Scrabble GO Cheats & Cheat Codes

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Scrabble GO Cheats & Cheat Codes

Scrabble GO is the definitive modern edition of Scrabble, and the way that millions of people around the world play since the game’s release in 2020. If you’re playing Scrabble this way, here’s everything you need to know! We’ll also go over a few tricks that can help give you an edge.

Scrabble GO Summary

Scrabble has been around in digital form for many years now. One of the first official releases was Words With Friends all the way back in 2009. EA also received permission to use the Scrabble name for a mobile app, which found its way onto a wide variety of platforms. Then, in 2020, the license switched hands to Scopely. This developer promptly released the version we know today: Scrabble GO.

The rules, however, are timeless. Get a random stack of letters and form words on a board to hit as many point multipliers as you can. Stack up points with great positioning and using difficult letters to form big words. While the click-clack of the tiles isn’t there in digital form, all the other Scrabble magic is intact.

Of course, the challenge is intact too. That’s why we’re taking a look at the best ways beat Scrabble GO, how the rules work, and other important points you should know.

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Scrabble GO Premise

Scrabble GO board against green background.
Many modes await in Scrabble GO.

It’s Scrabble in an app! Well, it’s that and a bit more, but Scrabble fans will find everything they expect here. The key aspect of the app is its different modes, which allow for a few different kinds of play. These include:

Duels: Duels are a quickmatch with other online players that finds players a game as quickly as it can. These are very limited in nature: Each player only gets five turns each. The goal is to amass as many points as possible immediately. Oh, and every move is on a timer, too, so you need to think fast if you want to win.

Word Drop: A version of a word search game where you find words from a collection of letters. Every time you form a word, the letters are replaced with new versions. This continually opens up new options to keep creating as many words as you can.

Tumbler: Tumbler is a game on a timer. You have a certain amount of time to view an ever-change list of Scrabble tiles and form words from them. The more words you form, the more points you get. You also get points for harder or more unusual words.

Rush: Rush also has a time limit, but also gives you a limited number of turns and a new, smaller Scrabble board. In this solo game, your goal is to use your turns to set up words and score as high as possible. It’s great for brushing up on your skills.

Practice mode: Practice mode pits you against a computer opponent so you can set a skill level and start practicing. Watching what words the software chooses is also a great way to expand your knowledge of the game.

Leagues: Scrabble GO hosts ongoing leagues that allow you to join tournaments. The leagues feature leaderboards you can climb each week, leveling up and earning rewards as you go. This mode is for serious players testing their skills.

In addition these modes, Scrabble GO adds several important digital features that make it a bit different from the classic tabletop game:

  • A contacts and Favorites list to find friends who play. You can also add players you meet to match up with them again if you have a great game.
  • Player profiles that track all your stats. You can look up your opponents easily and compare notes on how you match up, winning streaks, etc.
  • Prize chests that award many digital materials. That can include tile cards, arena tickets for special games, and more. You also get gems that you can use to purchase more tile cards, etc. Most of the prizes are cosmetic in nature, but there’s still plenty to earn. This is a key reason people keep playing.
  • Automatic word checking. Scrabble GO has a built-in official Scrabble dictionary that checks the words you want to create. It will not allow you to play any banned or otherwise unknown words. This is a particularly controversial feature for Scrabble players. However, there’s no way to turn it off so you’ll have to play along.
  • A chat function to talk to other players, send emojis, and so on.
  • An online store where you can purchase bundles.
  • A subscription option. You can access to new weekly challenges, and a variety of boosts to help your game progression. It also gets rid of the ads that otherwise fill the app.

Scrabble GO: Are There Other Games in the Series?

Unless you consider the past versions of online Scrabble, Scrabble GO is a standalone game. However, the various modes in Scrabble GO like Word Drop are very similar to other popular apps that do much the same thing.

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Scrabble GO Cheats & Cheat Codes

Scrabble Go Avatars on blue background.
You can find cheat apps for Scrabble GO, but there are consequences.

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So, what can you do to improve your performance fast in Scrabble Go? There are a few ways you can amp up your gameplay. Some are more controversial than others! Let’s go through the most popular options and what they do.

Get a Subscription

If you don’t mind throwing some money around, a subscription is one of the easiest ways to give yourself a literal advantage while you are playing. A subscription, which typically costs around $5 per month, doesn’t just get rid of ads. It also gives you more rewards and a lot more Arena tickets. That makes it easier to unlock prizes, get the tile looks you want, and generally amass experience. If you want to put Scrabble GO in the fast lane, there are few better options. But it does hit your wallet a little harder compared to other options.

Use Built-In Boosts

Even without a subscription, you can still gain access to “boosts” when playing Scrabble GO. Boosts are limited options you can use during a game to give yourself a quick advantage for a turn. If they’re available, play them at opportune times once the board has gotten a little complicated. There are three major types of boosts available:

Quick Word: This is a mini-cheat that automatically plays a random word for you, based on the tiles in your rack. It’s commonly used when you get a totally horrible draw of tiles and have no idea what words to play.

Bonus Swap: Swapping, a longtime tradition in old Scrabble, returns with this new version. A bonus swap gives you the ability to swap out as many letters as you like one time. The key is that it doesn’t end your turn, so it sets you up for a potentially huge comeback.

Word Spy: This option highlights the spots on the board for your specific arrangement of letters. In other words, it lets you see placements that you may have otherwise missed.

Keep in mind, these powerful boosts are only available in very limited quantities, and don’t work in all game modes. A subscription allows you to get boosts more frequently, which can have a direct impact on your game. At the start of a game, you and your opponent have options to decide whether or not to enable boosts. You’ll want to agree on that beforehand.

Use a Word Finder App

A word finder does exactly what it sounds like. It’s software that scans the board and your tiles, then immediately comes up with the best available words to play and where. This software usually runs separately from Scrabble GO. Players take a screenshot of their current game and let the software analyze it and come up with options they can play.

Word finder apps aren’t hiding in sleazy download sites, either. They are upfront and available on most platforms, including the Apple Store. Those interested can check out popular picks like Snap Cheats for S-Go. Even if you don’t use it against other real players, apps like these can help you learn a lot of new Scrabble words and improve your game.

Important note! This option really puts the “cheat” in cheat codes, and that can lead to consequences. Many serious players will watch for signs of cheating with a word finder app like this. Usually, players give themselves away by suddenly taking a long time between turns, or playing an unexpected word very different from their usual style.

In these cases, other players will typically stop and block the person using the word finder. They may also try to report the player, especially if someone tries this cheat in a tournament. And of course, many game modes add timers specifically so this method is difficult or impossible to use.

Scrabble GO Cheats FAQs

Have a few additional questions about Scrabble Go? We thought you might. Check out the common questions people have and the answers below.

Can You Play Against AI in Scrabble GO?

Some game modes have you play against yourself by finding words and other tricks. The only mode that really uses an AI is practice mode, a.k.a. Zoey. Practice mode has its fans, but some players dislike how the computer can play the most random words. There’s not really a way to change the difficulty either, so you just have to accept what it is.

Can Your Opponent Tell If You’re Using an App to Help in Scrabble GO?

Experienced players can usually tell if their opponent is using a word finder app or similar method. It usually shows in unusual moves or word choices, as well as unexplained delays in someone’s turn. However, there’s no technical method to tell if a someone has a word finder, because it only uses a screenshot of the game, nothing intrusive.

Is Scrabble GO the Same as Words With Friends?

No. Words With Friends was a Scrabble-like game that didn’t require the license for certain Scrabble branding. That also means there are several other differences, including bonus word score changes and some letter tile differences. However, the same general rules do apply.

Do I Need a Subscription to Play Scrabble GO?

No. You can download and play Scrabble GO for free on multiple platforms. A subscription is offered, but this only provides extras and is not required for gaming with friends or other modes. As we mentioned above, a subscription is a good way to tap into advantages during your games.

Does Scrabble GO Have Bot Players?

In the past, Scrabble GO has had some bots that players can encounter. It can be hard to tell if you have encountered a bot, but usually they have no word score history. They may also act oddly, taking an exact amount of time between turns or other strange behavior.

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