4 Reasons To Try The Sims FreePlay

The Sims FreePlay

4 Reasons To Try The Sims FreePlay

Everyone loves a free game, and many people love the Sims franchise. With The Sims Freeplay, the two factors are combined to create a interactive and underrated experience. This game lets the player build their own home. But unlike the mainline series, this plays more like an real time strategy game. In this vein, its similar to another free to play game, Farmville. But it is still the Sims. The player has to take care of their characters, make sure their needs are met, and build a home for them to live in.

Cards on the table though, there are in game ads that players have to watch. And there are in game purchases the player can make if they so choose. So, if you tend to buy things in mobile games, keep that in mind before you download this game.

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Let’s look at four different reasons to try the Sims Freeplay. Keep in mind, these reasons are wholly opinion based, and if you don’t want to.

4. Its free.

Yes, like many mobile games, the Sims Freeplay is free to play, and costs nothing to download and boot up.

What’s more, to earn money, known as Simoleon in game, you don’t have to spend real life money to get it. To get Simoleons, there are a variety of methods and tricks a player can use to make themselves rich. The most profitable, however, appears to be gardening. Bell Peppers and Lettuce will earn the player the most money and EXP.

Of course, like any good Sims game, there is a way to skip the process of grinding for money.

3. Microtransactions are at a minimum.

Sadly, there’s no way to avoid the usual annoyances that come with mobile games. But in this case, its a bit more manageable than the usual ones. First and foremost, a player does not have to buy a single life point if they don’t want to. While the in-game tasks may take hours to complete, they do not require a person to spend a single cent.

What’s more, earning the game’s second form of currency, Life Points, is accomplished by watching these in game ads, achieving achievements, and completing tasks.

Furthermore, a lot of the more annoying features that used to plague the game are gone. For example, the Sims Freeplay used to force the player to spend life points to age a Sim. But now that is gone, so the player is free to spend their in-game money however they wish.

2. You can mod it.

The most unique feature of The Sims Freeplay is wholly made by the playerbase and not the developers. It’s also one of the few mobile games on the market that allows the player to mod it.

Mods allow players to earn unlimited money, Life Points, become a VIP, and so on. However, it is worth noting that doing so will completely cut you off from the multiplayer aspect of the Sims Freeplay as you are modding the game to earn unfair advantages. It also only works on the Android version of it, as you need the APK download for it to work.

1. Play God

Like any good Sims game, the player is free to mold and craft their world however they choose. The player can build homes, design a Sim’s life, and even design their love life. On story telling aspects, Sims Freeplay focuses more on crafting the perfect home. In this sense, it is more akin to Sims 2 with a bit of Sims 3 gameplay.

And of course, like any god from the time of antiquity, you are also free to make a Sim’s life hell. But only do so if you feel like resetting your progress, or if that Sim in particular deserves it.


And those are four reasons to download and play Sims Freeplay. What do you think? Is the game fun on its own? Please let us know in the comments below.

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