Death Rally Cheats & Cheat Codes for MS-DOS, IOS, Android, Windows, and More

Death Rally Cheats & Cheat Codes for MS-DOS, IOS, Android, Windows, and More

Death Rally is a racing game where players can actually fight with each other in their vehicles. Death Rally‘s original name during its development by Remedy Entertainment was HiSpeed. The game was first released by publisher Apogee Software on 7 September 1996 for MS-DOS.

Death Rally received generally positive reviews from both critics and fans. For many years, it became a cult classic racing gameDeath Rally maintained enough popularity over the years to earn a full remake for mobile devices and Microsoft Windows. If you’re looking for a retro racing game with chaotic carnage, then Death Rally is the game for you.

Death Rally Premise

Death Rally is a self-explanatory game. Players will compete in deadly races against cars equipped with powerful weaponry. The objective of the race is to destroy the other cars in the race and finish in 1st place. The better you do during the race, the more money you earn, which can be used to upgrade your vehicle. This top-down racer is the greatest death race, packed to the brim with explosive action. With the right vehicle at your disposal, you can become the ultimate champion of Death Rally.

Death Rally Characters

In Death Rally, players will start with $495 and a weak default car named Vagabond. This vehicle is based on the VW Beetle and is equipped with a standard chain gun. Including the Vagabond, there are six different vehicles that players can purchase. From weakest to strongest are the Vagabond, Dervish, Sentinel, Shrieker, Wraith, and Deliverator. 

Once you have a strong enough vehicle and have proven yourself you can attempt the final challenge in the game. Players can enter a one-on-one race against the undisputed king of Death Rally, the “Adversary.” When you finally defeat the Adversary, you will be crowned the new champion of Death Rally.

Death Rally Series

Sadly for fans of the vehicular combat genre, Death Rally is a stand-alone game with no sequels or prequels. Death Rally is actually the very first game developed by Remedy Entertainment. When they remade Death Rally, they included a cameo from their other game, Alan Wake. Now, Remedy Entertainment mainly creates bizarre and surrealist games like Control, Quantum Break, and Alan Wake.

Here is a list of every game that Remedy Entertainment has produced:

Year of ReleaseTitle
1996Death Rally
2001Max Payne
2003Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne
2010Alan Wake
2011Death Rally
2012Alan Wake’s American Nightmare
2014Agents of Storm
2016Quantum Break
2021Alan Wake Remastered
2022CrossfireX / Crossfire HD (single-player)
2023Alan Wake II
TBAControl 2

Death Rally Cheat Codes

There are multiple cheat codes in Death Rally that can give you advantages in the game. With these cheat codes players can become immune to damage, give themselves money, unlock unlimited ammo, and much more. One of the cheat codes is a reference to the popular Duke Nukem games. For your convenience, we’ve broken down each cheat code in the tables below.

Enter DUKE NUKEM as your name when creating a new character. Don’t try to capitalize the letters or this won’t work. The letters are already capitalized so you don’t need to do it yourself. It doesn’t matter which face you choose to be your character as long as you name him\her DUKE NUKEM.Higher Armor Percentage

Menu Cheats

DRAWGet $1000
DROOLGet $500,000
DROPGo Down 10 Points
DRIVEGo Up 10 Points
DREADUnlimited Ammo
DRAGUnlimited Turbo

In-Game Cheat Codes

DRINKGet Rocket Fuel for Free
DRUGMushroom Effect
DRUBNo Damage

Death Rally Cheat Code FAQ

Does Death Rally have any cheat codes?

Yes, Death Rally has a number of cheat codes that can affect the game. These cheat codes can give players advantages during races like increasing their armor percentage, unlocking unlimited boosts, and making you immune to damage. With these cheat codes, you can dominate the Death Rally race track.

Most of these cheats can be applied in the game’s menu. Every code in the game is a four or five-letter word that starts with the letter D.

What are cheat codes?

Cheat codes are exploits that change the game’s behavior and give players an advantage. They may help move on to a different level, make the player completely immune to damage, or do some other action that wouldn’t take place without them. Cheat codes can also add wacky effects to the game, like making your character’s head massive or shooting rainbows out of your gun.

These cheat codes can make the game more accessible and appealing to casual gamers or those who find its current state inaccessible.

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