Destiny 2: Lightfall Cheats & Cheat Codes for Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PC, and More

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Destiny 2: Lightfall Cheats & Cheat Codes for Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PC, and More

Destiny 2: Lightfall is the seventh expansion in the long-standing life of Destiny 2, developed by Bungie. Destiny 2 is a first-person shooter that features role-playing elements, including raids and upgradeable weaponry. Released on February 2023, this new addition to the online shooter comes with new missions and quests, added legendary campaign difficulty, a slew of exotic weaponry and gear, an all-new raid, a new subclass, and much more. In this article, we will delve into what Destiny 2 and its latest expansion have to offer in terms of gameplay, classes, and, naturally, cheats, codes, tips, and tricks. 

Destiny 2: Lightfall Premise

The expansion focuses on the exiled Cabal emperor Calus and his new allegiance to the Witness. Together, they lead an army in an invasion of Neomuna, a city on Neptune. The expansion adds various new gameplay elements to the Destiny 2 universe. These include new PvE locations, PvP maps, gear, and perhaps most importantly, a new raid known as Root of Nightmares. Naturally, the expansion has also new all-important weapons.

Lightfall also offers content throughout its year-long schedule. New dungeons and a reprised raid known as Crota’s End from the original Destiny, will roll out as the year progresses. Additionally, during this expansion, Bungee introduces themed activities and lore as the Seasons progress. 

The gameplay mechanics see great upgrades in Lightfall, too. These include a new free-roaming world set in the city of Neomuna. In addition to all this new content, at the core, the game is still the Destiny 2 people are accustomed to. Players get to experience returning raids, various dungeons, and challenging solo play. 

Destiny 2: Lightfall Characters

In addition to a host of NPCs, players interact with, Destiny 2 comes with a selection of character classes. These classes determine what type of skills and abilities the player character has. Within these classes are also subclasses, granting different abilities, stats, and roles in combat. Let’s take a look at some of the more important non-player characters in the game. These might include some spoilers so skip them if you want to experience the story in its entirety through the game.

Non-Player Characters

  • The Witness: The ominous being that wields Darkness and leads the Black Fleet in an attack on the Solar System.
  • Emperor Calus: The exiled Cabal emperor, now a Disciple of the Witness, who is leading the attack on Neomuna with his Shadow Legion.
  • Empress Caiatl: Calus’ daughter, who brings her forces to assist the Guardian in the fight against her father.
  • Rohan: Senior Cloud Strider in Neomuna, he aids the Guardian and Osiris and ultimately sacrifices himself to stop the Radial Mast.
  • Nimbus: Rohan’s apprentice Cloud Strider, who provides the Guardian with the Ascendant Scepter and later joins them in various missions, including defeating Vex in the Black Garden.
  • Osiris: A returning character who has lost his Ghost, Sagira. He becomes vulnerable to a final death and is a central figure in the events in Neomuna.
  • Commander Zavala and Ikora Rey: Vanguard leaders, they continue to play leadership roles, monitoring events from the H.E.L.M.
  • Mara Sov and Elsie Bray: Also observe events and offer their expertise and aid in the form of artifacts or information.
  • Nezarec, Final God of Pain: A haunting figure and former Disciple of the Witness, eliminated by a fireteam of Guardians to free Neomuna from his terror.
  • Chioma Esi: Ishtar Collective researcher mentioned in decrypted logs, one of the founders of Neomuna.
  • Maya Sundaresh: Another Ishtar Collective researcher and head of the project that led to Neomuna’s foundation.
  • Lakshmi-2: Created from the memories and consciousness of Maya Sundaresh as an Exo, plays a role in the backstory of Neomuna.
A Steam promotional image for Destiny 2's Lightfall DLC.
Lightfall brings one new subclass to each class.

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Here we’ll take a look at all the classes and their subclasses available to the Guardian.


Titans are known for their resilience and are the frontline fighters in Destiny 2. They excel in providing cover and absorbing damage.

  • Sentinel: This subclass focuses on defensive capabilities, using a shield to block incoming damage and protect allies. The Sentinel can also throw the shield to ricochet among enemies, dealing damage.
  • Striker: Specializing in aggressive, close-quarters combat, the Striker uses a powerful ground slam to deal AoE damage. This subclass excels at clearing waves of enemies quickly.
  • Sunbreaker: Sunbreakers wield Solar energy to create throwable hammers and flaming mauls that devastate foes. Their unique Aspects like Roaring Flames and Sol Invictus allow them to increase damage and create Sunspots for tactical advantage.
  • Behemoth: Behemoths specialize in close-range combat, using their Glacial Quake super ability to freeze targets with a stasis gauntlet or shatter them with a supercharged melee attack. Their Aspects like Cyroclasm and Tectonic Harvest offer enhanced sliding capabilities and energy regeneration.
  • Berserker: As the new subclass in Lightfall, Berserker is designed for players who relish close-quarters combat. It employs powerful claw attacks and a range of aggressive abilities to dominate the battlefield. With features like enhanced melee regeneration and crowd-controlling shockwaves, the Berserker is a great option. It is a high-risk, high-reward choice for those who like to be in the middle of action but also love causing devastation.


Warlocks are the mages of the game, focused on support and elemental attacks. They have the highest recovery stats among the classes.

  • Dawnblade: The Dawnblade subclass is a flying fighter. It can throw solar projectiles that incinerate enemies on impact. They also have abilities to heal or empower allies from mid-air.
  • Voidwalker: Voidwalkers manipulate dark energy to create powerful Nova Bombs for area denial and high damage. They can also use their abilities to siphon energy from enemies. This also heals themselves in the process.
  • Stormcaller: Stormcallers are best at AoE damage, wielding their Stormtrance ability to zap multiple foes with chained lightning. They can also use Chaos Reach to unleash a focused beam of Arc energy. With Aspects like Electrostatic Mind and Arc Soul, they can further improve their Arc abilities and even grant Arc Souls to allies.
  • Shadebinder: Shadebinders wield the Winter’s Wrath super ability to freeze enemies in their tracks. This makes them especially effective in crowd control. The subclass further capitalizes on this control through Aspects like Iceflare Bolts and Frostpulse, which enable chain freezing of multiple targets and the ability to freeze enemies.
  • Broodweaver: The Warlock Broodweaver offers unique gameplay, allowing players to manipulate the Weave to create creatures and control the battlefield through telekinesis. It has abilities ranging from launching needle-like projectiles to enhancing grenades. The Broodweaver is a versatile option that adds to the lineup.


Hunters prioritize agility and speed, making them the quickest class in the game. They are well-suited for hit-and-run tactics, rapid attacks, and quick maneuvering.

  • Arcstrider: Utilizing an electrified staff, the Arcstrider is known for its acrobatic combat style. This subclass focuses on quick movements and chained melee attacks to take down multiple foes.
  • Gunslinger: This subclass specializes in long-range precision damage, often taking advantage of its Golden Gun super for high single-target damage. Gunslingers can also deploy trip mines and throw knives.
  • Nightstalker: Nightstalkers use Shadowshot to tether and silence groups of enemies, which allows allies to swarm the slowed-down enemies. Their Aspects like Trapper’s Ambush and Vanishing Step grant valuable abilities to themselves and allies, including invisibility, which is super effective in PvP scenarios.
  • Revenant: Revenants have Silence and Squall to freeze and shatter opponents, making them excellent in PvP situations. With Aspects like Shatterdive and Grim Harvest, they can control the battlefield by slowing enemies and generating Stasis shards.
  • Threadrunner: The Hunter Threadrunner is the new subclass in Lightfall. It also excels in agility and speed, using the Weave to maneuver around the targets and attack with precision. Abilities like grapple-enhanced movement and rope dart attacks make the Threadrunner a highly mobile and evasive class. This is perfect for players who prefer a fast-paced playstyle.

Games in the Series

The Destiny series is a first-person shooter game franchise developed by Bungie, set in a mythic science fiction world. It features an immersive and shared multiplayer environment with elements of role-playing games. Players take on the role of Guardians, protectors of Earth’s last safe city, protecting the city and its inhabitants from various alien races. Destiny 2: Lightfall joins a series of expansions that have continually evolved the base game since its launch. Starting from Curse of Osiris in 2017 to the previous DLC known as The Witch Queen in 2022. Each expansion has expanded the lore, gameplay mechanics, and universe of Destiny 2.

  • Destiny (2014)
  • The Dark Below (2014) – Expansion
  • House of Wolves (2015) – Expansion
  • The Taken King (2015) – Expansion
  • Rise of Iron (2016) – Expansion
  • Destiny 2 (2017)
  • Curse of Osiris (2017) – Expansion
  • Warmind (2018) – Expansion
  • Forsaken (2018) – Expansion
  • Shadowkeep (2019) – Expansion
  • Beyond Light (2020) – Expansion
  • The Witch Queen (2022) – Expansion
  • Lighfall (2023) – Expansion

Destiny 2: Lightfall Cheats

As Destiny 2 is a multiplayer experience, cheats would make the playing field uneven. This is not something we suggest, even if it is possible, and it is against the game’s rules. There are some ways to make the game easier for a new player. Here are some tips that might help you achieve new heights in the game. We’ll also take a look at the trophies and achievements that are available on PlayStation and Xbox.

Prioritize Main Campaign and Milestones: New players should focus on completing the main campaign missions and weekly milestones. These offer substantial experience points and are the quickest way to level up. They also unlock new abilities and players are able to gain powerful gear fairly easily.

Use XP Boosts: Certain items and consumables offer temporary XP boosts. Keep an eye out for these and use them strategically to maximize your XP gain during grinding sessions. This will help you level up faster and unlock more abilities and gear options.

Join a Clan: Being part of a clan in Destiny 2 not only provides a community to engage with but also offers weekly engrams and additional XP for completing activities with clanmates. This can significantly speed up your progression.

Optimize Loadout: Always try to equip the most powerful gear available to you. This might mean switching often in the early game. Gear Power Level is essential for entering more challenging activities where better loot can be obtained. 

Public Events and Patrols: Participate in public events and patrols when you’re in open-world areas. These activities offer decent XP and sometimes high-quality loot. Heroic public events, which are more challenging versions triggered by completing specific objectives during a normal public event, provide even better rewards.

Warlock is the spellcaster in Destiny 2.

PlayStation Trophies

Trophy NameDescriptionTrophy
Legends GrowEarn 5,000 Triumph points.Bronze
ExotiqueCollect 10 Forsaken Exotic weapons or armor.Bronze
Seal the DealComplete a Triumph Seal.Bronze
Fashion StatementComplete a Collections Badge.Bronze
An Exotic JourneyComplete an Exotic Quest. Complete a Forsaken Exotic quest.Bronze
High-Stakes PlayWin a Gambit match.Bronze
Darkness FallsDefeat a Forsaken Nightfall Boss.Bronze
Nothing Left to SayPursue Uldren and the Fanatic to the Watchtower, and finish what you started.Bronze
Long and Winding RoadReach level 20.Silver
The People’s HeroComplete a Heroic public event.Silver
Wishing for the BestComplete the “Last Wish” Raid.Silver
Heart of the AwokenEnter the Dreaming City.Silver
Zavala’s LieutenantAcquire each Titan subclass.Gold
Cayde’s PathfinderAcquire each Hunter subclass.Gold
Ikora’s ProtégéAcquire each Warlock subclass.Gold
Show Me What You GotComplete the “Light Reforged” quest. Complete Shaxx’s Call to Arms.Gold
In A FlashComplete 5 Heroic Public Events. Complete a Flashpoint on Earth, Titan, Nessus, or Io.Gold
Heart of DarknessComplete a Nightfall strike.Gold
The Life ExoticCollect 15 Red War exotic weapons or armor.Gold
Challenge AcceptedComplete 30 challenges.Gold
Belly Of The BeastComplete a Nightfall strike on Master difficulty. Complete the Leviathan raid.Gold
The PrestigeComplete a Nightfall strike on Grandmaster difficulty. Complete the Leviathan raid on Prestige difficulty.Gold
Lest Ye Be JudgedEncounter an Agent of the Nine somewhere in the system.Gold
Traveler’s ChosenObtain all trophies in Destiny 2.Platinum

Xbox Achievements

Achievement NameDescriptionPoints
Legends GrowEarn 5,000 Triumph points.20
ExotiqueCollect 10 Forsaken Exotic weapons or armor.20
Seal the DealComplete a Triumph Seal.20
Fashion StatementComplete a Collections Badge.20
An Exotic JourneyComplete an Exotic Quest. Complete a Forsaken Exotic quest.20
High-Stakes PlayWin a Gambit match.20
Darkness FallsDefeat a Forsaken Nightfall Boss.20
Heart of the AwokenEnter the Dreaming City.20
Long and Winding RoadReach level 20.40
The People’s HeroComplete a Heroic public event.40
Nothing Left to SayPursue Uldren and the Fanatic to the Watchtower, and finish what you started.40
Wishing for the BestComplete the “Last Wish” Raid.40
Zavala’s LieutenantAcquire each Titan subclass.60
Cayde’s PathfinderAcquire each Hunter subclass.60
Ikora’s ProtégéAcquire each Warlock subclass.60
Show Me What You GotComplete the “Light Reforged” quest. Complete Shaxx’s Call to Arms.80
In A FlashComplete 5 Heroic Public Events. Complete a Flashpoint on Earth, Titan, Nessus, or Io.80
Heart of DarknessComplete a Nightfall strike.80
Challenge AcceptedComplete 30 challenges.80
Lest Ye Be JudgedEncounter an Agent of the Nine somewhere in the system.80
Belly Of The BeastComplete a Nightfall strike on Master difficulty. Complete the Leviathan raid.100
The Life ExoticCollect 15 Red War exotic weapons or armor.120
The PrestigeComplete a Nightfall strike on Grandmaster difficulty. Complete the Leviathan raid on Prestige difficulty.120


Q: Is Destiny 2: Lightfall a standalone expansion?

No, it’s an expansion for the base Destiny 2 game. You need the base game to play Lightfall.

Q: What new content does Lightfall introduce?

Lightfall brings new PvE and PvP locations, player gear, weapons, and a fresh raid called Root of Nightmares. 

Q: How many seasons are available in Lightfall

The content for Lightfall is planned to roll out over the course of a year, featuring new dungeons, a returning raid, and four seasons with their own activities.

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