Pokémon GO Plus: Why It is Worth Purchasing

A group of cold weather Pokemon stand in the snow in Pokemon GO.

Pokémon GO Plus: Why It is Worth Purchasing

Pokémon GO is a massively popular mobile game, credited with completely altering the social landscape when it launched in 2016. The core conceit of letting fans encounter and capture Pokémon anywhere they go in the real world is immensely enticing. The game’s AR technology allows for charming encounters with the series’ beloved roster of creatures. Meanwhile, the multiplayer functionality lets you team up with friends in the real world to take down gyms and bosses. While Pokémon GO was relatively light on content when it launched, developer Niantic has been steadily improving the game over time with regular updates and events. This ensures that fans always have a reason to come back and keep hunting down Pokémon. If you’re a Pokémon GO fan who wants to take their adventures to a whole new level, consider Pokémon GO Plus.

The Pokémon GO Plus is an accessory designed to make catching Pokémon in the real world a quicker, more efficient process. The device can be worn on the wrist and connects to your phone using Bluetooth. This lets you interact with Pokémon GO without ever opening your phone. It can be a huge help for people who spend a lot of time Pokémon hunting but don’t want to spend a lot of time staring at a screen. Here’s a closer look at everything the Pokémon GO Plus can offer you and why you should think about picking one up for yourself.

How the Device Works

The Pokemon GO Plus fits snugly on the wrist.
The Pokemon GO Plus fits snugly on the wrist.

As mentioned before, the Pokémon GO Plus is a wrist-mounted accessory in the shape of one of the franchise’s iconic Pokéballs. Bluetooth allows it to connect to the Pokémon GO app on your phone and track what’s going on in the game around you as you walk about. The accessory will buzz when you’re near a PokéStop, allowing you to spin it for items without opening your phone. The items you acquire from the PokéStop will be automatically added to your inventory. You’ll be able to use them next time you’re on your phone.

The accessory will also buzz when a wild Pokémon draws near. With the push of a button, you can throw Pokéballs at the creature and try to catch it. Lights will flash on the accessory to let you know if it was successful. Once again, you can admire your new Pokémon companion the next time you open Pokémon GO.

As anyone who’s played Pokémon GO in a well-populated area will tell you, PokéStops and Pokémon encounters can be extremely common. If you’re hanging out with friends, it can be a real nuisance to constantly look at your phone to catch a passing creature or grab some free items. The Pokémon GO Plus accessory can help trim down the busywork. That way you can make sure that whenever you check in with the app, it’s for an important reason like a gym battle or legendary raid. On the other hand, the accessory has no way of communicating which Pokémon is nearby. Because of this, you could end up spending a lot of Pokéballs on creatures you don’t necessarily want. Every captured Pokémon means XP and candy, though, so this isn’t a huge drawback.

Taking Pokémon GO Plus to the Next Level

The Pokemon GO Plus + is a helpful sleeping companion.
The Pokemon GO Plus + is a helpful sleeping companion.

If Pokémon GO Plus doesn’t have enough to entice you, there is another option. Earlier this year, Nintendo released the Pokémon GO Plus + accessory. This device functions similarly to its predecessor by connecting to Pokémon GO with Bluetooth. As before, this allows you to catch Pokémon and interact with PokéStops without opening your phone. It can even use Great Balls and Ultra Balls. Unlike the original accessory, however, this one also connects to Pokémon Sleep.

This is another official Pokémon phone app that brings the whimsical world of the monster-collecting franchise into reality by interacting with you as you sleep. Pokémon Sleep uses your phone’s built-in microphone to track how well you sleep. You are partnered with a Snorlax, and how well you sleep is factored into how powerful the Snorlax is. This allows you to attract new Pokémon to visit you and hang out whenever you sleep.

The Pokémon GO Plus + lets the app track your sleep without making you keep your phone on all night. In addition, it comes with a Pikachu companion who can sing you lullabies. The Pikachu also acts as an alarm to help wake you up in the morning. The more you use Pokémon Sleep and interact with the device, the more sounds you will unlock for Pikachu. Pokémon Sleep isn’t the only game that will reward you with a new Pokémon companion, though. If you connect your Pokémon GO Plus + to the game that bears its name, you can take part in a special research assignment. This will allow you to add a unique Snorlax with a nightcap to your team.

Is Pokémon GO Plus Right For You

As has been mentioned, Pokémon GO Plus and its upgraded counterpart are ideal for fans who spend a lot of time in-game. The automatic vibration feature cuts back on a lot of the more minor tasks in-game. This lets you focus on creating more memorable moments with your friends and teammates. The Pokémon GO Plus + takes this a step further. That said, if you’re not already playing Pokémon Sleep and have no interest in it, it would likely be more cost-effective to stick to the original accessory.

On the other hand, Pokémon Sleep is free. Picking up a new Pokémon GO Plus + might be a good excuse to give it a try if you’re interested in working on your sleeping habits. The device brings a lot of convenience to both apps, so you’ll have a major leg up no matter which of the two you favor. The Nintendo store page for the device also mentions taking advantage of upcoming gameplay features. This hints that perhaps Niantic has more plans in store to improve functionality with the device. At the time of this writing, no such features have been announced. But Pokémon GO is constantly getting updates, so it’s anyone’s guess what the future will bring.

The Future of Pokémon GO

At the time of this writing, Pokémon GO is gearing up for the Psychic Spectacular event. It will run from the 20th to the 24th of September. Events like this one are a regular occurrence in the game, offering trainers the chance to catch specific Pokémon and earn exclusive rewards. The game has also recently introduced Hindi language support, allowing a new group of Pokémon fans to enjoy the mobile experience. Community Days and Research Spotlights are just a few more of the events you can look forward to in the Pokémon GO community. If you really want to make new friends through the app, Niantic also hosts Pokémon GO Fest. This global event boasts several official meetup locations around the world. Fans of the game can meet up in groups to bond over their love of the hunt, take part in major events, and make new friends.

Pokémon GO hasn’t always been at its best, and even now there are features that fans want to see changed. But the core experience of going out into the real world, finding Pokémon, and making friends remains extremely charming, and Niantic has only been refining this feature over time. Even after seven years, Pokémon GO is still going strong. Whether you’re a veteran fan who’s been playing since the beginning or a newcomer who’s interested in giving the game a try, the Pokémon GO Plus accessory can be a huge help in making sure you get the most out of the game.

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