Golf Rival Cheats & Cheat Codes for iOS and Android

Golf Rival

Golf Rival Cheats & Cheat Codes for iOS and Android

Golf Rival is a multiplayer golf game developed by Zynga, released in 2018. The game has over 10 million downloads on the Google Play Store and a 4.5-star rating on the App Store. It also ranks in the App Store’s Top 50 best Sports games. The app connects with your Facebook account so you can play with friends and family from anywhere in the world.

golf rival
Battle against friends and family in a one of a kind, relaxing experience.

Golf Rival Premise

In Golf Rival, players go head to head in golf competitions, battling friends or strangers in multiplayer games. There are over 250 courses to play on, each with its unique style and challenge. The game is perfect for both casual and competitive gamers. Casual gamers can sit back and relax while playing golf, without worrying about winning or beating their previous record. Competitive gamers, on the other hand, can compete in tournaments and climb a ranked system to prove they are the best. The games are real-time PVP, so you can’t take your turn and forget about it, you are locked in for that game. 

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Golf Rival also goes a step further, with six different game modes to pick from. Along with playing against friends and tournaments, the game also features Kingdom, Arena, Brink Game, and Special challenges. Kingdom mode allows you to climb rank from Knight rank to King. Arena mode has you competing in par-5 courses, trying for an albatross. Special challenges are unique and difficult obstacles to win. And Brink Game has you hit the ball as close to the hole as possible but without making it in—the closes one wins.

These feats are worthwhile, however, since players can collect chests and rewards to upgrade their clubs and balls. This allows for full customization of your profile and makes sure that your playstyle is catered to. And with the addition of Facebook integration, you can challenge your friends and family with a simple click of a button. It’s guaranteed that no two games will ever be the same and that there is endless fun to be had. Just pick up a club and start swinging away for a fun and addicting experience right on your phone. 

Golf Rival Titles in the Series

Although Zynga does not feature more Golf Rival games, they do offer a diverse catalog of games. Each of these games is ranked highly on the app stores and is sure to make the time next time you want to relax. This can always change in the future, as sequels can be announced if there’s enough demand.

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  • FarmVille (2009)
  • FarmVille 2 – Country Escape (2014) 
  • Merge Dragons! (2017) 
  • Words with Friends Word Puzzle (2009)
  • Draw Something with Friends (2022) 
  • Wizard of Oz Slot Games (2014)
  • Game of Thrones Slots Casino (2019)
  • Rummy Plus – Original Card Game (2013)
  • Zynga Poker – Texas Holdem Game (2010)
  • 1010! Block Puzzle Game (2014)
Golf Rival
Players can battle their way to the top of the leaderboards and show off their skills in Golf Rival.

Golf Rival Cheat Codes

Golf Rival does not feature any cheat codes for players to use. Although countless videos and websites will advertise free gems, coins, and cheats, these are all fake and should be avoided. Going through with any of them could put your device at risk. The game doesn’t feature cheat codes for multiple reasons. Golf Rival is a multiplayer game, first and foremost, meaning that any cheats used by a player would give them an unfair advantage. Especially with the inclusion of a ranking system, cheat codes would ruin that system. It also features an in-game store where players can buy a variety of items from. Having cheats would take away revenue from the developers and hurt future updates or games.   

Golf Rival Cheat Codes FAQ

Does Golf Rival have cheat codes?

No. Unfortunately, there are no cheat codes in Golf Rival for players looking for extra unlocks or items. The game is multiplayer and would give players unfair advantages if cheat codes were implemented. Any website claiming to have cheats for the game should be avoided.    

How do you unlock golf clubs in golf rival?

There are multiple ways of unlocking new clubs in Golf Rival. Players can complete quests, open chests, win tournaments, or purchase cosmetics in the store. The game usually features daily deals that will discount players on their favorite items. Be aware that these are purely cosmetic and will not change gameplay to make you better or stronger.   

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