Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Standard vs Deluxe Edition: Which is Right For You?

Screenshots of box art for the standard and deluxe editions of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Standard vs Deluxe Edition: Which is Right For You?

Like Fallen Order before it, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor has released both a Standard and Deluxe Edition. In a practice that is now standard for AAA releases, the day-1 editions of new games have multiple versions to appeal to varying consumer interests. Most of the time the Deluxe editions differentiate themselves from the Standard through the inclusion of cosmetics. Occasionally, the Deluxe edition will include bonus DLC content or story missions. While I’m content to buy the standard edition of new games, occasionally I’ll pick up the Deluxe if I’m a diehard fan of the franchise. The Deluxe edition of Jedi: Survivor doesn’t include any bonus story content, but there’s plenty of incentive for Star Wars fans to pick it up over the Standard.

Screenshots of box art for the standard and deluxe editions of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor
There are some key differences between the Standard and Deluxe Editions of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. Which is right for you?

Before digging into the differences between each edition, let’s address the elephant in the room. Before deciding on which version is right for you, it’s important to know the cost of each title. The Standard version of Survivor retails for the new industry AAA standard of $69.99 USD. Conversely, the Deluxe Edition retails for $89.99 USD. Whether or not the additions in the Deluxe Edition justify the cost is up to you, but there might be enough here to push dedicated Star Wars fans over the edge.

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Standard Edition – What’s Included?

Closeup of jedi Cal Kestis, main character from the game Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.
Cal Kestis continues his journey in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

The Standard Edition of Survivor includes the base game developed for next-gen consoles and PC. In my review of Jedi: Survivor I praised the game for improving on the template Fallen Order established by just about every metric. When purchasing the Standard Edition of Survivor you’ll get a massive, 40-50 hour campaign (more for completionists) and one of the best Star Wars stories told in decades. Suffice it to say, there’s a lot of content for fans to dig into for $69.99 USD.

At the time of writing this, there are no plans from Respawn Entertainment to develop story-centric DLC, meaning you won’t miss out on future content by purchasing the Standard Edition. Often, the existence of a Deluxe Edition for a AAA game means there may be the inclusion of a Season Pass or future DLC. This is not the case with Jedi: Survivor, as purchasing the Standard Edition grants access to all the story content that is available. So, what is included in the Deluxe Edition?

Deluxe Edition – What’s Included?

Cover art for the Deluxe Edition of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor
The Deluxe Edition of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor packs quite a bit for franchise enthusiasts.

The good news about the Deluxe Edition is that it contains all of the same great story content found in the Standard. In addition to the great campaign and story found in the base game, the Deluxe includes several cosmetics. One of the biggest differences between Fallen Order and Survivor is the cosmetic options. Fallen Order includes lightsaber and outfit customization, but Survivor takes these options further. In addition to allowing for more in-depth outfits and lightsaber customization, Survivor lets you customize Cal himself. Players can change Cal’s hairstyle and facial hair. If you ever wanted your Jedi to look like a scruffy nerf herder, now’s your chance.

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Purchasing the Deluxe Edition of Survivor will net players the following cosmetics:

  • “Scoundrel” Cosmetic Skin
  • “Rugged” BD-1 Cosmetic Skin
  • DL-44 Blaster
  • “Rebel Hero” Cosmetic Skin
  • “BD Astro” BD-1 Cosmetic Skin
  • Rebel Hero Lightsaber

The first three cosmetics come as part of the Deluxe Edition’s included Galactic Hero Cosmetic Pack. These items are meant to resemble Han Solo’s iconic outfit and items from A New Hope. The Scoundrel cosmetic skin gives Cal the appearance of the Galaxy’s most infamous smuggler. Similarly, the BD-1 skin replicates the color scheme of Han’s clothing in Episode IV. The DL-44 blaster is Han Solo’s iconic blaster pistol from the Star Wars franchise. Arguably, one of the coolest fictional weapons ever conceived.

The second three cosmetics are the items from the Deluxe Edition’s inclusion of the New Hero Cosmetic Pack. Similar to the items in the Galactic Hero set, these cosmetics are in reference to an iconic Star Wars hero. The Rebel Hero cosmetic skin gives Cal the iconic yellow jacket worn by Luke Skywalker at the end of Star Wars Episode IV on Yavin 4. And as the name implies, the BD-Astro skin makes BD-1 look like everyone’s favorite astromech droid — R2-D2. The Rebel Hero lightsaber pack gives customization options for Cal’s lightsaber to resemble Anakin’s blade which was passed to Luke by Obi-Wan. 

Which Edition Is Best For You?

In terms of whether fans should purchase the Standard or Deluxe Edition, there are a few key factors to consider. The first is whether you plan on spending a lot of time customizing Cal’s appearance in-game. Personally, while I loved Fallen Order, I never bothered customizing Cal’s appearance outside of maybe tinkering with his lightsaber here and there as I picked up new parts. The same can be said of my time with Survivor. Even with the new hair and facial hair customization options, I never changed the base appearance of Cal. However, I did thoroughly enjoy all the new options for lightsaber customization and spent quite a bit of time crafting my perfect weapon at the game’s workbenches. After all, it is an elegant weapon for a more civilized age.

The Deluxe Edition is perfect for fans who plan on spending time making Cal represent their favorite Star Wars heroes. That the included cosmetics are meant to evoke Han and Luke’s Episode IV appearance is a nice nod to my personal favorite film in the franchise. If you hold the 1977 original Star Wars as your favorite, you might want to grab the Deluxe. It’s worth noting that without buying the Deluxe or paying money, these cosmetics aren’t otherwise available.

On the other hand, if you’re not typically into cosmetics, the Standard Edition is perfect. All of the content included in the Deluxe can be purchased as paid DLC later on if you choose. For $69.99 USD you’re getting all of the story content that Jedi: Survivor will ever have and not missing out on any extra missions.

Personally, I went with the Standard Edition as I’m not someone who spends much time tinkering with my avatar’s appearance. If you just care about getting more of Respawn’s excellent Star Wars formula, the Standard Edition will do just fine.

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