Super Bomberman 3 Cheats & Cheat Codes for Super Nintendo, and more!

Super Bomberman 3 Cheats & Cheat Codes for Super Nintendo, and more!

Super Bomberman 3 Summary

Bomberman, Bomberman

Mass destruction across the land.

Makes a bomb, of any size.

And he’s yours, to customize.

Look out! Here comes the Bomberman!

Before you ask, that quote comes from a commercial for the N64 Bomberman game. And yes, it is sung in the same tune as Spider-Man. If it’s now in your head, I have no apology.

Super Bomberman 3 stars the famous white bomber in one of his earliest releases. The gameplay is relatively simple, at first. It’s a game where you, or your friends, play as one of four multicolored bombers, and the objective is to blow up anyone not on your team. You are placed in a small arena with multiple rows. Bombs are placed in the arena, each one with set properties and mechanics. You have to figure out which bombs do what, and how to best use them.

But be careful! Your enemies use bombs too, as their job is to make you explode using the same tricks and tactics you would use!

Super Bomberman 3 Premise

Following the plot of the second game, after the White Bomberman defeated the Five Dastardly Bombers, their UFO crash-landed on Earth in a heap. Their alien creator, known as Baruga, then appeared. He revives each of the Bad Bombers and sends them each to five different planets in the nebula. It’s the White Bomberman’s job to defeat each one, and restore peace to the cosmos once again!

Super Bomberman 3 Main Characters

Let’s take a look at this explosive cast!

  • White Bomberman. The oldest of the Bombermen, and generally the star of the show. Noteable for not being chosen or made for combat, and instead, made himself a fighter. Unlike his siblings though, he has the rather extreme achievement of defeating the series’ equivalent of god.
  •  Black Bomberman. The friendly rival to White Bomberman. He’s the “too cool for school” type.
  •  Loiues. The franchise is equivalent to Yoshi. A kangaroo-like creature, that, depending on the color, would have different abilities. For example, a green Loiue can run from one end of the area to the other until they are blocked. The blue one can kick a bomb in an arc some distance away.
  •  Bad Bombers. The bad guys of the game, a bit like the Robot Masters from Mega Man. 
  •  Bagura. The creator of the Dastardly Bombers, and the one who revived them! He sits atop his battleship, one powerful enough to destroy an entire planet if need be.

Super Bomberman 3 Titles of Video Games in the Series 

For ease of reference, we will only be counting those in the Super Bomberman series, not every single game.

  • Super Bomberman (1993)
  •  Super Bomberman 2 (1994)
  •  Super Bomberman 3 (1995)
  •  Super Bomberman 4 (1996)
  •  Super Bomberman 5 (1997)
  •  Super Bomberman R (2017)
  •  Super Bomberman R Online (2020)
  •  Super Bomberman R 2 (2023)

Super Bomberman 3 Cheat Codes

Alright, let’s get to the good stuff! Let’s cover some cheats! To access these cheats, you have to go to the password selection in the options menu. From there, you have to enter a four-digit code which has different effects depending upon what numbers you enter.

All Passwords:

Boss 12280
Boss 26912
Boss 34854
Boss 46411
Boss 52301
Final Stage6363
Area 1 (all equipment)0704
Area 2 (all equipment)3200
Area 3 (all equipment)2711
Area 4 (all equipment)3870
Area 5 (all equipment)4501
Area 6 (all equipment)0606
Final Boss (all equipment)3104
Harder Opponents in Battle Game (Lvl 4)1511
New Battle Mode Arenas1616
New Battle Mode Arenas4622
New Battle Mode Arenas3194
Yellow Character (Player needs to win single battle mode to obtain effect)5656

Unlock the two secret levels in the Battle Mode

Press X repeatedly for about 15 seconds on the title screen, until you hear a sound, to release more two levels in Battle Mode. 

Super Bomberman 3 Cheat Code FAQ

What is the rarest Bomberman game? Bomberman 64 The Second Attack. Due to being released with minimal advertising, and the fact that it received poor reviews upon release, meaning that it was doomed upon shipping. Not a lot of cartridges were made, hence why it is so rare to find.

Who is the oldest Bomberman? 
The star of the show, the White Bomberman. Being the oldest of eight brothers (each of whom is a Bomberman), he is often run ragged trying to keep everything intact.

How to Enter Cheats for Bomberman 3? You have to go to the password selection in the options menu, and you can see what cheats do in the description above.

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