The 6 Worst Pokémon In Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon: Hands Down

The 6 Worst Pokémon In Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon: Hands Down

Now, before anyone throws a pitchfork at this article or sets it and the writer on fire (again), allow me to clarify: There are no bad Pokemon in any Pokemon game, no matter what. With enough time and patience, any Pokemon can become a force to be reckoned with. But, for this list, we’re taking a look at the ones that are least likely to be kept by trainers in Pokemon Emerald.

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon is more difficult than Sun and Moon’s original release, so it may be worth using Pokemon with a higher stat base, or are better for the Meta. That said, if you are determined to go through the game with Pokemon on this list, then more power to you!

So, Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon is the updated release of Pokemon Sun and Moon, and the Gen VII of Pokemon, taking place in the Alola region of the Pokemon world. It is home to over 500+ Pokemon, and as a result, a few of them aren’t going to be as good as the others. So, let’s run down the list of which Pokemon are not as good as the others (in terms of stats and moves). Keep in mind that a bad Pokemon’s evolution may completely flip the script and turn it into something amazing.

6. Mimikyu

Mimikyu Pokemon

This is a Pokemon that, when released, took the franchise by storm, with its cute little face and its adorable/scary visage. So much so that fanart was released within hours of its first sighting. And why not? It looks like a horror puppet version of Pikachu, the flagship Pokemon itself.

But, in terms of overall usefulness? Not so great. Its signature Move, Disguise, allows it to negate the first hit upon it, and Sword’s Dance allows for a sweep if the setup is right. Outside of that? Not much. Mimikyu’s niche is looking like a horror film version of Pikachu and sticking to one niche. As such, it’s not the most versatile Pokemon around.

5. Alolan Raichu

Alolan Raichu

There’s not too much to say about the Alolan version of Raichu. It uses its tail as a surfboard, and while it certainly has style points, and is an interesting development in the Pikachu evolution line. But Alolan Raichu just isn’t much. 

Its main strategy is its Light Ball attacks, and it’s frail at the best of times. It’s also remarkably specific in which team setup it needs, and without the support of Tapu Koko, it just doesn’t have a lot going for it.

4. Guzzlord

Some people are going to disagree with this one, and that’s fine. This list is not for everyone, and some people are certainly going to get their usage out of this large Beast. Guzzlord is a dark/dragon-type Pokemon with a large health pool. It can take a hit and keep on trucking like nothing happened to begin with.

But therein lies its greatest weakness. Aside from its large HP total, Guzzlord doesn’t have anything other Ultra-Beasts don’t have. I something can chew through that HP bar quickly, then it’s little more than dead weight.

3. Turtonator

While its design is good, Turtonator, sadly, is not going to be topping any tier lists or polls anytime soon. Its defensive stats are fairly good, but Turtonator is lacking in every other area. A fire/dragon type Pokemon, its main drawback is its speed, which at the base is a sad 36.

In other words, this fire turtle is slow, and unlike Bowser of Super Mario fame. This turtle just doesn’t have the sheer tenacity to carry a trainer through a fight.

2. Incineroar

Official artwork for Incineroar in Pokémon Sun and Moon.

Despite appearing in Super Smash Bros as a fiery wrestler who can throw down with Sephiroth, Incineroar in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon is not as great as its faster, Smash counterpart is. What really keeps this fire wrestling cat from greatness is its poor stat distribution. It’s strength isn’t great, as its defense. They’re not bad, just not good. But its speed is lacking, meaning that this wrestler will likely get ringed out before any submissions.

1. Golduck

This one is a bit of an odd one, as Golduck has been around for a while. However, its Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon incarnation is sadly lacking. Or rather, its built around one core strategy that only it can do: The Swift Swim team, which can only be used by Golduck. Meaning, Golduck is the Pokemon you have to bring along if you want to use a Rain team.

In a game as varied and as malleable as these ones, you don’t want to be tied down by anyone one Pokemon. And not because one its one move, however effective it might be.

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