Agony Cheats & Cheat Codes for Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Windows, and More

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Agony Cheats & Cheat Codes for Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Windows, and More

Agony is a 2018 survival horror game developed by Madmind Studio and published by PlayWay. The game was released on May 29, 2018, for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The following year, on October 31, the game also got a Nintendo Switch release. Agony takes place in Hell, giving it an intense, dark fantasy setting. The game takes full advantage of its ominous environment by putting the player in a first-person perspective. This perspective puts players up close and personal with all of the suffering and horrors that go on in Hell. The player feels as if the unspeakable nightmares are happening to them.

Unfortunately, Agony opened to mixed reviews that mostly swayed towards negative. According to Google, only 56% of users who weighed in on the topic claimed to like Agony. Steam reviews rate the game an okay 6 out of 10. Popular gaming publications were less kind to the game. For example, IGN rated the game a 4 out of 10 and said, “Agony is agonizing in all the wrong ways.” Even Metacritic reports that Agony received “generally unfavorable” reviews.

The negativity surrounding this game was likely in part due to the controversy surrounding it. The game was originally funded through Kickstarter in 2016 and was due to release in March 2018. The game was delayed to May for various issues, the biggest being the “Adults Only” rating the game received. Agony was so graphic and so violent, it couldn’t qualify for the “Mature” rating that most violent and/or scary games receive. To qualify for the “Mature” rating, Madmind Studio toned the game down quite a bit. This made players more upset, though, as many early supporters wanted the game they were promised. In October 2018, Agony UNRATED, an uncensored version of the game was released on Steam that restored it to its original state.

Agony Premise

Players wake up in Hell with no memories of their past or who they are. Players control this tormented soul from a first-person perspective, forcing them to come face-to-face with the horrors waiting for them. Because the protagonist has no memories of his past, players know very little about the character they control. As the game goes on, they eventually uncover that he is a king who made a Faustian bargain, a.k.a a deal with the devil. Rather than making this deal with the devil as Christian mythology would represent Satan, he made this deal with the Red Goddess.

The protagonist is one of the Martyrs condemned to Hell and the Red Goddess refers to him as “Nimrod”. Other Martyrs who still have their memories refer to him as “Amraphel” and they blame him for why they’re trapped in Hell. In the Hebrew Bible, Amraphel was a king of Shinar and he was one of the kings who invaded Canaan. Although the protagonist has no memories of his life before Hell, it’s safe to assume that in life, he was not a good person. During his time surviving Hell, Amraphel discovers that the Red Goddess may be his ticket out.

The player has the choice to obey the Red Goddess or defy her. Depending on their actions throughout the game, they may receive different endings. Amraphel can possess other Martyrs and this power grows over time. Eventually, he’s able to possess lesser and higher demons, which each offer unique abilities.

Agony Main Characters

Agony's Red Goddess

Most of Agony’s gameplay comes from Amraphel’s journey through Hell, fighting for survival, and looking for ways to escape back to the land of the living. While there are supporting characters, Agony’s main story focuses on Amraphel and the Red Goddess, making them the two most important characters in the game.

  • Amraphel: Also called Nimrod by the Red Goddess, he is the playable character and main protagonist. Despite being the protagonist of the game, Amraphel is not a good person. He wakes up in Hell with no memories of his past, but other Martyrs in his position blame him for them all being trapped in Hell. This is enough of an indication that whoever the main character was in life, he was likely a horrible person. Amraphel was once a king of an ancient land who made a deal with the Red Goddess. This deal eventually leads to his damnation to Hell. Amraphel eventually finds out that the Red Goddess can liberate him from his torment and return him to his former life. This forces him to work for her, following her commands to appease her. Players get to choose whether or not they want to listen to her. How much Amraphel obeys the Red Goddess will determine different endings to the game.
  • The Red Goddess: The main antagonist of Agony and the “devil” who Amraphel made a deal with. According to the game’s lore, the Red Goddess is one of the creators of Hell. To escape Hell, Amraphel must appease the Red Goddess. She makes a deal with him to return him to his life if he follows her commands. The player can choose to do as she says or ignore her commands, but no one should be shocked by her betrayal in the end. If the player does everything the Red Goddess wants, she’ll reveal herself as the Whore of Babylon. She uses the Beast that Amraphel acquires for her to bring about the apocalypse, but she’s a woman of her word. She restores Amraphel’s life, but only moments after he’s brought back to life, he’s killed by the monster he acquired for her.

Agony Titles in the Series

Since Agony received such unfavorable reviews upon launch, players didn’t expect the game to receive a sequel. It made enough profit to warrant a second game, though, because Agony isn’t the only game in the series.

  • Agony (2018)
  • Agony UNRATED (2018)
  • Succubus (2021)
  • Agony: Lords of Hell (coming soon) – Steam currently has this game listed as “Coming Soon” but it does not have a specific release date.

Agony Cheats, Trophies, & Endings

A giant skull in Agony

Since Agony was released primarily on consoles, there aren’t many cheats or exploits to take advantage of. The developers didn’t build any usable cheat codes. Modding or cheating on a console like a PlayStation or an Xbox is not only difficult, it’s something most gamers wouldn’t recommend. That said, players do have the option to change the game’s difficulty at any time, so if you find yourself struggling, you may want to consider lowering your experience to an easier setting.

PC players can take advantage of mods and trainers if they want to. The modding community for a game like Agony isn’t going to be huge, but there are at least a few floating around. Wemod.com has a solid trainer for Agony UNRATED that gives players access to some valuable cheats. With this Agony UNRATED trainer, players have unlimited health, unlimited stamina, better stealth, unlimited breath, unlimited spirit, and unlimited skill points.

Agony may not have many cheats or exploits, but it does offer plenty to look forward to. There are loads of achievements and/or trophies to unlock and multiple endings to experience. Let’s take a look at some of these options instead.

Trophies & Achievements

It’s important to keep in mind that Agony’s trophies and achievements can vary slightly across platforms. For the most part, these will be the same or similar, though. This guide will specifically look at the PlayStation trophies.

  • Unforgettable journey: Unlock all trophies
  • Pull it out!: Succubus ending
  • I was born to rule!: Nimrod ending
  • Good and Evil: Good and Evil (Unlock Evil and Angel ending)
  • Your soul is mine!: Baphomet ending
  • Lara would be proud!: Find all secret rooms
  • She looks good in red: Find 2 red chambers
  • The richest man in hell: Find 4 gold chambers
  • I have a beautiful soul!: Max out every skill
  • You look just like your father: Unlock all letters and notes
  • The great painter: Unlock all paintings
  • What have I done?: Unlock all comic pages
  • Let me see you: Unlock all characters in the 3D viewer
  • I found a job!: Unlock madman ending
  • I am enlightened: Unlock everything in the gallery
  • Wait for me, my Goddess!: Finish level 1
  • Pact with the devil: Finish level 2
  • To the sunset!: Finish level 3
  • Never ending Agony: Finish level 4
  • Survivor: Survive a level in Agony Mode
  • I’m thirsty!: Possess an onoskelis
  • The force is with me: Possess a chort
  • I’m on fire! But I like it.: Possess an ifrit
  • Ice Age: Find a peanut in the frozen caves
  • Nice try: Try to push an onoskelis to the pit
  • Demon slayer: Push and kill an onoskelis
  • Did I just bore him?: Survive Baphomet boss fight
  • There is always something bigger: Kill an enormous chort
  • Where are you, pet?: Finish level 1 as a succubus
  • This time, I will use the elevator: Finish level 2 as a succubus
  • Finally, a bath!: Finish level 3 as a succubus
  • What a beautiful taste!: Finish level 4 as a succubus
  • Can I lick it?: Use a finisher on an onoskelis as a succubus
  • Heartbreaker: Kill a chort as a succubus
  • The Scarlet Woman: Normal ending

How to Unlock All 7 Endings

Agony has 7 different endings that each have different requirements to achieve. Fortunately, getting each of these endings is relatively straightforward. While it will force players to redo the game several times, each ending is unique and well worth the time invested.

  • Ending 1 – The Normal Ending: All players need to do to get this ending is play the game and defeat the final boss. As long as they don’t fulfill the requirements for any of the other endings, they’ll receive the Normal Ending and receive The Scarlet Woman trophy/achievement.
  • Ending 2 – The Evil Ending: To get the Evil Ending, players need to willingly kill 70 characters and then get to the Cathedral in level 4.
    • The Evil Ending is half the requirement for the Good and Evil trophy/achievement.
  • Ending 3 – The Madman Ending: Players need to reach the Mushroom Mind and then stay there for 5 solid minutes. To achieve this ending, players can’t wander around the Mushroom Mind, they need to stand perfectly still for 5 minutes straight. Gamers recommend setting down your controller or avoiding touching your mouse and keyboard to make sure you don’t bump your character out of place by accident. If you’ve done this correctly, you’ll get the I Found a Job trophy/achievement.
  • Ending 4 – The Baphomet Ending: Beat the level 1 boss fight with Baphomet and unlock the Baphomet 3D figurine. Once the player has done this, they can continue to the Mushroom Mind to receive the Baphomet Ending. When completed, players will get the Your Soul is Mine! trophy/achievement.
  • Ending 5 – The Angel Ending: Find all four angels in Agony. There is an angel on every level of Agony. Players must find them all and then reach the end of level 2 to get the Angel ending.
    • The Angel Ending is half the requirement for the Good and Evil trophy/achievement.
      • Chapter 1: The Chapter 1 Angel is after the Spider’s Lair, but she isn’t accessible on a first playthrough. She’s hidden behind some rocks that the player can’t get around. After beating the game once, the rocks will be cleared, so the player can reach her on a second playthrough.
      • Chapter 2: The second Angel is in the Fractal Forest. Exit the Golden Martyr Statue cave and follow the right wall for two corners. This should bring the player to a staircase that will lead to the Angel.
      • Chapter 3: Follow the left wall while exiting the final building in the Forsaken Kingdom area. By following this wall, players will loop around the side of the building and eventually find some branches. Keep going to find the third Angel.
      • Chapter 4: Exit the Forgotten Caves through the left exit to find a long hallway. Keep going down the hallway and then turn right halfway down the hallway to find the final Angel. Players will know they’ve gone out of the right exit because the wrong exit will lead to a bunch of statues and people hanging from pillars.
  • Ending 6 – The Succubus Ending: Finish the game as a Succubus. To play as a Succubus, players need to finish the game once and then replay it in Succubus mode. Completing this ending will award the player the Pull It Out! trophy/achievement.
  • Ending 7 – The Nimrod Ending: To complete this ending, players must already have the Evil and Succubus Endings unlocked. They also need access to the Cathedrel’s basement by collecting all the pieces of the golden statue. They also need to take the Garments of Adam off Martyrs they come in contact with. This will unlock the I Was Born to Rule! trophy/achievement.

Agony Cheats FAQs

When searching Google for “Agony Cheats” all of the frequently asked questions related to this category are general questions about cheats and cheat codes. They are not specific to Agony. Since these Google search results aren’t relevant, let’s take a look at what comes up when simply Googling “Agony game”.

Is the Agony game worth it?

This is a matter of perspective. Gamers who enjoy survival horror games, heavy stealth mechanics, and are okay with graphic violence, might enjoy Agony. That said, the overall reviews for Agony aren’t shining. Many publications, critics, and gamers have said that the game is just okay at best, so if the opinions of others weigh in on your decision to get the game, Agony may not be worth it. Many fans of the franchise do praise the game for its immersive mechanics and its amazing representation of what Hell could be like. Overall, Agony is a decent survival horror game despite the negativity surrounding it.

What is the difference between Agony and Agony UNRATED?

Agony was originally rated “Adults Only”. To achieve a “Mature” rating instead, Madmind Studio toned the game down significantly. This didn’t sit right with the Kickstarter backers, who wanted to experience the game as it was promised to them. Madmind Studio released Agony UNRATED several months after Agony, which offered quality-of-life improvements as well as a version of the game that was much closer to the original “Adults Only” version. Needless to say, this game is not for the faint of heart. Fans consider Agony UNRATED to be better than Agony, though.

Is Agony a prequel to SUCCUBUS?

Succubus is partially a sequel to Agony and partially a spin-off of Agony. The games belong to the same series, but it’s not a direct sequel to Agony. Succubus takes place specifically after the Queen Ending, which was an additional ending added for Agony UNRATED.

How many hours is Agony?

According to HowLongToBeat.com, the main story takes about seven and a half hours. Main and side quests will take ten and a half hours and a completionist playthrough will take about 14 hours.

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