Township Cheats & Cheat Codes for iOS and Android

Township Cheats & Cheat Codes for iOS and Android

Township is an agricultural city-building game developed by Playrix and released in 2011. The game has over 100 million downloads on the Google Play Store and a 4.7-star rating across mobile platforms. It’s also ranked in the Top 20 Adventure games on the App Store. It was first launched on Google and later adapted for web browsers via sites like Facebook. The game has received countless updates and graphical changes over the years. With 250 million downloads worldwide, the game has become one of the most successful and profitable applications ever. 

Township Premise   


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Township puts the player in charge of their own town and farm. You start small, growing crops to sell, then slowly expanding and building your town. You can fill the town with restaurants, theaters, community centers, and more. Along the way, you can start caring for livestock, process crops at factories, and even create your own zoo. There is always something new to be explored and built.   

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Township Main Characters

Township features a large cast of colorful characters that players will interact with during their playthrough. Each one offers advice and witty remarks as players progress. 

  • Ernie: Ernie is the player’s neighbor and friend. He is the owner of the tools exchange and hosts major competitions for players to compete in.  
  • Susie: Susie hosts the Bubble Gum Festival and tasks the player with building a Toy store and a Pet Store. She is best friends with Eugene. 
  • Eugene: Eugene is best friends with Susie and one of the hosts of the Bubble Gum Festival. He is a prankster who loves to get into trouble. 
  • Cheryl: Cheryl is a businesswoman who will offer players financial advice occasionally. She has the player build a City Market and a Skyscraper.

Other Games From Playrix

Playrix has not made a sequel to Township but offers various other games for players to enjoy. These games can range from puzzles to simulations.

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  • Gardenscapes (2016)
  • Homescapes (2017)
  • Wildscapes (2019)
  • Farmscapes (2021)
  • Wildscapes: New Acres (2022)
  • Familyscapes: The Series (2023)
  • Mystery Matters (2023)

Township Cheat Codes

Township does not have any official cheat codes in the game. Any website claiming to have cheat codes for the game is likely fake and can put your device at risk. Due to the multiplayer feature of playing with Google+ and Facebook friends, it would be unfair to have cheat codes. The game also has in-game purchases that developers rely on for revenue. Having cheat codes would take away from that revenue source and mean less money could be spent on future updates or games.   

Township Cheat Code FAQ

How to get free cash in Township?

There is currently no way of getting “free” cash in Township. Players can use promo codes or earn daily rewards, but no cheat codes can give free cash. The more you play and upgrade your towns and farms, the more money you will make. 

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