Zombie Army Trilogy Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for Xbox One

Zombie Army Trilogy Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for Xbox One

Zombie Army Trilogy Easy “Answer the Devil’s call” achievement

While in the Fuhrerbunker in “Crucible Of Evil” (Sniper Elite Nazi Zombie Army 2), go down to reach a hallway with rooms. You will hear a phone ringing. Enter the first room, and use the phone to get the “Answer the Devil’s call” achievement.

Easy “Burning a hole in your pocket” achievement

Loot the chainsaw zombie to get the “Burning a hole in your pocket” achievement.

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Easy “Elite pickpocket” achievement

The Super Elite is the large zombie with the machine gun. Once killed, his body will quickly disappear. There is at least one on each level. Run to one when encountered; or load “Tower Of Hellfire”, and proceed until you find a trapped Elite under a tank (just after the long battle with skeletons). Get next to it to kill it; he will not shoot you. Loot the corpse immediately after he is killed to get the “Elite pickpocket” achievement.

Easy “Every bullet counts” achievement

In Chapter 3: Level 2 – “Freight Train Of Fear”, during the assault many fire zombies will eventually spawn and can be killed with one shot no matter where you aim.

Easy “Good, bad, I’m the guy with the gun” achievement

The Super Elite is the large zombie with the machine gun. There is at least one on each level. There are also some in Horde mode. To do this more easily, play “Library Of Evil”, “Tower Of Hellfire”, “The Keep”, or “Freight Train Of Fear”. In “Library Of Evil”, “The Keep”, and “Freight Train Of Fear”, you can find at least four of them. “Tower Of Hellfire” also has some, including one trapped under a tank (after the fight with the skeletons) that cannot shoot you and is an easy kill.

Easy “Got your back” achievement

Have another player rush into a horde of zombies and die. When you see the zombies attacking your partner, throw a grenade, shoot a rocket, or attack with Preacher. If done correctly, you can get over ten kills per attempt.

Easy “Gratuitous violence from the lot of you” achievement

Play the same level with each character once to get the “Gratuitous violence from the lot of you” achievement.

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Easy “Headache relief” achievement

Summoners can be found in Campaigns 2 and 3, in the following levels. Note: It is recommended to play “Crucible Of Evil”, as you can find at least eight Summoners that are easier to kill than in “The Keep”.

    At the end of “Gateway To Hell”
    “Crucible Of Evil”
    “Tower Of Hellfire”
    Lying in the hospital and not summoning zombies in “City Of Ashes”
    “Forest Of Corpses”
    “The Keep”
    “Army Of Darkness”

Easy “Leave the limbs you’ve lost” achievement

In Episode 3: Level 5 – “Army Of Darkness”, halfway through the level is a bridge that spawns armored zombies and a dead body with a preacher in front of it. Use it to kill the first round of 30 zombies, then reload from the checkpoint. Repeat this process as many times as needed to get the “Leave the limbs you’ve lost” achievement.

Easy “Nine tenths of the law” achievement

Find the doll in Purgatory (Sniper Elite Nazi Zombie Army 2), outside the last safehouse that is a train wagon. The doll is next to it, in the baby carriage with with a PP-SH 41.

Easy “Snuff them out” achievement

Play Episode 2: Level 4 – “Terminal” on the Cadet difficulty with spawns at one player. After clearing the ramp and leaving the starting area, you will encounter a Fire Demon in the open. Shoot only when he is exhausted from shooting a fireball, and try to get headshots. You should be able to kill him with three or four shots. Reload from the checkpoint, and repeat the process as many times as needed. Note: To the left of his spawn point is a Summoner that can also be killed each time for another achievement. Each cycle should require about two minutes. It is easier with a partner that can take care of the random enemies in the area. If done solo, kill the Fire Demon quickly, and eliminate the small number of suicide zombies that charge you.

Easy “We can still fix him” achievement

Play “City Of Ashes” in the Campaign 3. When you help defend the HQ, you will be cleared to the hospital. While outside the building, save the doctor who is crying for help in front of the gates. The zombie will appear from the right. While exploring the hospital, you will enter a room where a summoner is lying down with skeletons acting as his doctors. On the left are human remains and the message “You can still save him” will be on the wall. Meet the doctor you saved earlier, and take his bag. Return to the room with the summoner, and interact with the human remains. A man will appear, and you will get the “We can still fix him” achievement. Note: After saving the man, a gold bar will appear on the table.

Easy “We have a Judas in our midst!” achievement

Survivors begin appearing in Campaign 3. A lot of them are featured in “City Of Ashes”, some behind bars in the train in “Freight Train Of Fear” (and one hidden in a crate in the beginning), and at least four of them in “The Keep”. Killing a survivor will incur a penalty of -100 points.

Easy “You want me to salute that pile of..?” achievement

Destroy the flying skulls. Use a shotgun to do this quickly, especially when playing solo. Shoot at the Occult General’s head once. Repeat the process three times. Occult Generals can summon zombies and skeletons. However, each time he is wounded the enemies will disappear (except in “Tower Of Hellfire”).

Easy “You’ve got red on you” achievement

Use the shotgun as your secondary weapon when swarmed and throw some grenades. Do not attempt going for headshots with a rifle unless you are skilled.

Easy “Your blood pressure is zero over zero” achievement

The first Heavy Armor Zombie is found in “The Keep”. They can also be found in “Army Of Darkness” and “Horde”. An easy way to shoot their head is from behind. In the beginning of “The Keep”, a fence will shut down and kill zombies. Behind it are several Heavy Armor Zombies. Some of them only have a partial helmet, leaving the back of their head unprotected. Headshot one of them to get the “Your blood pressure is zero over zero” achievement.


Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

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    Don’t mention the Z word! (10 points): Successfully complete Village of the Dead.
    Resurrection Day (10 points): Successfully complete Cathedral of Resurrection.
    Play it Thule (10 points): Successfully complete Labyrinth of Death.
    The pen is mightier than the sidearm (10 points): Successfully complete Library of Evil.
    No more room in Hell (10 points): Successfully complete Subway to Hell.
    Hell on earth, that’s it (10 points): Successfully complete Purgatory.
    Into the fire (10 points): Successfully complete Gateway to Hell.
    Descent into Hell (10 points): Successfully complete Crucible of Evil.
    This is going to be a bumpy ride (10 points): Successfully complete Terminal.
    Code Red (10 points): Successfully complete Tower of Hellfire.
    I think we’ll start with a reign of terror (10 points): Successfully complete City of Ashes.
    You got rid of those stiffs yet? (10 points): Successfully complete Freight Train of Fear.
    There’s something in the mist! (10 points): Successfully complete Forest of Corpses.
    Broadsword calling Danny Boy (10 points): Successfully complete The Keep.
    Taste some of Mama’s home cookin’, Adolf! (10 points): Successfully complete Army of Darkness.
    This calls for divine intervention! (50 points): Successfully complete all Chapters on Sniper Elite difficulty.
    You want me to salute that pile of..? (15 points): Kill an Occult General.
    Explosive personality! (5 points): Pick up a Panzerfaust.
    I kick arse for the Lord! (5 points): Pick up the Preacher.
    Elite pickpocket (10 points): Loot a Super Elite’s corpse.
    Burning a hole in your pocket (15 points): Loot a Chainsaw Elite’s corpse.
    Give me something to shoot (10 points): Kill a Zombie Sniper in mid-air.
    Got you, didn’t I, you little sucker! (30 points): Kill a Suicide Zombie by hitting his grenade.
    Your blood pressure is zero over zero (30 points): Headshot a Heavy Armour Zombie without removing his helmet.
    Nine tenths of the law (10 points): Become possessed.
    Answer the Devil’s call (10 points): Pick up a phone.
    We can still fix him (10 points): Save the man in the hospital.
    Merciful death (10 points): Put the tortured souls in the Forest out of their misery.
    Don’t worry, they’re evil! (10 points): Shoot the 3 Zombie Ravens outside the Folterschloss.
    You’re so dead, you don’t even know it (30 points): Complete any Campaign chapter in 4-player co-op at any difficulty level.
    We have a Judas in our midst! (5 points): Kill a Survivor.
    Don’t get all stingy with your bullets (10 points): Kill 5,000 enemies of any kind.
    The head bone’s connected to the…oh, wait (10 points): Kill 500 Skeletons.
    Naughty little boys get what they deserve (10 points): Kill 100 Zombie Snipers.
    We don’t need a stretcher. We need a mop! (10 points): Kill 50 Suicide Zombies.
    Good, bad, I’m the guy with the gun (10 points): Kill 50 Super Elites.
    Snuff them out (10 points): Kill 25 Fire Demons.
    Headache relief (10 points): Kill 25 Summoners.
    Every bullet counts (15 points): Get a 5-for-1 kill with any sniper rifle.
    We got this by the ass! (30 points): Reach a total shot distance of 50km.
    It’s just a flesh wound! (5 points): Sever 1,000 limbs.
    Leave the limbs you’ve lost (25 points): Sever 10,000 limbs.
    We all go a little mad sometimes (15 points): Get an unbroken 10-headshot streak.
    Like a drunk who’s lost a bet (10 points): Kill 20 enemies as they revive.
    Somebody’s got to survive! (5 points): Get at least 10 for 1 with an explosive kill.
    My family’s always been in meat (10 points): Get at least 15 for 1 with an explosive kill.
    Come and get it! It’s a running buffet! (15 points): Get at least 20 for 1 with an explosive kill.
    Headshots are the very best (30 points): Defeat 500 enemies with headshots.
    And stay down! (15 points): Kick 50 enemies down.
    Resurrect this! (30 points): Score 5,000 with a single sniper round.
    I will not negotiate with the Undead! (5 points): Reach a Chain Count of 10.
    Scourge of zombiekind (10 points): Reach a Chain Count of 20.
    You’ve got red on you (15 points): Reach a Chain Count of 30.
    Zombies, man, they creep me out! (15 points): Reach at least Wave 10 in Horde Mode – Waves of Despair.
    You’re going to meet Death now… (15 points): Reach at least Wave 10 in Horde Mode – No Sanctuary.
    You’re going to have to work for your meal (15 points): Reach at least Wave 10 in Horde Mode – Flood of Tears.
    I’ll teach ya how to shoot! (30 points): Reach at least Wave 10 with the highest score in any Horde Mode map.
    Guts and glory (10 points): Reach at least Wave 10 with more gold medals than your companions.
    Got your back (15 points): Kill 50 enemies that are actively attacking other players.
    A friend in need (15 points): Revive other players 50 times.
    Got the killshot! (10 points): Kill 20 Elites in co-op.
    Down but not out (30 points): Kill a total of 20 enemies while incapacitated.
    Man, you sure know a lot about monsters (15 points): Complete every Survivor sidequest.
    Gratuitous violence from the lot of you (30 points): Complete levels as every playable character.
    Just in case we make it (30 points): Collect every Gold Bar.
    They must be destroyed on sight! (30 points): Find and shoot every Bottle of Blood.
    You have…death around you (15 points): Reach at least Wave 10 in Horde Mode – Dead End.
    They’re coming to get you, Barbra! (15 points): Reach at least Wave 10 in Horde Mode – Dead Man’s Bluff.
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