Rust is being Rebooted, Dev Explains Why

Rust is being Rebooted, Dev Explains Why

In a discussion with PCGamesN on Wednesday, June 25, Facepunch Studios founder Garry Newman, the creator of Gary’s Mod , revealed that the surprising Steam Early Access hit Rust will be receiving a complete reboot.

According to PCGamesN, Rust will be rebuilt from scratch, and the default version that’s currently on Steam will no longer be updated. Regarding the original Rust as a prototype, Facepunch Studios is now working exclusively on an experimental version of the game.

We’re changing/updating pretty much everything as we re-implement it, ” Newman told PCGamesN. “ There were a lot of stupid decisions made in the old codebase. That’s probably unfair. There were a lot of decisions made when we didn’t know what game we were making.

There’s a lot of systems that are integral to Rust , ” Newman continued, “ that are 3,000 lines long, that could be 100 lines long. So every time you go to change something you have to chase around finding how these five different systems that it doesn’t really need work, then you change it and it breaks 4 different systems that you thought had nothing to do with it.

With the decision being made to completely rework the game from scratch, Facepunch have moved to using HTML to rebuild Rust’s User Interface, which in turn has made development a lot faster. The plan behind the new UI is to make it simpler and unified.

Because it’s HTML it’s really artist friendly, so shit gets done a lot faster, ” Newman explained. “ It renders in another thread, so it has no performance impact on the game at all. It’s a regular chromium web browser, so we can use a lot of existing technology like bootstrap, jquery and angularjs to make development faster. We’re hoping that people will be able to skin it using regular CSS.

Furthermore, Rust’s crafting system will be redone, and there’s also an option to scale the UI in the works, too. Controller support is in the pipeline as well.

You can read PCGamesN’s full interview with Garry Newman via the source link below. To gain access to the new experimental version of Rust , there will now be an option to load it up when opening the game through Steam, where a popup will appear with two options: “Play Rust ” and “Try Experimental”.

Rust is currently available on Steam’s Early Access for £15, or your regional equivalent.

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