Lost Ark Cheats & Cheat Codes for PC

A battle between a player and a monster in Lost Ark.

Lost Ark Cheats & Cheat Codes for PC

Lost Ark is an MMO role-playing game released and co-developed by Smilegate and Tripod Studio. The game was released in late 2019 in South Korea. The game was then released in North America, South America, and Europe in 2022. Influenced by other RPG games such as Diablo, Lost Ark brings the player into a world of questing, PvE, and exploration amongst the game’s expansive world and varied regions. Players follow a linear storyline filled with quests and battles against monsters. After the initial storyline is completed, players can participate in guilds with other online players. Guilds allow players to work together on quests, crafting, or dueling.

The game has received generally positive reviews from critics and fans alike. The game has been growing in popularity ever since its worldwide release, with an estimated 450 thousand daily players

Lost Ark Premise and Backstory

Screenshot of an intense battle between classes in Lost Ark.
Lost Ark offers intense gameplay and battles with an exciting selection of classes.

Players find themselves during a war between gods, angels, and demons in a fantastical world known as Arkesia. In this universe, the creator god, Regulus, is said to have created the universe with the lost ark, a device that after creation was split into seven pieces and given to the other seven primal gods for protection. However, Arkesia is not the only world created by Regulus. The order and light of Arkesia needed to be balanced out by a world of chaos and darkness. This world is known as Petrania and was originally ruled by the god of chaos, Igharam, and populated by demons. 

After a series of wars and conflicts between Arkesia and Petrania, Igharam was overthrown and killed by a demon of Petrania, Kazeros. Kazeros strengthened the demon armies of Petrania for a full-scale invasion of Arkesia. However, during the invasion Kazeros was defeated, leaving behind his physical vessel in Arkesia and his soul returned to Petrania. His body was buried deep under Mount Antares. The game begins on the brink of a new war, one where the player needs to find all seven pieces of the ark to prevent Kazeros from returning and destroying him for good.

Lost Ark Gameplay

PvP screenshot from the MMO game Lost Ark.
Lost Ark is an MMO game that allows players to compete in PvP starting at level 26.

The game follows a storyline involving quests that involve PvE, crafting, exploration, and various other tasks. Players level up by completing quests, and once a player reaches level 50, they gain access to endgame quests. Players after level 50 can participate in endgame dungeons and raids with other players online in the form of factions. At this stage, players also unlock their ship which allows them to visit every continent in Arkesia. Each continent has its own theme and culture. Players visit a vast library with talking books and tropical islands inhabited by bite-sized people. At level 26, players can participate in PvP. This mode allows players to duel other players for prizes and rewards.

Lost Ark Classes and Characters

At the beginning of the game, players can choose from 6 different classes, each with their subclasses. Currently, there are six main classes and 24 subclasses. Players pick from either one of the 24 characters that they choose. Each class has its own special abilities, such as fighting, healing, or casting spells. Here is a list of the six main class categories.

  • Warrior: Warriors are the brute-force fighters in Arkesia. They have low agility but make up for it in raw strength. Subclasses of warriors include the berserker, paladin, gunlancer, destroyer, and slayer.
  • Martial Artist: the martial artist is known for its swift, deadly attacks. They are quick on their feet and use combined and precise compound attacks. Subclasses of martial artists include the striker, wardancer, scrapper, soulfist, and glaivier.
  • Gunner: the gunner specializes in weaponry. They can wield high-tech weaponry or simple but effective bows and arrows. Subclasses of the gunner include the gunslinger, artillerist, deadeye, sharpshooter, and machinist.
  • Mage: the mage is a jack-of-all-trades class. They can cast deadly spells, heal their allies, and act as a support for their team. Subclasses of mage include the bard, sorceress, arcanist, and summoner. 
  • Assassin: the assassins are demonic creatures fighting for good. They channel their demonic powers for specialized and complex attacks. Subclasses of assassins include the shadowhunter, deathblade, and reaper.
  • Specialist: the specialist uses magic and the arts for highly specialized attacks. Subclasses include the artist and aeromancer.

Lost Ark Cheats and Cheat Codes

Unfortunately, Lost Ark doesn’t have legitimate in-game cheats or cheat codes. Since Lost Ark is an MMO, it would be unfair if cheats and cheat codes were encouraged in a game with aspects of PvP, factions, and team-building. However, some players may want hints and tips to help them with their journey through the various quests and storyline of the game. Understanding what achievements are available may help guide players in what to accomplish in the game. Consequently, acquiring these achievements can help players level up since achievements reward players with XP. Here is a list of achievements available in Lost Ark.

Dazzling Brilliance Trial520 XP
Proof of Adventure: Giant’s Heart520 XP
Proof of Adventure: Ignea Token520 XP
Proof of Adventure: Island Souls520 XP
Proof of Adventure: Masterpiece520 XP
Proof of Adventure: Sea Bounty520 XP
Proof of Adventure: World Tree Leaves520 XP
Trial of a Returning Gale520 XP
Trial of Corrupt Hatred520 XP
Trial of Cruel Destruction520 XP
Trial of Endless Agony520 XP
Trial of Radiant Brilliance520 XP
Trial of Rough Destruction520 XP
Trial of Solemn Agony520 XP
Trials of AchatesCharisma +3520 XP
Trials of AchatesCharisma +3520 XP
Trials of AlberhasticCharisma +3520 XP
Trials of AlberhasticCharisma +3520 XP
Trials of Ancient CalventusCharisma +3520 XP
Trials of IgrexionCharisma +3520 XP
Trials of IgrexionCharisma +3520 XP
Trials of VelganosCharisma +3520 XP

Lost Ark Cheat Codes FAQ

Are there hidden achievements in Lost Ark?

A few hidden achievements are in Lost Ark. One example is the “Keeping Company” achievement. To acquire this achievement, send an invite to another player to join your party. Once they accept it, the achievement is received.

How does a player acquire the Rethramis Adventure Tomb?

To acquire the Rethramis Adventure Tomb, the player must complete the “Tragedy Written in Stone” quest. Once completed, the Rethramis Adventure Tomb and “Wound to the Heart” achievement are received.

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