model back in 2019. This was just prior to the release of its sequel, Crusader Kings III.

Crusader Kings II Premise

A Steam promotional image for Crusader Kings II.
Deep grand strategy is the name of the game in Crusader Kings II.

©Paradox Interactive – Original

Crusader Kings II is about creating a dynasty, as you play through the medieval era between the 8th to 15th centuries. You do so by becoming the ruler of a Kingdom, which you must expand through careful and considered use of war, marriages, and political assassinations, as well as plenty of other tools at your disposal.

Throughout the game, you can either choose to play as one of many historical figures such as William the Conqueror and Genghis Khan, or create your own ruler. Once you’ve chosen your character, you then work to earn prestige and piety points which you use to gain advantages over the other societies of your time, and can work to alter your society in some brand-new ways. For example, you can use your points to dictate that your civilians all follow one particular religion, but that might make you an unpopular leader.

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Personal relationships are at the heart of Crusader Kings II. With every single character in the game, you have a ton of interactions that you can take part in. These interactions affect both the characters and the people around them, so you have to be careful. For example, if you try to bribe someone with a secret, you’re putting yourself at risk of an assassination plot. However, the advantage you gain from that could still prove worth chancing it. You can even choose to do your business in the shadows, working in secret against your enemies – or allies. If someone discovers your plot, the consequences could be dire.

It’s rather difficult to actually “lose” in Crusader Kings II. The game only ends once your character dies without an heir to succeed them, which is why it’s so crucial that you nurture personal relationships throughout.

Crusader Kings II Main Characters

A Steam promotional image for Crusader Kings II.
Crusader Kings II‘s focus on characters sets it apart from the rest.

©Paradox Interactive – Original

There’s no doubt that Crusader Kings II is massively unique when compared to the rest of the grand strategy genre. Other games hone in on the bigger picture, making the land and the world the focus. But Crusader Kings II makes the characters the heart of the experience, with their interactions taking up a bulk of the gameplay.

You’re a King, and want to marry a lowly peasant? Crusader Kings II lets you do that. Or do you want to enter into a convoluted plot to murder another monarch to steal their spouse? The game certainly lets you try. It’s an incredibly versatile experience that adds a layer of unique storytelling to each and every save file. No two playthroughs are ever the same.

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While the game has a few characters pulled straight from the history books, there are none you’ll encounter enough to consider them “main characters.” Ultimately, Crusader Kings II is your story, making your protagonist the only true main character of the game.

Crusader Kings II Titles in the Series

A Steam promotional image for Crusader Kings II.
The Crusader Kings games are few and far between.

©Paradox Interactive – Original

Since Crusader Kings released back in 2004, the series has established itself at the top of the grand strategy genre. Despite this, the game has only three titles in the entire franchise, with eight years between each release. It’s no fluke that the games remain so popular, though. Between each title, Paradox Development Studio does a great job of ensuring that there’s a massive amount of substantial expansion packs for each that expand on the base games in new and exciting ways. Here’s the list of titles so far:

Crusader Kings II Cheat Codes

A Steam promotional image for Crusader Kings II.
The console is your key to using cheats in Crusader Kings II.

©Paradox Interactive – Original

There’s good news, and there’s bad news. The bad news is that there are technically no “cheat codes” in the traditional sense for Crusader Kings II. However, the good news is that the game has an enormous list of console commands that allow you to alter just above every variable available in the game. In a way, it’s far more versatile than any cheat code could ever be.

You can enter these console commands by pushing the Tilde key (~). This opens up the in-game console, where you input the codes.

We’ve got the full list of console commands for Crusader Kings II below:

Character Crusader Kings II Cheats

CommandParameter 1Parameter 2Description
add_artifact<Artifact Name><Character ID> (optional)Adds selected artifacts to chosen character
get_all_artifacts<Character ID> (optional)Gives all artifacts to chosen character, or your character if no target is selected
destroy_artifact<Artifact Name><Character ID> (optional)Removes an artifact from the chosen character
add_diplomacy<Character ID><Number>Changes the base of a character’s diplomacy statistic
add_intrigue<Character ID><Number>Changes the base of a character’s intrigue statistic
add_learning<Character ID><Number>Changes the base of a character’s learning statistic
add_martial<Character ID><Number>Changes the base of a character’s martial statistic
add_stewardship<Character ID><Number>Changes the base of a character’s stewardship statistic
add_offmap_currency<Offmap Power><Number>Gives you currency with the specified offmap power.
add_trait<Trait Name><Character ID>Adds any trait to the selected character. Opposite traits are checked while using this. Trait names are entered in all lowercase. If no character ID is inputted, the trait is given to the character you are currently playing instead. The same also applies to the remove_trait, add_modifier, and remove_modifier commands
remove_trait<Trait Name><Character ID>Removes a trait from the selected character
add_modifier<Modifier Name><Character ID>, <Days>Adds a modifier to the selected character. Use -1 for “Days” to have the modifier become permanent.
remove_modifier<Modifier Name><Character ID>Removes a modifier from a character
age<Character ID><Number>Changes a character’s age
banish<Character ID>Banishes a character
capital<Province ID>Changes your capital to selected province
clr_moved_capital<Character ID> (optional)Clears the moved capital-flag of a character.
cash<Amount> (optional)Gives you the chosen amount of gold (default 5000). Inputting a – before the number subtracts that amount instead.
claim<Title Name><Character ID> (optional)Gives a claim to yourself or another character
coalition<Character 1 ID><Character 2 ID>Character 1 starts, joins, or leaves a coalition against Character 2, depending on their current affiliation
council_positions<Character ID or Title Name>Displays the AI scores of each council position
clr_focusClears the focus of your character
culture<Character ID> (optional)<Culture>Sets a character’s Culture
decadence<Number>Modifies the Decadence of your Dynasty relative to unmodified decadence
decision<Decision ID><Character ID>Executes a decision
dieKills your character by natural causes
enforce_peaceTriggers the enforce peace mechanic in your realm. Council must be empowered, other requirements are waived.
liege_enforce_peaceTriggers the enforce peace mechanic in your liege’s realm. Council must be empowered, other requirements are waived.
enable_ambition<Character ID>Allows a character to choose a new ambition
event<Event ID><Character ID> or <Province ID>Executes an event for yourself or for another character or province
testevent<Event ID><Character ID> or <Province ID>Tests an event without actually triggering it
favor_get<Character ID>Get a favor from another character
favor_grant<Character ID>Grant a favor to another character
gfx_culture<Character ID> (optional)<Culture>Sets a character’s GFX culture based on default graphical_culture of a culture
give_birth<Character ID>Makes a pregnant character give birth instantly
give_title<Title Name><Character ID>Instantly gives a title to a character
infamy<Number>Modifies your character’s threat
imprison<Character ID>(jailed)<Character ID>(jailor)Imprisons a character by another character
join_society<Society Key>Join a society. Valid society names are: monastic_order_benedictine, monastic_order_dominican, monastic_order_orthodox, monastic_order_nestorian, monastic_order_monophysite, monastic_order_hindu, monastic_order_buddhist, monastic_order_jain, hermetics, the_assassins, the_satanists, the_trollcrafters, the_cult_of_kali, the_cold_ones, the_plaguebringers, and secret_religious_society_<religion>
leave_society<Society Key> (optional)Instantly leave a society
kill<Character ID>Instantly kills a character
move<Character ID>(Mover)<Character ID>(Move To)Moves a character to another character’s court
neg_opinion<Character ID>(Hater)<Character ID>(Hated)Adds a negative opinion between two characters
nickname<Nickname><Character ID>Gives a character or yourself a nickname
piety<Amount> (optional)Gives you piety (default 5000)
play<Character ID>Switches to play as another character (This deletes and resets the chronicle of your current character each time you switch.)
prestige<Amount> (optional)Gives you prestige (default 5000)
run<File Mame>Maxes out tech in all provinces, or in the specified province
score<Amount> (optional)Gives you score (default 5000)
techpointsGives you 1000 technology points of each type
max_tech<Province ID> (optional)Maxes out tech in all provinces, or in specified province
recalc_succ<Character ID>Recalculate the succession for a character or yourself
religion<Character ID> (optional)<Religion>Sets a character’s religion or your own if a character is not specified
secret_religion<Character ID> (optional)<Religion>Sets a character’s secret religion.
set_government<Government Tag><Character ID> (optional)Changes government to specified type (Government Tags are: merchant_republic_government, nomadic_government, feudal_government, theocracy_government, tribal_government, republic_government, muslim_government, theocratic_feudal_government, chinese_imperial_government, confucian_bureaucracy, order_government, roman_imperial_government)
titleowner<Title Name><Character ID> (optional)Sets the holder of a title. Does not include tribal capital holdings.
validate_government<Character ID> (optional)Validates government of a character
validate_laws<Character ID>Validates the laws of a character’s primary holding
validate_lieges<Title Name>Validates the liege of a title
set_char_flag<Flag><Character ID>(optional)Sets a flag for a selected character
clr_char_flag<Flag><Character ID>(optional)Clears a flag from a selected character
set_society_grandmaster<Character ID> (optional)Sets the grandmaster of the society you’re in to the chosen character
show_all_societiesShows all societies in list of society view
society_rank_up<Amount> (optional)Ranks you up in society (default is 1)
society_rank_down<Amount> (optional)Ranks you down in society (default is 1)
society_currency<Amount> (optional)Gives you society currency (default 5000)
quickbuildYour constructions are instantly finished
usurp<Title Name><Character ID>Sets a title to be usurped by a character. If title currently does not exist, this command will create the title instead.

General Crusader Kings II Cheats

CommandParameter 1Parameter 2Description
allow_lawsAllows you to change laws freely
real_fathersShows the true fathers within the family tree
charinfo<Character ID>Adds debugging information to character, title, and event tooltips. Also reveals your spouse’s other lovers
de_jure_countiesShows de jure counties map mode
discover_plotsToggles auto plot discovery
fow<Province ID> (optional)Turns off Fog of War in a province or entirely
game_speed<Speed>Sets the game speed, on a scale of 0 to 4
game_paused<true/false> (optional)Toggles/sets the game paused state (must be entered in lowercase)
get_offmap_holder<Offmap Power>Shows name and character ID of the current holder of an offmap power
set_offmap_status<Offmap Power><Status>Sets the status of the specified offmap power
set_offmap_policy<Offmap Power><Policy>Sets the policy of the specified offmap power
kill_offmap_ruler<Offmap Power>Kills the ruler specified offmap power
kill_offmap_dynasty<Offmap Power>Kills the ruler specified offmap power, and generates a new one with a different dynasty
manpower<Amount> (optional)Adds nomadic manpower to a nomad player character (default 5000)
population<Amount> (optional)Adds nomadic population to a nomad player character (default 5000)
marry_anyoneToggles the ability to marry anyone
morehumans<Amount>Adds more humans
neg_diploToggles the ability to send diplomatic messages that will be refused
nextsongChanges the currently playing music track
listsongsShows all music tracks
outbreak<Disease>Starts specified disease outbreak in a random province. Black Death may only start in Kundina and Jiuquan
plots_knownToggles all plots to always be known by others
recalc_councilWill recalculate the council positions of each council member
reload_succession_votingSpawn specified disease in the chosen province. Black Death will start in either Kundina or Jiuquan
set_flag<Flag>Sets a global flag
clr_flag<Flag>Clears a global flag
set_prov_flag<Flag><Province ID>Sets a flag for a province
clr_prov_flag<Flag><Province ID>Clears a flag from a province
validate_cultural_namesValidates cultural title names
spawn_disease<Disease><Province ID>Spawn specified disease in the chosen province. Black Death can only start in either Kundina or Jiuquan
character_statsDisplays multiple game statistics, such as number of characters, plots, and fertility.
dynasty_statsDisplays multiple dynasty statistics, including the number of unique dynasties and how many historical dynasties have died off.
destroy_settlement<Title Name>Destroys a holding.
murder<Character ID>(Murderer)<Character ID>(Victim)One character attempts to murder another.
pollinate<Character ID>(Mother)<Character ID>(Father)Impregnates a character by another character
cuckoo<Character ID>(Mother)Impregnates a mother by an unknown father
revolt<Province ID>Starts a Revolt in a province
succ<Succession Type>Changes the succession type. Valid values are: gavelkind, elective_gavelkind, tanistry, seniority, primogeniture, feudal_elective, ultimogeniture, turkish_succession, papal_succession, appointment, open_elective, catholic_bishopric, patrician_elective, nomad_succession, offmap_succession
add_lover<Character ID><Character ID>Makes a character the lover of another character
add_friend<Character 1 ID><Character 2 ID> (optional)Makes another character your friend
remove_friend<Character 1 ID><Character 2 ID> (optional)Removes another character as your friend
add_rival<Character 1 ID><Character 2 ID> (optional)Makes another character your rival
remove_rival<Character 1 ID><Character 2 ID> (optional)Removes the character as your rival
flip_mapmodesCycles to the next map mode each day
province_religion<Province ID><Religion>Sets a province’s religion

Crusader Kings II Cheat Code FAQs

A Steam promotional image for Crusader Kings II.

©Paradox Interactive – Original

How Do I Enable Console Commands in Crusader Kings II?

Press the tilde key (~) to open the console command menu in Crusader Kings II. For most, this will simply be the button above the Tab key on your keyboard.

In the sequel, Crusader Kings III, you had to enable the console before using it. However, there are no such checks with the previous game.

How Do You Add Money in Crusader Kings II?

Simply enter the cheat cash <amount of cash>. This will give you the amount of money that you entered into the command. If you simply enter cash, the game will instead give you a default of 5000 extra cash to play with.

If you’re a player looking for a challenge, you can even enter a before the number to remove the cash, too.

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