Ultimate Spider-Man Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for PlayStation 2 (PS2)

Ultimate Spider-Man Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for PlayStation 2 (PS2)

Ultimate Spider-Man


All landmarks

Select “Controller Setup” at the options menu. Then at the controller setup screen, press Up, Right, Down, Left, Down, Up, Right, Left to unlock all landmarks. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound.

All characters in gallery

Select “Controller Setup” at the options menu. Then at the controller setup screen, press Right, Down, Right, Down, Left, Up, Left, Right to unlock all characters in gallery. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound.

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All comic covers

Select “Controller Setup” at the options menu. Then at the controller setup screen, press Left(2), Right, Left, Up, Left(2), Down to unlock all comic covers. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound.

All concept art

Select “Controller Setup” at the options menu. Then at the controller setup screen, press Down(3), Up, Down, Up, Left(2) to unlock all concept art. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound.


Successfully complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding bonus:

    Arachnoman costume: Successfully complete 90 City Events, 48 Combat Tours, and collect 90 Tokens.
    Parker Hoodie costume: Successfully complete 75 City Events, 32 Combat Tours, and collect 75 Tokens.
    Peter Parker costume: Successfully complete 50 City Events, collect 50 Tokens, and win the 4th Race against Johnny Storm.
    Spidey Wrestling costume: Successfully complete 30 City Events and collect 30 Tokens.
    Symbiote Spider-Man (black costume): Successfully complete 100 City Events, all Combat Tours, and collect all Tokens.
    Switch Hero option under pause menu: Successfully complete all Story missions.
    Venom Races: Successfully complete all Story missions.

Extra difficulties in City Event mode

Successfully complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding difficulty setting in City Event mode:

    Medium difficulty: Successfully complete 10 City Events and Chapter 6: Inexpugnable.
    Hard difficulty: Successfully complete 20 City Events and Chapter 8: Class Trip.

Extra Combat Tour difficulty levels

Successfully complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding Combat Tour difficulty levels:

    Medium Combat Tours and Health Bonus: Successfully complete 8 Easy Combat Tours after Chapter 4: Hell Of A Mess.
    Hard Combat Tours and Health Bonus: Successfully complete 12 Medium Combat Tours.
    Insane Combat Tours: Successfully complete all Hard Combat Tours.

Venom with white spider symbol

Successfully complete Story mode to play as Venom in Free Roam mode with the white spider symbol on the front and back of his costume.

Webswing upgrades

Locate the Human Torch icon on top of the Baxter Building in Manhattan; it’s the tall white building. He will be there depending on how many races you have acheived medals in.

Full health

Note: This trick requires at least one additional costume. When low on health, pause the game and choose the “Unlockables” selection, then select “Costumes”. Change costumes to have full health when resuming the game.

Avoid falling damage

If you cannot web swing when you fall off a building, double jump just as you are about to hit the ground.

No police or military

While playing as Venom in Free Roam mode, destroy something to enter a mini-game where the police and military will try to kill Venom. Then, pause the game and choose the “Unlockables” selection. A message will appear saying you will exit your mission if you continue. Confirm to exit the mission, then exit back out of the “Unlockables” screen and return to the game. Venom can now destory anything without the police or military appearing and attacking him.

Easier Combat Tours

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The last battle of a Combat Tour is the hardest. If you end the second to the last battle with most of your health, do not pick up the health icon that appears. Go to the last battle and fight. If you are low on health, simply webswing back to the area of the previous fight and the health icon will still be there. Take it and return to complete the last challenge. Also, make sure to spread out the enemies and try to lure some of them to other areas. Some will follow and some will stay behind making it easier to fight them.

Change time of day

While playing as Spider-Man or Venom in Free Roam mode, pause the game and select the “Switch Hero” option. When the next stage loads, it may be a different time of day. Keep switching the hero until it is the time of day desired.

Leg throw

While standing idle and facing an enemy, press Grab(2). Spider-Man will leap over, grab them by the head with his legs and flip them over.

Wall run

Spider-Man can wall run, but not quite as long as he did in Spider-Man 2 . While webswinging towards a wall, tap Grab just before hitting the wall and press the direction you want to run. Note: Do not hold the button. Spider-Man will run for awhile before crawling.

Fight Shocker again

You can see Shocker even after you have defeated him. Sometimes in a City Event, Shocker will appear and you must to fight him. It will not be a Boss battle; it will be like a fight against a street thug, who is much more powerful and has some very powerful blasters.

Completing Beetle chase with Spider-Man

Immediately grab the two pedestrians and webswing them to the ambulance one by one. Then swing into the tunnel. Once Beetle puts up the forcefield, climb up the wall and out of the tunnel. Since Beetle sets so many forcefields at varying heights, you need to always webswing while holding R1 + Webclimb during the chase. This will allow Spider-Man to get the necessary height he needs at all times. Just follow Beetle through the streets, stopping only to save the woman in the burning building and the citizens in the cars.

Defeating Beetle with Spider-Man

Wait on the bottom level of the construction site and eventually Beetle will come to you. When he appears, attack him with punches and kicks and repeat as necessary to defeat him.

Defeating Beetle with Venom

Use the camera lock feature so you will always have Beetle in your sights. Wait for him to zoom close to you and use a tentacle attack on him when he is close to you. When he puts up the forcefield and opens the pits, run to where he is hovering and strike him with a tentacle attack. Make sure to avoid his various projectile attacks by jumping over them.

Defeating Carnage with Venom

Use tentacle attacks to keep Carnage at a distance. If you can get close, use claw attacks which are more powerful. Feed on the policemen on the scene to regain health. When Carnage escapes to the next room, go to the door with the blue circle and press Grab to start a door opening mini-game. Carnage will recharge his health a few times during this fight so continue to feed on the policemen. Watch for Carnage’s spinning tentacle attack and jump out of the way.

Completing Electro chase with Venom

Stay as close to Electro as possible. When he is about to do his large electric ball attack, do a super jump into the air. Stay on top of buildings for the most part and only go to the ground when you have to feed. Try and feed when Electro is near the ground, readying his large electric ball attack, as he is not moving at that point. Just stay far enough away so the attack won’t hurt you. When Electro goes to the top of buildings, wait on the building below him and out of the way of the attack. Also, when Electro says “going down”, try not to go right down to the street with Venom or Electro will be too far away. Use the zip move to grab onto buildings when falling towards the street so you will not fall too far and lose him. Just continue to follow him until the level is over.

Defeating Electro with Venom

Smash the neon signs in Times Square by jumping towards them and using a tentacle attack or by throwing cars at them. Smash a few signs and then pick up cars and throw them at Electro. Try to smash as many signs as possible, as Electro uses them to recharge. When Electro goes near Spidey, throw cars at him. Also, bust open the fire hydrants to cause water to shoot out, as the water will harm Electro. Once all of the neon signs are smashed, throw cars at Electro until the battle is over.

Defeating Green Goblin with Spider-Man

Use the camera lock feature. Jump over the Green Goblin’s fireballs. Only get in close for an attack when the Green Goblin is no longer on fire. Retreat and repeat the process for both phases of this Boss battle.

Defeating Human Torch in second race

This race is tough because of the varying heights of the spheres Spider-Man has to pass through. Immediately double jump and webzip to the building to the right of the first sphere, then double jump into the sphere to activate the next one. While webswinging, hold R1 + Webclimb to always climb higher while swinging. This will make the race easier and you won’t miss as many targets.

Defeating Rhino in first battle

Jump on his back by pressing Grab, then hit him repeatedly. Jump off just as he starts to fall over. Run over to the wet cement and try to get Rhino to charge at you. When he is stuck in the cement, jump over to the crane and press Grab to use the wrecking ball.

Defeating Rhino in second battle

Dodge his attacks and jump on his back by pressing Grab when his back stops sparking (and turns blue). Hit him repeatedly and jump off when he is about to fall over. Repeat until he goes down.

Defeating Sable with Peter Parker

Move around as much as possible getting in some hits when you can and then retreating to a safe distance. Defeat her henchmen as soon as they arrive.

Defeating Venom in first battle with Spider-Man

Punch and kick Venom with the 4 combo attack ability (or just punches and kicks), then immediately jump out of the way. Continue this until the fight ends.

Defeating Venom in second battle with Spider-Man

Attack Venom as you have in previous battles. Get close for 4 to 5 hit combos and then retreat. Jump over tentacle attacks and other projectiles like cars.

Defeating Venom in third battle with Spider-Man

Attack Venom from behind when he is at the helicopter. You can usually get in 5 hits safely before he attacks. Once you attack him, use webzip to get as far away as possible. Venom will then jump towards you and either attack or throw objects. Get in quickly and unleash another flurry of combo hits on him. He will then return to the helicopter and you must repeat this process, only later you will have to avoid the fire that spreads on the roof.

Defeating Wolverine with Venom

Use tentacle attacks, throws, and claw attacks against Wolverine. Use the bar patrons to feed on while Wolverine is stunned to fill up your energy.

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off reference

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Near the beginning of the game where Spider-Man has to go to school (and just before the race with the Human Torch) wander around the city and explore. Spider-Man will make comments like, “I need to get to class” and “I really have to get to school.” One comment is something along the lines of, “I cant miss anymore class. I’ve been absent nine times… nine… times.” This is in reference to a scene from the movie Ferris Bueller’s Day Off in which the principal is taking note of the main character’s habit of skipping class.

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