Homescapes Cheats & Cheat Codes for Android, iOS, and Microsoft Windows

Homescapes key art

Homescapes Cheats & Cheat Codes for Android, iOS, and Microsoft Windows

Homescapes Summary

Homescapes is a free-to-play puzzle game. It’s available on Android, iOS, iPadOS, Microsoft Windows, and macOS. It’s downloadable for free from the Amazon App Store, Microsoft Store, Google Play, and Apple App stores. The game was launched in 2017 by developer Playrix. It is a sequel to Gardenscapes, another matching game. You can spend money in Homescapes to get more prizes and make play easier, but no real money is required to beat all the levels. 

Homescapes Premise

Homescapes unlock rooms

©Homescapes gameplay screenshot – Original

Homescapes is a combination of a puzzle game and a renovation game. There are also rare but unique mini-games that aren’t puzzles or renovation-based. In the game, Austin the butler, returns to his childhood home. His parents, who live there, want to sell the old and somewhat run-down house. Austin renovates the house, so his parents will want to keep it. Austin will generate tasks that he needs to do to refurbish pieces of the house. 

To fulfill tasks, players will solve match-3 puzzles. Solving involves swapping out tiles on a game board so that three or more of the same pieces are lined up and then disappear. The goal to clear the level changes depending on the task. Players solve until the level is clear. Completing puzzle levels earns players coins and stars used toward restoration tasks. As you move through the house renovation, the story of Austin and his family will unfold. This occurs through mail, visits, and discoveries as furnishings are cleaned and replaced. 

Homescapes Main Characters

Homescapes gameplay

©Homescapes gameplay screenshot – Original

Austin the Butler: Austin is the main character of Homescapes. He’s a butler trying to renovate his childhood home. He is at the center of everything that happens in Homescapes. He also performs the same role in Gardenscapes.

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William: William is Austin’s father and a retired butler. He is married to Olivia and is somewhat of a troublemaker for Austin. William is a childhood friend of their neighbor, Jerry.

Olivia: Olivia is Austin’s mother and William’s wife. She lives at the mansion and wants to sell it. She is an avid baker and a rival of Stephanie Broom.

Katherine: Katherine is a childhood friend of Austin’s. She is a botanist and the daughter of Stephanie Broom. The two friends reunite many years later after Austin returns home. Katherine and Austin seem to have romantic feelings toward each other. 

Lisa: Lisa is the mail courier who visits Austin daily. She is a great driver but a bit forgetful. She is also Austin’s cousin Patrick O’Leary’s girlfriend. 

Jerry Doyle: Jerry lives in the house across the street from Austin’s home. He is a childhood friend of William. Jerry and William used to pull pranks and compete against one another in wild competitions. Now Jerry hosts competitions, which are events players can compete in for prizes. 

Cat: Cat is Austin’s pet, who is nameable by the player. He is a tomcat and troublemaker for Austin. Cat likes to test out new furnishings that Austin installs in the house. 

Other Games in Playrix’s ‘Scapes’ Series

Homescapes is a sequel to Gardenscapes. The first version was released initially in 2009 for Windows, OS X, iOS, Nintendo DS, and 3DS as a hidden objects game. A sequel was released in 2013 called Gardenscapes 2. In 2016, a new game called Gardenscapes was released by Playrix for Android and iOS. This game stars Austin the butler and is a match-3 puzzle and renovation game for a mansion and its gardens. Austin also plays a minor role in Township, a puzzle-solving game where rewards help build a city. 

All connected games in the series in release order: 

  • Gardenscapes (2009)
  • Township (2011)
  • Gardenscapes 2 (2013)
  • Gardenscapes (2016)
  • Homescapes (2017)

Homescapes Cheat Codes

There aren’t any official cheat codes for Homescapes. However, there is a mod that can enable some cheats, and there are tips to help make the game easier.


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Homescapes++ is a third-party application available for download from some popular mod sites. The application claims to get players unlimited gold coins and spins. Unfortunately though, while the app may work, it is illegal. Homescapes++ violates Homescapes developer Playrix’s policies and is not supported. 


  • When solving puzzles, it is best to study the field before starting and plan out a few possible moves ahead of time.
  • Aim for making matches at the bottom of the filled first and as often as possible.
  • Don’t always follow the in-game prompts while trying to solve puzzles. They should be reserved for when you cannot see any other options. 
  • You can get additional lives to use during puzzles from in-game characters. Helping other characters and making them happy will lead to them offering extra lives as a reward.


Coins buy lives and power-ups such as rockets. Lives allow you to try the puzzle over again. The power-ups are helpful during puzzles to speed up the solving process. Coins go towards renovating the mansion.

There are four ways to get in-game coins:

  • By joining official Homescapes communities
  • By beating match-3 levels
  • By helping in-game characters and receiving a reward
  • By completely renovating one of the 11 areas of the mansion

You can receive a whole reward package that includes boosters, coins, and unlimited lives. These packages come from: 

  • Completing tasks during special events
  • Special events are unique themed limited-time match-3 levels
  • By finishing all tasks on the tablet, which finishes an in-game day

Homescapes Power-ups

  • Rockets: Rockets first appear in the second-level puzzle. They arise from matching four tile pieces in a row. A rocket will clear all the tiles in a row, horizontally or vertically, based on where it points.
  • Bomb: Bombs appear beginning in level three. You get bombs from matching pieces to create an L or T shape by matching five or six pieces. Bombs explode and remove multiple pieces. They activate through a double tap.
  • Paper Plane: Paper planes appear starting in level four. They come from matching four pieces of the same type into a square. A paper plane power-up removes a random tile that may keep the player from solving the level. Paper planes also destroy tile pieces they contact when they take off. 
  • Rainbow Ball: The Rainbow Ball first appears in level 5. You get this power-up by matching five pieces in a line. The Rainbow Ball removes all the pieces of a particular color from the board.

Power-up Combos

By combining or trading certain power-ups, you can create other greater effects.

  • 2 Rockets together clear the row, and a column
  • Bomb and Rocket combos clear 3 rows and columns
  • 2 Bombs together explode tiles in a 5 x 5 pattern
  • Paper Plane and a Rocket or Bomb Clears a Level Goal, then perform either the Rocket or Bomb power-up 
  • 2 Paper Planes will clear 8 tiles and 3 Level Goals.
  • Rainbow Ball plus any Power Up combines to replace the color there is most of on the field with that power-up
  • 2 Rainbow Balls will clear all the pieces and an obstacle layer(which slows down player progress)

Homescapes Cheat Code FAQs

How long does it take to beat Homescapes?

The average time to beat Homescapes is about 16 hours. This number comes from a mixture of dedicated play and leisure play over time. 

What is unlimited lives?

Unlimited lives are a special reward. This version of Unlimited Lives allows you to play match-3 levels without the risk of losing any lives. Therefore if you can’t solve the puzzle, you lose nothing when the time runs out. You can get unlimited lives during special offers in the store, as a daily bonus reward, or as a reward for playing competitions. Note: Unlimited Lives goes into effect as soon as you get it and will not stop until it runs out. 

How many levels does it take to complete the house?

Completing a puzzle level normally earns you one star. You can earn more through events and mini-games. To completely renovate the house, you will require 2374 stars. Note: Not all levels or puzzles are difficult or time-consuming. 

What are Cascade Events?

Cascade events are available for players above level 20. In Cascade Events, you collect a specific number of pieces to earn prizes. The tasks to complete increase in difficulty and reward size as you advance. At the end of all tasks, you receive a prize chest or coins as a reward. 

What is the highest level in Homescapes?

There are currently 12800 levels in Homescapes. Playrix regularly adds new levels to the game. A beaten level is not replayable.

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