Tales Of Symphonia Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for PlayStation 2 (PS2)

Tales Of Symphonia Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for PlayStation 2 (PS2)

Tales Of Symphonia

Completion bonuses

Successfully complete and save the game, then reload the cleared game file. The “Game Record”, “Sound Test” (Japanese version only), and “Mania” options will now be unlocked at the title screen. Also, go to the Grade Shop to access new items.

New Grade Shop items

Successfully complete and save the game to unlock new items in the Grade Shop. Start the game again using the cleared game file. The game will prompt you to insert Disc 1. Upon doing so, you will be taken to a screen where you can purchase various options with the Grade that you collected throughout the game. Note: You will receive 1000 extra Grade by defeating the final boss. The following things can be purchased at the shop:

    Carry up to 30 items: 500 Grade
    EXP x 1/2: 10 Grade
    EXP x 10: 3000 Grade
    EXP x 2: 1000 Grade
    Get more bonus EXP from combos: 50 Grade
    Raise Relationships: 100 Grade
    Receive more Grade after battle: 100 Grade
    Start game with 500 more HP: 250 Grade
    Start with 160 HP at the beginning of a battle: 10 Grade
    Tranfer over Collector’s Encyclopedia data: 10 Grade
    Tranfer over World Map data: 10 Grade
    Transfer over all Spells/Techs: 1000 Grade
    Transfer over Battle Strategy data: 10 Grade
    Transfer over Character Collection: 10 Grade
    Transfer over cooking skills: 50 Grade
    Transfer over EX Gems (inventory): 600 Grade
    Transfer over EX Skills (equipped): 400 Grade
    Transfer over Gald: 1000 Grade
    Transfer over Memory Gems: 20 Grade
    Transfer over Minigame data: 10 Grade
    Transfer over Monster Encyclopedia data: 10 Grade
    Transfer over play time: 10 Grade
    Transfer over recipes: 50 Grade
    Transfer over Relationships: 10 Grade
    Transfer over the number of times you used certain Spells/Techs: 25 Grade
    Transfer over titles: 1000 Grade

Fight against Aviation

Get all nine Darkness Weapons and go to the Darkness Temple to fight Aviation.

Easy Gald

Go to the city of Lzoold and go to the boat dock. Find your wanted poster at the dock. There will be a person in a pink cat suit here, Emo-Katz, and he or she will ask you to play “EB”. Play it and choose easy for Apple Gels, normal for Life Bottles, or hard for Lemon Gels. You will get five of them if you win. You can do this as many times as desired. You can sell the Lemon Gels for 500 Gald at the shop above Emo-Katz. Play EB four times and win to get 20 Lemon Gelss and sell them to get lots of Gald.

In Tekkial’a at the earth temple at the bottom of the bridges, you will break and find treasures. At the bottom is a dragon creature. Each time you kill him you will get 10,000 Gald. He as 10,000 HP with an attack of 1200 and defense of about 400, However, he is easy to defeat with Raine.

Once Zelos joins your party, put him as your on-screen character and talk to the female NPCs. They will give you money or items.

Finding Lyla

If you go north from izoold without doing two things to get on the boat it will cause the boat to disappear. However, you are not stuck. You will find the girl again, but you must do other things first. This is also an opportunity to get Sheena. This will require a lot of leveling up, but is worth it. There are also two seals that can be opened. You must go to Himma and tell the woman that you are Sheena’s friend. This will get you started towards getting Sheena. Luin will be attacked by the Desians and you must save it. You must save the girl being sacrificed to the fake Wind Guardian. Then, open that seal. You can also go through the Tower Of Mana and release a seal. After doing everything that you can, you should have Sheena in your party and the boat and Lyla will be in Izoold, ready for you. You much more powerful than you actually need to be to do everything needed in Palmacosta and the surrounding areas.

Fight a Bacura

To fight a Bacura, the big solid Mana blocks in the Toize Mines, go to the last room, where you get the ore. There will be a one-eyed monster in there. fight it. Sometimes it will be a couple of Stone Golems with some other monsters, and sometimes it will be a Bacura. Just run away if it is not a Bacura and re-encounter it. The Bacura has 255 HP and you can only drain one. Also, it disappears after thirty seconds.

Falcon Crest

When Lloyd is low on health (health is in the red) and has the weapon “Material Blade” equipped, he can use a secret tech called the Falcon Crest. To use this tech, press Square + X + Circle.

Getting into the Wind Seal Room

In Asgard, when sealing the Wind Seal, it is difficult to get into the Seal Room. Light the two lamps next to each other to open a secret room, which has mini pinwheels in the room. Around the entire Asgard ruin there are tablets on the walls, but you cannot read them unless you light the lamps around the tablets, with the original form of the Sorcerer’s Ring. When you read the two of them that say something about jewels, and the one that says the cycle of power through the Earth, Gods, and Wind Spirit, it is easy to get into the Seal Room. The Ruby is the red pinwheel, the Pearl is the white pin wheel, the Topaz is the yellow pinwheel, the Wind Spirit is the blue pinwheel, and the Emerald is the green pin wheel. In order to get into the Wind Seal room, you must make the pinwheels spin in the correct order. The order is red, yellow, green, white, blue. After spinning it in the correct order, a door in the back will open.

Recommended level

When fighting through the first ruins towards the Seal of Fire, it is recommended that you get to at least level 13 for each character. If not, the battle with the Boss will either require an absolutely brilliant strategy or result in the death of your party. Also, make sure that Genis has his skills set to only Aqua Edge and/or Icicle if you have obtained that skill; otherwise he will waste TP using skills that will cause very little damage for the cost.

Special abilities

The following special abilities are either difficult to get or can only be activated when certain conditions are met:


    Lightning Thrust: Equip Sardonyx, use Sonic Thrust 200 times.
    Lightning Tiger: Equip Sardonyx, use Tiger Blade 200 times.
    Grave Blade: Equip Ruby, use Fierce Demon Fang 200 times.
    Rising Phoenix: Equip Garnet, use Rising Falcon 200 times.
    Falcon’s Crest: Have the title “Eternal Swordsman” equipped, have “Material Blade” equipped, have health in the red zone, and have 100 TP available. Press X, A, and B.


    Toss Hammer: Use Pow Hammer 200 times; random chance of happening.
    Ice Hammer: Equip Sapphire, use Pow Hammer 200 times.
    Holy Judgment: Use Judgment and Holy Song 50 times each; random chance of happening.


    Indignant Judgment: Use Indignation 50 times, then use again in Over Limit.


    Grave Blade: Equip Ruby, use Fierce Demon Fang 200 times.


    Grave Blade: Equip Ruby, use Fierce Demon Fang 200 times.


    Super Swallow Dance: Equip Opal, use Swallow Dance 200 times.

    Note: Lightning Thrust, Lightning Tiger, Grave Blade, Rising Phoenix, Ice Hammer, and Super Swallow Dance do not have to be done 200 times with the appropriate item equipped. They only need to be done 200 times, and then have the item equipped.

Attack attributes

After receiving special items from the Summon Spirits, you can change your weapon’s element in order to deal more damage to some enemies. For example, using Water against a Fire-type enemy. Incidentally, some of these allow special techniques once conditions are met. Refer to the “Special abilities” hint for details.

    Amethyst: Attack Element turns to Darkness.
    Aquamarine: Attack Element turns to Water.
    Garnet: Attack Element turns to Fire.
    Opal: Attack Element turns to Wind.
    Ruby: Attack Element turns to Earth.
    Sapphire: Attack Element turns to Ice.
    Sardonyx: Attack Element turns to Lightning.
    Topaz: Attack Element turns to Light.
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