Bayonetta 3, Cheats & Cheat Codes for Nintendo Switch

Bayonetta 3, Cheats & Cheat Codes for Nintendo Switch

Bayonetta 3 Summary

Developed by PlatinumGames and published by Nintendo exclusively for the Nintendo Switch, Bayonetta 3 was released on October 28, 2022. This highly anticipated entry in the Bayonetta series was directed by Yusuke Miyata and under the supervisory direction of the series creator Hideki Kamiya. It marked the return of the renowned gun-toting witch, Bayonetta. The title garnered attention not just for its gameplay but also for its storyline that delves deep into alternate universes and the looming threat of the Singularity.

Bayonetta 3 Premise

Set within the Trinity of Realities – Paradiso, Inferno, and the World of Chaos – Bayonetta 3 revolves around the enchanting Umbran Witch, Bayonetta, who is pitted against the Homunculi, man-made bioweapons, and an entity called the Singularity, threatening to obliterate the multiverse. As Bayonetta ventures through various alternate universes, she’s joined by Viola, a budding witch, and various familiar allies, to thwart the Singularity and its forces.

The gameplay continues the series’ signature hack and slash style, accentuated with new mechanics like Demon Slave and Demon Masquerade. These mechanics allow players to take direct control of Bayonetta’s Infernal Demons and even fuse with them to unleash unparalleled magical prowess. As events unfold, players are drawn into a multiverse narrative, challenging them to decipher the mysteries of the Alphaverse and ultimately confront the Singularity.

Bayonetta 3 Main Characters

  • Bayonetta (Cereza): An Umbran Witch known for her long, flowing hair, which she uses as a conduit for her powerful magic, Bayonetta should be familiar to all action game fans. Her distinctive attire, gun heels, and iconic glasses add to her allure. As she navigates through the game, her fierce determination to save the multiverse shines brightly.
  • Viola: A newcomer to the series, Viola is a witch-in-training. She has a unique connection to the game’s storyline, displaying a close bond with a demon familiar named Cheshire.
  • Jeanne: Bayonetta’s childhood friend and fellow Umbran Witch. She is known for her similar fighting style to Bayonetta and her red outfit, which differentiates her. Jeanne’s loyalty and prowess make her an invaluable ally.
  • Luka: An investigative reporter who has a deep, intertwined history with Bayonetta. Recognizable by his casual attire and adventurous spirit, Luka often finds himself in precarious situations, but always manages to provide vital information to the team.

Titles in the Bayonetta Series

  • Bayonetta (2009)
  • Bayonetta 2 (2014)
  • Bayonetta 3 (2022)
  • Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demo (2023)

Bayonetta 3 Cheat Codes

Invulnerability Combo

Description: Achieve a state of invulnerability for Bayonetta/Jeanne.

  • How To: After completing the secret mission in chapter one and unlocking the Pulley’s Butterflies item, players can combine this with the Umbran Climax item available in Rodin’s Shop. Once both items are activated, Bayonetta/Jeanne becomes invulnerable until one of the items is de-equipped.

Raging Demon Technique

Description: A secret and powerful combat move that brings to mind the Raging Demon technique.

  • How To: When in demon slave mode and with Rodin active on screen, players can execute a button combo: punch, punch, direction towards the target, and then simultaneously press punch + kick. If executed quickly, Rodin’s palm will glow, and any enemy he touches will be subjected to this unique technique. However, using this technique will instantly disable Rodin if it connects successfully.

Weapons From Previous Games

Description: You can utilize save data from earlier Bayonetta games to unlock classic weapons in Bayonetta 3.

WeaponHow to Acquire
Love is BlueThis weapon becomes available for purchase at the Gates of Hell (Rodin’s shop) if you have Bayonetta 2 save data on your Nintendo Switch.
Scarborough FairPlayers who have Bayonetta save data on their Switch can unlock this weapon for purchase at Rodin’s shop.

Witch Trial Rewards

Description: Rewards are provided for successfully clearing Witch Trials, which become accessible after completing the main game. These rewards include unique attire that can be worn by the character Viola.

CostumeHow to Acquire
Little Angles T-shirt (White)Clear Witch Trial 1
Little Angles T-shirt (Black)Clear Witch Trial 2
Nintendo Switch T-shirtClear Witch Trial 3

Bayonetta 3 Cheats FAQ

Is there an easy mode on Bayonetta 3?

There are three initial difficulty modes available for Bayonetta 3: Casual, Standard, and Expert. For those wanting an easier time with the game, Casual is the mode to choose.

How do you unlock Love is Blue in Bayonetta 3?

In order to unlock Love is Blue you will need a save game for Bayonetta 2 on your the hard drive of your Nintendo Switch. If the data is there, simply go to Robin’s Gates of Hell shop and purchase for the price of 16999 Seeds.

Which Bayonetta is the hardest?

The original Bayonetta is far an away to biggest challenge out of the series.

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