Word Chums Cheats & Cheat Codes for Android and iOS

In-game photo of Word Chums.

Word Chums Cheats & Cheat Codes for Android and iOS

Word Chums is another addictive word game involving word puzzles that blends vocabulary prowess with strategic thinking. Initially released in 2012 by developer PeopleFun, this delightful game has charmed players across multiple platforms, including iOS and Android. The game fosters friendly competition while also scratching that competitive itch for some. And one thing to note, the game also rewards the player base with updates and content. It’s not just the original game but a continued product that improves over time. But does it have any cheat codes?

While some may have attempted cheat codes and exploits, the game’s emphasis on fair play and genuine skill has maintained its integrity and kept the community’s focus on the sheer joy of word discovery.

Word Chums Premise

Word Chums takes players on a journey of linguistic exploration. The game offers a twist to regular puzzle games, pairing charming character-driven visuals with crosswords. Players are tasked with creating words from a selection of letter tiles on a game board, strategically placing them to score points. What sets Word Chums apart is its endearing cast of characters, each with distinct personalities and special abilities. And the game has two options: either play in the safe environment of single-player, where you can hone your skills in peace, or test yourself against others in the multiplayer mode. The game truly strikes a perfect balance of competition and casual fun.

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Word Chums Main Characters

The best part of this game is the characters. Even as a word puzzle game, the game has a fantastic selection of characters that bring their own unique abilities and attributes. Here is a list of the more popular ones.

  1. Alpha: With his vast vocabulary and knowledge, he provides players with hints, suggestions, and even high-scoring word combinations to help them excel in the game.
  2. Bella: Bella offers bonuses for words related to fashion, beauty, and accessories. Her chic demeanor adds a touch of elegance to the word-building adventure.
  3. Champ: He rewards players with extra points for sports-related words, injecting an element of athleticism and competition into the game.
  4. Dottie: Her ability to transform tiles into high-scoring letters can lead to strategic and unexpected word plays.
  5. Eugene: He concocts unique word combinations, granting players bonus points for experimenting with their vocabulary and thinking outside the box.
  6. Francis: He rewards players for planting nature-inspired words, fostering an appreciation for flora and fauna as you build your crossword.
  7. Gordo: He grants bonus points for culinary-themed words, making your word-building experience a delightful feast.
  8. Quackers: He shuffles the letter tiles on the board, creating new word possibilities and challenging players to adapt their strategies on the fly.

Word Chums Main Titles

Word Chums doesn’t have any other titles in the series, so let’s talk about games similar in style.

  1. Words With Friends (2009) Platforms: iOS, Android, Facebook
  2. Scrabble GO (2020) Platforms: iOS, Android
  3. Wordfeud (2010) Platforms: iOS, Android
  4. Ruzzle (2012) Platforms: iOS, Android
  5. Bonza (2013) Platforms: iOS, Android
  6. Letterpress (2012) Platforms: iOS
  7. WordBrain (2015) Platforms: iOS, Android
  8. Boggle With Friends (2017) Platforms: iOS, Android
  9. Alphabear (2015) Platforms: iOS, Android
  10. Word Cookies (2016) Platforms: iOS, Android
  11. Word Crossy (2017) Platforms: iOS, Android
  12. Typeshift (2016) Platforms: iOS, Android

Word Chums Cheat Codes

While Word Chums has no notable cheats embedded in the game, they’re third-party websites you can use to help in-game. Something like word.tip is one of them. While you can use this option, by simply playing the game, you’ll slowly improve and not need cheat codes. You should try it.

Word Chums Cheat Codes FAQ

What are the bingos in Word Chums?

You earn a point bonus when you play 5 or more letters in a turn.
Play 5 letters +10 points
Play 6 letters +20 points
Play 7 letters +40 points

How to earn energy boost in Word Chums?

40 Points for word 0%40
Shopping Bag+15%6
Straw Hat+50%20
XP after gear bonus  0%66

What is bomb in word chums?

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The bomb allows you to draw seven new titles. It’s a great use when you’re struggling to find words or the badge is already green and the point value will be low.

What are some of the best scoring words?

qadi, 14 points

qintar, 15 points

niqab, 16 points

faqir, 17 points

qwerty, 21 points

muzjiks, 128 points

freezing, 329 points

defuzing, 332 points

quixotry, 365 points

caziques, 392 points

oxyphenbutazone, 1778 points

What are energy boosts?

As described by PeopleFun, “Have you ever used an Energy Boost in Word Chums? It will double the XP you earn for the amount of time you choose – either 24 hours or 5 days!”

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