Bloodborne DLC: The Essential Guide for All Hunters

Bloodborne key art

Bloodborne DLC: The Essential Guide for All Hunters

Bloodborne Summary

Bloodborne's final boss fight arena

Often cited as FromSoftware’s masteripiece, Bloodborne is the gothic-turned-cosmic horror action RPG. While technically sharing many mechanics with FromSoftware’s own Dark Souls series, Bloodborne decidedly switches things up in meaningful ways to become its own unique experience. Instead of methodical, parry and dodge-heavy combat, players are more successful when pressing the enemy. This aggressive, push-forward combat benefits players by allowing them to temporarily regain lost health. With some of the best-looking environments and toughest bosses of any FromSoftware game, Bloodborne is a title in a league of its own.

The story of Bloodborne transports players to the dilapidated city of Yarnham, where competing influences have led to the city’s destruction at the hand of a curse. As players progress through the game, they learn more about the origins of the curse and the otherworldly eldritch horrors behind it. With best-in-class combat, nail-biting boss encounters, and plenty of engaging and dread-inducing lore, Bloodborne is one of the best horror-tinged action RPGs ever made.

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Bloodborne DLC – The Old Hunters

Bloodborne The Old Hunters DLC

Bloodborne‘s first and only DLC is The Old Hunters expansion, initially releasing November 2015 for PS4. The Hunters are the city of Yarnham’s last and best defense against beasts – entities that have become infected by the blood sickness plaguing the city and transformed into hideous monsters as a result. In The Old Hunters, players enter The Hunter’s Nightmare. In this new dream world, the spirits of past Hunters still linger in anguish. Not only will players encounter new locations, NPCs, and bosses, they will learn new details about the history of Yarnham as well as the sins of the Healing Church of Bergenwerth.

The Old Hunters is available separately or as part of the Bloodborne Game of the Year Edition. Individually, The Old Hunters is priced at $19.99 USD. Pricing for the Game of the Year Edition varies but can typically be found for $29.99 USD or less. Because the base game of Bloodborne is $19.99, players interested in the DLC may want to consider finding a copy of the Game of the Year Edition.

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Bloodborne DLC Checklist

In addition to the brand new area of The Hunter’s Nightmare, The Old Hunters DLC expansion includes a slew of new items, enemies, and bosses. Notably, some of the fiercest and most demanding challenges Bloodborne has to offer are found in the DLC. Content in The Old Hunters includes:


  • The Hunter’s Nightmare
  • Research Hall
  • Fishing Hamlet
  • Astral Clocktower


  • Ludwig, The Holy Blade
  • Orphan of Kos
  • Lady Maria of the Astral Clocktower
  • Living Failures
  • Laurence, the First Vicar


  • Brador
  • Old Hunter Yamamura
  • Saint Adeline
  • Simon the Harrowed



  • Amygdalan Arm
  • Beasthunter Saif
  • Beast Cutter
  • Bloodletter
  • Boom Hammer
  • Church Pick
  • Holy Moonlight Sword
  • Kos Parasite
  • Rakuyo
  • Simon’s Bowblade
  • Whirligig Saw

Firearms (Off-Hand)

  • Church Cannon
  • Fist of Gratia
  • Gatling Gun
  • Piercing Rifle
  • Loch Shield

Hunter Tools

  • Blacksky Eye
  • Accursed Brew


Caryll Runes

  • Guidance
  • Beast’s Embrace
  • Milkweed

Key Items

  • Astral Clocktower Key
  • Balcony Key
  • Celestial Dial
  • Eye Pendant
  • Firing Hammer Badge
  • Laurence’s Skull
  • Underground Cell Inner Chamber Key
  • Underground Cell Key
  • Brain Fluid


  • Delayed Molotov
  • Delayed Rope Molotov


  • Butcher Set
  • Constable Set
  • Old Hunter Set
  • Decorative Old Hunter Set
  • Yamamura’s Set
  • Maria Hunter Set
  • Harrowed Set
  • Brador’s Set
  • Enlarged Head

Is Bloodborne’s DLC Worth the Money?

If you’re debating Bloodborne‘s DLC, it should be noted that The Old Hunters houses the greatest of the game’s challenges. That said, most players who enjoy Bloodborne are likely up to the task of taking on what The Old Hunters has to offer. Some of the game’s best weapons and coolest-looking armor sets can be acquired within the confines of The Old Hunters DLC. Further, anyone interested in the game’s lore should definitely check out the DLC as there are some interesting revelations that come about from reading item descriptions and tackling bosses.

While it’s not for the faint of heart, it is perhaps the best DLC that FromSoftware have ever produced for one of its games. Considering that it’s only $19.99 USD and is the same price as the base game, it’s recommended for players to try and track down a physical copy of the Game of the Year Edition. In doing so, you’ll be saving yourself about $10.

Bloodborne DLC Tips and Tricks

Like most other Soulsborne games, there are some criteria for players to meet before they can access The Old Hunters DLC. The first of these is that players must progress in the base game to the Cathedral Ward. After defeating the boss of the Cathedral Ward, Vicar Amelia, players can access The Old Hunters content at any time after downloading and installing the DLC. That said, players who have not successfully beaten Gehrman or gotten to New Game + may want to wait before attempting.

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Accessing The Old Hunters DLC

  • Travel to the Cathedral Ward. Climb the stairs into the Grand Cathedral and defeat Vicar Amelia
  • After defeating Vicar Amelia, interact with the skull to turn the world from day to night
  • Go to The Hunter’s Dream and receive the Eye of a Blood-Drunk Hunter
  • Travel back to the Cathedral Ward. From the lantern, exit to the left toward the square
  • Go to the right-hand side of the square. You will see a Less Amygdala climbing a building. Allow it to grab you. This will take you to The Hunter’s Nightmare.
  • Lighting the first lantern you come across will now allow you to travel back and forth between The Hunter’s Nightmare. The new area is accessible from The Hunter’s Dream using the Nightmare Awakening Headstone.
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