What Full Edit Mode in Sims 4 Does

What Full Edit Mode in Sims 4 Does

Full Edit Mode in The Sims 4 is a cheat that allows more precise edits of your sim after you’ve exited the create-a-sim screen. The Sims 4 create-a-sim screen enables you to create your household and edit the aspects of their personalities. You can also access the tools available in create-a-sim after you’ve finished your sim’s initial creation.

Why Should You Use Full Edit Mode

Full Edit Mode allows you extra control of editing your sim without needing mods. Full Edit Mode offers a level of control to players that isn’t always obtainable, as mods are not allowed or supported on consoles for The Sims 4.

Giving Power Back To The Player

Entering Full Edit Mode is an easy process. First, you have to enable cheats. If you are playing on a Windows PC, you enable cheats by pressing CTRL + SHIFT + C. Mac players use CMD + SHIFT + C. If you are playing on PS4 or PS5, hold down the L1, L2, R1, and R2 buttons. On Xbox One or Xbox Series S/X players hold down the LB, LT, RB, and RT buttons. No matter how you are playing The Sims 4, these combinations of buttons all do the same thing. This button combination opens up the cheat console allowing you to type in cheat codes. Once the cheat console is open, type “testingcheats on”. If you did this correctly, the console log will provide the message “Cheats are enabled”. Warning: Activating cheats disables achievements and trophies.

How To Use Full Edit Mode

After enabling cheats, enter the cheat “cas.fulleditmode”. Once the cheat has been entered, you can change your sims at any time by interacting with a mirror or dresser. You can also edit your sim by holding the SHIFT key while clicking on the sim you would like to edit. If you are using a console you can hold the A/B or X/O buttons on the Xbox and PlayStation respectively. These button combinations will take you back to the create-a-sim screen with access to all options for changing your sim.

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