Two Crude Cheats & Cheat Codes for Sega Genesis

Two Crude Cheats & Cheat Codes for Sega Genesis

Two Crude Summary

The streets of New York are filled with crime, poverty, and death. And this time, it technically isn’t the government’s fault.

Two Crude, or Crude Buster, or Two Crude Dudes, is a 1990 beat ’em-up where players take control of one of two super-powered mercenaries. Made by Data Easy, who also developed one of the most famous 2D sidescrollers, Bad Dudes. The goal is mostly the same as many other beat ’em-up of the time. Make it to the end of the stage and destroy anyone who gets in your way.

Two Crude Premise

This time, you’re not rescuing a president, or escaping from New York. Instead, the U.S. government has hired the two of you to stop the terrorist organization known as “Big Valley.” The reason? They caused a nuclear explosion, and the U.S. government doesn’t want a repeat. They took New York as a base after conquering it with a variety of forces, ranging from super mutants to advanced military weapons. As such, the U.S. government has gotten very desperate and is sending you in to take care of the threat.

Two Crude Main Characters

The Titular Two Crude is the name of this duo. Dangerous, out of control, and just what the military needs.

  • Ruth. The green garbed one, and player one!
  •  Sid. The blue bearing one, and player two!

Two Crude Titles of Video Games in the Series

Sadly, this appears to be a stand-alone game.

  • Two Crude (1990)

Two Crude Cheat Codes 

A2BA-AAFTStart with 6 lives
B6BA-AAFTStart with 7 lives
BABA-AAFTStart with 8 lives
BEBA-AAFTStart with 9 lives
A2BA-AAFJStart with 6 continues
A6BA-AAFJStart with 7 continues
BABA-AAFJStart with 8 continues
BEBA-AAFJStart with 9 continues
AJ0A-AABGStart on level 2
AN0A-AABGStart on level 3
AT0A-AABGStart on level 4
AY0A-AABGStart on level 5, first part
A20A-AABGStart on level 5, second part
AWYT-AA22Enemies do not hurt
AHDT-CAACDisc cutter is easier to kill
A5DT-CAACDisc cutter is harder to kill
AHDA-CAGAHunchback is easier to kill
A5DA-CAGAHunchback is harder to kill
AHDA-CAG0Commander is easier to kill
CDDA-CAG0Commander is harder to kill
AHDT-CAE6Heavy Snake is easier to kill
DXDT-CAE6Heavy Snake is harder to kill
AHDA-CAFLGrease Monkey is easier to kill
C5DA-CAFLGrease Monkey is harder to kill
AHDT-CAFNMaster Reaper is easier to kill
D5DT-CAFNMaster Reaper is harder to kill
AHDA-CAHNRabid Hounds are easier to kill
CDDA-CAHNRabid Hounds are harder to kill
AHDT-CAA2Mad Bomber is easier to kill
CDDT-CAA2Mad Bomber is harder to kill
AHDT-CAC4Cyborg D is easier to kill
DDDT-CAC4Cyborg D is harder to kill
AHDT-CADTHand Sniper is easier to kill
D9DT-CADTHand Sniper is harder to kill
AHDT-CAGJRhino-man is easier to kill
EDDT-CAGJRhino-man is harder to kill
AHET-CAAWSanta Imposter is easier to kill
DMET-CAAWSanta Imposter is harder to kill
AHFT-CAGWPyromaniac is easier to kill
DDFT-CAGWPyromaniac is harder to kill

Two Crude Cheat Code FAQs

Is Two Crude a sequel to Bad Dudes? In a spiritual sense, Bad Dudes was made by Data East, the same as this game.

What is the Cheat Code for Extra Lives? It’s BEBA-AAFT for nine extra lives!

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