Best Pokémon in Pokémon Platinum Version

The mythical creator Pokemon Arceus made its debut in Generation 4.

Best Pokémon in Pokémon Platinum Version

We all live in a Pokemon world, aiming to be the greatest master of them all. But to do that, we need the best Pokemon we can toss a Pokeball at. Like many Pokemon games, Pokemon Diamond and Pearl got an updated re-release, called Pokemon Platinum on the DS, released in 2006.

Pokemon Platinum, like the other re-releases, got new graphical updates, tweaks to the storyline, and new characters, and included new challenges for the player to conquer.

So, what’s different in Pokemon Platinum?

For the newcomers or vets looking to pick up an old but well-known game, here are the best Pokemon to catch in the Platinum version of Diamond and Pearl. Quick note: everything on this list is subjective, and should not be taken as hard rules to follow. If you have a favorite Pokemon and it isn’t on this list, don’t stress about it. Go with the team you want, only follow the meta if you want to.
So, let’s go into what makes a Pokemon great. As expected, there are a lot of factors that separate the good Pokemon from the bad. Such as Type, moves it can learn, base stats, as well as when and where you can catch it. So for this list, we’ll be looking at the ones with the best ‘all around’ stats or those who are on the most teams.
Also, this list is in no particular order, with each entry being its place.


Mega Garchomp Pokemon

One of the Pesudo-Legendaries of Gen 4, Garchomp has a mean look and a meaner bite. Like other pseudo legendaries, he has 600 total base stats, with 108HP, 130AT, and 102SP. It’s fast, tough, and strong. There’s a reason why so many people use this as their go-to Pokemon.



Yes, the one who made it into Super Smash Bros is on this list. Lucario is a fighting/steel type who made its debut in a movie and has since proven to be extremely popular with many fans due to its design. Able to hit the enemy with a variety of quick attacks and moves, Lucario is a mainstay of many teams due to its reliability as a Pokemon.


Infernape Pokemon

Much like Sun Wukong of Journey to the West fame, Infernape is the rough and ready final evolution of your starter Pokemon (if you choose Chimcar). As a Fire/Fighting type, it has access to a familiar move set for veterans of the series, Infernape is a starter many will keep due to a lack of Fire/Fighting types in Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum. And, also, they just look cool.


Staraptor Pokemon

The final form of Starly, Staraptor is a useful attack-based Pokemon with a speed of 100 and an attack of 102. In addition, it can learn powerful moves like Close Combat and Brave Bird. All in all, this is one lean, mean, Pokemon flying fighting machine!


Do you remember that odd, egg-shaped Pokemon Misty/Kasumi was always carrying around in the Pokemon anime? Well, as it turns out, Togepi is from the Sinnoh region, and Togekiss is its final form. With a base stat total of 545, Misty’s little egg turns out to be a beast, and for good reason. A varied and versatile attacker, this flying/normal type (as this was before the introduction of Fairy,) is worthy of any spot in your team.

The mythical Pokemon

These guys are a bit weirder compared to the average Pokemon. Unlike even the Legendaries on this list, they are not found in the fields or special locations. Instead, you must go through various trials, like having an event-only member card or breeding different types of Pokemon together. But the payoff is worth the hassle, as each mythical Pokemon has a base stat total of 600.

The Legendaries

Illustration of Palkia.

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These guys grace the cover art for a reason. The Legendaries of Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum are Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina, and each of them has a whopping base stat total of 680 with only slight differences between them. Meaning, that if you pick one or two of them up, you’ve got a monster in your pocket.


This one is God. As in, the one who created the Pokemon Universe. How in the world they let a single human capture and train them is beyond me, but it doesn’t change the fact that Arceus is one of the most powerful creatures trainer could ever have. With 120 bases in each stat (with only mythical types coming up to 100 bases), Arceus is, without a doubt, a must-have for any team trying to reach the end game.

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