After Burner Cheats & Cheat Codes for Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Windows, and More

After Burner

After Burner Cheats & Cheat Codes for Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Windows, and More

After Burner Summary

After Burner is a rail arcade shooter first released in 1987. Developed and published by Sega for the Arcade, this flying game used a large seat and control console when first released in arcades. But, upon release to the NES, the regular control was used. Of course, there is another, third version. The cabinet, the console game, and the deluxe cabinet version. The deluxe version had the cockpit move, and tilt, and was fully immersive for the player in the intense gameplay. Designed as Sega’s first true “blockbuster” video game, inspired by films like Top Gun, and Castle in the Sky. 

After Burner


The player controls an F-14 American Tomcat, a fighter jet with an unlimited supply of machine gun ammo, but a limited supply of heat-seeking missiles. At least in the regular version, the Master System version had unlimited missiles. And you will need every last bullet! The enemies in this game are frantic, and fire missiles like they’re going out of style. And you will have to dodge every single one! You only have one hit point. Just one.

And if one missile hits you, that’s it. Game over, try again! To fly in this game, you need to fly like a crazy person.

Upon release in the arcade, the game saw great success. It was one of the most played games of 1987, with the console versions following the same success. Following the critical and commercial success of the game, Sega quickly developed a sequel, After Burner II, and promptly set about making a series off this game. It is worth noting that After Burner II is technically an updated re-release of this game, but for the time being, we will focus on After Burner, unless II is relevant.

After Burner Premise

There’s no plot to this game, just you, the sky, and the points. Keep in mind that it was developed and released for the arcade. While the later games did have plots, with After Burner Climax having multiple, the first game did not. Nor did After Burner II, as the sequel is technically an updated re-release. A practice that Sega would continue in many of their franchises.

After Burner Main Characters 

There are no main characters in this game. Just you, the plane, the sky, and the dogfight in front of you. And of course, many, many, many enemy planes and missiles. So many missiles. Have fun!

After Burner Titles of Video Games in the Series 

  • After Burner (1987)
  •  After Burner II (1987) 
  •  G-LOC: Air Battle (1990)
  •  Strike Fighter (1991) 
  •  After Burner III (1992)
  •  Sky Target (1995) 
  •  Sega Strike Fighter (2000)
  •  After Burner Climax (2006)
  •  After Burner: Black Falcon (2007)

After Burner Cheat Codes 

Since this game was released on multiple platforms, we will be covering all of them! First up, is the NES version.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Harder modeBeat the game once.

Background Test (US Version)

Hold Left + B on Controller 1 and A on Controller 2 at the same time before the title screen appears (at the console power up/reset sequence or after the game over screen). Press Left or Right on Controller 1 to change the menu options. Press Up or Down to select the menu option. Press and hold Select to hide the menu.

Stage Select (US Version)

During gameplay, press Select to pause it, then press Down + Left + A on Controller 2 and Down + Left on Controller 1 at the same time. Press Up or Down to select a stage, and press Select to play. This cheat can be done in all levels except 8 and 17.

Infinite Continues

When your game is over and you’re at the blue After Burner screen, press Left, Left, Left, B, B, B, A, A, A, Start. You will continue on the level you just got a game over on.

Hard Mode (Code-Based Activation)

At the title screen, hold Right + A + B + Select on Controller 1 and Left + A on Controller 2 at the same time, then press Start on Controller 1.

Extra Missiles (US Version)

At the beginning of the stage 5, while refueling/reloading weapons on the ground, press Up + Right on Controller 2 and A + Start on Controller 1 at the same time and hold it during the take off. You’ll get an extra 40 missiles.

Sega Master System

Unlimited continues for the first 18 stages 

Unlmited continues for the first 18 stages.At the title screen press pause 100 times, then at the game over screen hold Up + button 1 and 2 to continue


When you lose all your lives, and the Game Over screen appears, press Button 1 and 2 at the same time, to continue where you left off. This works only twice, and up to the 8th level.

PC Version

Activate Cheats

While playing the Game, type TOGETHER IN ELECTRIC DREAMS then press the following key to activate the cheat:

Activated by pressing GExtra Rockets
Activated by pressing NGain extra lives
Activated by pressing TLose Rockets
Move down one levelLeft Arrow
Move up one levelRight Arrow

Sega 32X

Arcade Mode 

At the Sega logo press A + C + Start on controller 2. If done right, you’ll hear “Get Ready!”.
Now you’ll be able to play the Arcade version. After entering that code, you can press A + B + C + Start on controller 1 at the title screen to enter the Arcade’s diagnostic.


Stage codes 

On the following stages, input these codes for the following effects.

get 100 missilesStage 3: press Start and speed fast
get 100 missilesStage 9: press Vulcan Cannon + Missile and stick Right
get 250,000,000 ptsStage 21: press Start + Vulcan Cannon + Missile + Foto sensor and stick Up
get 50,000,000 ptsStage 11: press Vulcan Cannon + Missile and stick Left
get a DUKE messageDuring Demo: press Start + Vulcan Cannon + Missile + Foto sensor and stick Right
get a messageStage 1: press Start + Vulcan Cannon + Missile
get a messageStage 5: press Start + Vulcan Cannon + Missile
get a messageStage 13: press Start + Vulcan Cannon + Missile and stick Left
get a messageStage 16: press Start and stick down
get a messageStage 19: press Start
get a messageStage 23: press Start + Vulcan Cannon + Missile + Foto sensor

After Burner Cheat Code FAQ

What game is like After Burner? Plenty! After Burner was one of the earliest flight sims in the market. So, any games like Ace Combat, Project Wingman, War Thunder, and more, likely draw inspiration from this game.

Where can I play After Burner? You can likely find it on either online gaming websites, old-school gaming stores, or eBay. At this time, CheatCC cannot link to any sellers. Sorry about that!

What planes are in the After Burner Climax? Not the right game, but here we go! Two new planes are added: the F/A-18E Super Hornet and F-15E Strike Eagle.

How many levels are there in the After Burner arcade game? 18! The sequel, After Burner II, added three more, bringing it up to 21.

What is the difference between After Burner and After Burner 2? Aside from the additional stages, there are also a few minor changes. One of them is new challenges, such as speed, missiles, and aircraft behind the player, etc.

And that’s all for now folks! Remember to check out the rest of CheatCC for even more gaming news, cheat codes, and reviews!

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