Stranded Deep Cheats & Cheat Codes

Screenshot of the Stranded Deep game. In the foreground, a man in a white shirt and tie lies in an inflatable life raft. The sun sets in the background, highlighting a small tropical island full of palm trees.

Stranded Deep Cheats & Cheat Codes

Stranded Deep is a survival game and the first release from Beam Team Games. It first entered early access for desktop in 2015, entering full release in 2022, and Beam Team released versions for PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One in 2020. In the game, you’re stranded on a tropical island full of natural dangers, and your goal is to survive and ultimately escape. There are a lot of Stranded Deep cheat codes that can make this task easier, or just let you explore the island setting at your leisure.

Stranded Deep Premise

The premise of Stranded Deep is simple, and it’s as old as Robinson Crusoe. You are the sole survivor of a plane crash, and you need to keep yourself alive long enough to find a way off of the Pacific island you’ve washed up on. Keep your hydration, hunger, sleep, and health bars as high as you can in the process. You can even explore the ocean, foraging for supplies in shipwrecks and plane wreckage. Because the world of Stranded Deep is procedurally generated, no two playthroughs are the same.

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Screenshot of the game Stranded Deep. It's night in the game, and a full moon hangs over the sandy shore. In the foreground, the player character's arm is visible in the firelight.

Stranded Deep Cheat Codes for Desktop

To enable Stranded Deep cheats on desktop, press the backslash button (\) to enable the admin console. This opens up a menu where you can enter text. When you’re done, type another backslash to set your changes. Note that you need to be in single-player mode for these to work.

The most useful codes to enter in Stranded Deep are:

  • dev.god: Gives you the ability to fly around the map (make sure to be on the ground when you turn it off, though!)
  • dev.console True: Displays the full developer console
  • dev.console False: Hides the full developer console
  • fps True: Displays frames per second
  • fps False: Hides frames per second
  • dev.log.dump: Spawns a log on the desktop
  • devtools.components.camera.colorgrading True: Turns the fog on
  • devtools.components.camera.colorgrading False: Turns the fog off
  • dev.components.camera.reflections True: Turns on reflection effects in fog
  • dev.components.camera.reflections False: Turns off reflection effects in fog
  • dev.options list: Shows the current output for the game
  • clear: Erases the history of your command entries

In addition, the command “help list” will display the entire command list for the game. Finally, you can spawn any item you want using the “dev.console True” command and then pressing the forward slash (/) key to open the item spawn menu.

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Stranded Deep Custom Seed Codes for Xbox One and PS4

Because consoles don’t have a keyboard, you can’t access the admin console like you can for the desktop version. However, you still have access to Cartographer Mode, which allows you to create and customize islands. And through this mode, you can enter a custom world seed. Simply select “Random World” and follow the prompt to enter a new seed. Then, when you start your new game, make sure to check “Use Existing World.”

The best way to find the perfect seed code in Stranded Deep is on the game’s official forum. There, other players share codes that have made their game easier or harder. Some of these seeds generate useful loot near your spawn point, while others just create really gorgeous islands.

Stranded Deep Cheat Code FAQs

How do you activate cheats in Stranded Deep on desktop?

To enter cheat codes in the desktop version of Stranded Deep, press the backslash key (\) to enable the developer console. Then type in your cheat code. Type another backslash to hide the console.

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