The 9 Fallout 4 Best Mods You Should Try Today

Fallout 4 Press Kit

The 9 Fallout 4 Best Mods You Should Try Today

Fallout 4 is one of the most successful games of all time. While it may not be the most popular among the Fallout community, it certainly was well-received. Like every game, there are some things developers can’t or won’t do, so it’s up to fans to create their version. This is where mods come in, and Fallout 4 has a vast library. This list will be the ones you won’t want to miss out on and are a must-try. 

Fallout 4 Press Kit

1. Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch

The Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch is an ambitious project with the simple goal of fixing every bug in the game. The creators of this mod have fixed thousands of bugs that affect gameplay, quests, NPCs, items, and more. This is a requirement for playing the game, not that you can’t without it, but it is for a more stable and polished experience. 

The creators have also tried to make this mod compatible with as many other mods as possible. This means that if you are a fan of mods and decided to download a few, this mod will work properly. However, this mod does require all six official DLCs installed into the game. So if you still need to get all six, you must purchase them from the store.

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2. Looks Menu

Bethesda games are well-known for their character customization. Players can spend hours creating their perfect character. Everything from eyebrows to waist size is alterable to suit your character. But what if it was taken to the next level? This is where Looks Menu comes into play. This mod allows for easier customization of your player character by listing every feature for you. No more dealing with Fallout 4 janky controls. This mod pairs well with any other character creation mod, allowing easy save and load features. 

The best part about Looks Menu is that character models can be saved and uploaded for other players to enjoy. This also means that you can choose from anyone else’s creation, so if you see a character model of Michael Jackson and want to play the King of Pop, it’s as easy as clicking a button.

Fallout 4 Press Kit

 3. Sim Settlements

Settlement in Fallout 4 can be a great place to take a breath and explore your creativity. But what about those players who enjoy exploring and battling more? Sim Settlement allows players to use NPCs to build houses for them in their settlements. At last, you can put NPCs to work instead of them standing around all day.

The downside to this mod is that it can be a lot for your system to run. So, if you have a lower-end system that is prone to crashing or lag, look elsewhere for settlement mods. But this is the best option if your system can handle the load and you want an easy-to-use mod that will build livable settlements.

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4. Achievements 

Gamers use mods for a variety of reasons. Some love the customization options, while others love the creativity of community members. However, most agree that mods are just plain fun. What’s not fun is when games lock players out from earning achievements because it detects mods on your device. Achievements mod takes that issue away. This mod is great for players who love achievement hunting but also love mods. If you plan on installing any mod on this list or in general, get this one so you can experience everything.

Fallout 4 Press Kit

5. True Storms

True Storms adds suspense and terror as you walk through heavy fog, trying to ambush your enemies. Or toggleable ghoul attacks in radiation storms to keep you on your feet. The mod also features several quality-of-life changes, such as fog not clipping through house walls and new filters to keep any fog or radiation that may creep in away.

True Storms adds suspense and terror as you walk through heavy fog, trying to ambush your enemies. Or toggleable ghoul attacks in radiation storms to keep you on your feet. The mod also features a number of quality-of-life changes, such as fog not clipping through house walls and new filters to keep any fog or radiation that may creep in away.

6. Place Everywhere 

You may be a player who enjoys building their own settlements, so something like Sim Settlement isn’t appealing. For those players, Place Everywhere is a necessity. This mod allows you to place any object or building material anywhere you’d like, which doesn’t sound too great. However, any player could tell you how annoying it can be to get that dreaded red highlight on your building, meaning you can’t place it down just when you thought you had the perfect spot. This mod eliminates all of that. No more worrying if something will fit or if the game allows you to build, you can place anywhere you’d like. 

For some players, the downside can be that the mod truly sticks to its name. If you want to place a concrete plant on the side of the road, you can. Want your bed to float in the sky with nothing supporting it? This mod allows it. If this can be immersion-breaking for you, try out some other mods, but if you are tired of the constraints Bethesda places, then this is the perfect mod.

Fallout 4 Press Kit

7.  Improved Map with Visible Roads 

Improved Maps is a straightforward mod that does exactly what it says. This is more of a quality-of-life mod that is great for those who don’t want to change the game completely. Simply put, this mod gives all maps in the game a higher contrast, so you can see roads, topography, and waterline much easier. Players no longer have to squint at their screens to figure out where they are.

This mod adds regional numbers making it so that you can easily find which reign you need to travel to. It also features a numbered grid line if you are looking for precise coordinates. These two features can be toggled on and off, which means this mod has no downside. You can navigate faster and easier, which is always a win. 

8. Homemaker – Expanded Settlements

Homemaker is for players who want to expand their creativity and furniture options in Fallout 4. Homemaker adds over 1000 new craftable objects into the base game, including new build sets and working planters. With this add-on, you can customize your settlement how you see fit. The mod is still receiving updates even after eight years since being first released. The creator has fixed bugs, adding snap points, new buildings, objects, and textures. This is one of the most supported ongoing projects currently in the game.

Homemaker does require all DLC to be downloaded, but it is playable on both PC and Xbox, so console players are in luck. There is also a DIY feature with furniture adding customization options even more. This mod would go great with Sim Settlements or Place Everywhere. 

9. Full Dialogue Interface 

Lastly, Full Dialogue Interface fixes an issue we’ve all dealt with occasionally. Those moments when you choose a vague dialogue option, thinking it sounds the best, only to discover your character says the opposite of what you wanted. This mod solves that problem by providing players with the full dialogue of your character’s words and tone. This mod is also supported on both Xbox and Playstation and has been translated into nine languages meaning almost anyone can use this mod. There will be no more surprises or unhappy options while using this. 

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