Project Makeover Cheats & Cheat Codes for iOS and Android

Project Makeover key art

Project Makeover Cheats & Cheat Codes for iOS and Android

Project Makeover is a puzzle, beauty, fashion, and makeover game developed by Magic Tavern, released in 2020. The game is known for its unique and eye-catching ads and gained a quick following its release. The title has over 100 million downloads on the Google Play Store and has a 4.4-star rating on the App Store. 

Project Makeover Premise  

Project Makeover gameplay

©Project Makeover gameplay screenshot – Original

In Project Makeover, you are a stylist and makeup artist who gives your clients a glow-up. After solving matching puzzles, similar to Candy Crush, you choose from three different options for accessories. These range from clothes and shoes to makeup and hairstyles. The purpose is to increase your client’s confidence and self-esteem. The game rewards the player’s creativity and fashion sense. 

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Project Makeover Main Characters

Project Makeover characters

©Project Makeover official artwork – Original

Project Makeover is filled with colorful characters that will either help or harm you on your stylist journey. While these characters do not offer a lot of backstories or characteristics, they do have funny dialogue and close relationships. 

  • Gigi Lane: Gigi is the game’s style maven. 
  • Francis Kelly: Francis is the Hari Guru and best friend of Gigi. He hates it when people refer to his hair color as blue or green. 
  • Derek Berkman: Derke is an interior designer and loves red flannel shirts.
  • Greta von Deta: Greta is the game’s main antagonist and is enemies with everyone. 
  • Michelle: Michelle is the game’s secondary antagonist and is the assistant to Greta von Deta. She delivers false information to the player.

Games in the Project Makeover Series

There are no sequels or spin-offs to the original game, but the title is updated regularly with new content so fans can enjoy fresh episodes. 

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Project Makeover Cheat Codes 

There are no official cheat codes for this game. Refrain from trusting any source detailing how to get unlimited gems, lives, or coins because they are fake and could harm your device. The point of the game is to complete each episode and help clients. The developers intentionally made it and intended for people to experience the stories themselves without skipping over anything.  

Project Makeover Cheat Code FAQs

Does Project Makeover have cheats?

No, the game does not have any cheats or places to enter cheat codes. Players can complete episodes and beat levels if they wish to make more money.  

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