SnowRunner Cheats & Cheat Codes

Screenshot of the SnowRunner where the front half of a semi truck drives up a snowy mountain ridge.

SnowRunner Cheats & Cheat Codes

When Saber Interactive announced their followup to MudRunner in 2018, fans of the franchise were immediately excited. SnowRunner was released for Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One in 2020. They released a port for Nintendo Switch in 2021 and PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S in 2022. The game has sold more than two million copies across all platforms since its initial release, due in large part to the secret achievements and SnowRunner cheat codes that are available.

SnowRunner Premise

The world of SnowRunner is based on real-life locations, including Michigan, Alaska, and Taymyr. In the game, you explore each region, repair damage after disasters, and move cargo between locations. As you find and unlock more trucks, you can customize them with functional and aesthetic improvements. Much like the previous games in the series, there’s an abundance of downloadable content that allows you to reskin your trucks, expand maps, and unlock even more vehicles. Because SnowRunner is an open-world game, you can set your own goals and priorities as you deal with the elements.

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A screenshot from the game SnowRunner. A light blue truck drives through a forest of pine trees in the snow and mud. In the background is a large pipeline.

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Titles of Video Games in the Spintires Series

SnowRunner is the third game in its series. Its two predecessors have equally favorable reviews. They explore a less snowy world, but they follow similar rules.

  • Spintires (2014, Microsoft Windows)
  • MudRunner (2017, Microsoft Windows, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Android, iOS)
  • SnowRunner (2020, Microsoft Windows, PS4, XBox One, Nintendo Switch, PS 5, Xbox Series X/S)

SnowRunner Cheat Codes and Trophies

SnowRunner provides players with a huge selection of secret trophies to unlock. You can’t find these trophies on the Achievements list until you earn them, so we’ve listed these SnowRunner cheats here.

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Platinum SnowRunner Trophy

  • One With the Truck: Earn all other trophies in the game

Gold SnowRunner Trophies

  • Ain’t No Rest for the… Trucker?: Complete all tasks and contests in the game
  • Model Collector: Own every vehicle
  • The Black Shuck: Drive 1000 km
  • Workaholic: Complete every contract

Silver SnowRunner Trophies

  • All Along the Watchtower: Explore all watchtowers
  • Stars and Stripes: Own all American vehicles
  • All Starts from a Garage: Explore all garages
  • Bering Strait: Own a TUZ 420 “Tatarin” and station it in any garage in Alaska
  • Convoy: Transport a winched vehicle with a broken engine between two maps and put it in a garage.
  • Dreams Come True: Repair all pipes in Alaska
  • Fuel Economy: Travel through every region on one tank of fuel
  • Pedal to the Metal: Travel from one gateway to another on a single map without releasing the accelerator
  • The Duel: Driving a scout vehicle that’s painted red, collide with any truck and take less damage than that truck
  • Uncle Scrooge: Earn 100,000 currency
  • Victory Parade: Own all Russian vehicles
  • Western Wind: Use the Pacific P12 to deliver at least 10 cargo jobs in Taymyr
  • What’s a Mile?: Use the ZiKZ 5368 to deliver at least 10 cargo jobs in Michigan or Alaska

Bronze SnowRunner Trophies

  • 18 Wheels Is Not Enough: Own an Azov 42-20 Antarctic
  • Bear Hunt: Find all Taymyr upgrades
  • Broken Horse: Drive 1 km with all wheels broken
  • Deer Hunt: Find all Michigan upgrades
  • Eat, Sleep, Drill, Repeat: Deliver all three oil rigs to their Alaskan destinations
  • Gallo-24: Buy enough upgrades to hit twice the purchase price of your base vehicle
  • Get Over Here: Pull yourself with a winch for at least 6 meters
  • Goliath: Use a telescopic crane to raise a special objective semi-trailer at least 5 meters
  • Moose Hunt: Find all Alaska upgrades
  • Once a Farmer, Always a Farmer: Smash 500 pumpkins
  • Play Your Way: Repair 2000 damage points
  • Problem Solved: Use a crane to pull a vehicle with a broken engine out of the water
  • Simply Delivered: Deliver each type of cargo at least once
  • The Blue Hall: Drive 1 km in the water
  • Through Blood & Sweat: Manually load at least four standard cargo units in your truck, and pack them
  • Tread Softly: Recover your vehicle 10 times
  • Untouchable: Complete any 10 tasks or contests without taking damage
  • Where Are the Logs?: Visit every logging area
  • Workers Unite: Find both Lenin statues in Taymyr
  • Yeah, You Can Drive!: Activate all the tutorial hints

SnowRunner Cheat Code FAQs

What is the strongest vehicle in SnowRunner?

One of the strongest (and most popular) SnowRunner vehicles is the Derry Special 15C-177. It’s compatible with a lot of trailers and cranes, it’s very easy to unlock, and it allows you to become a firefighter.

What is the heaviest cargo in SnowRunner?

Long Logs are the heaviest SnowRunner cargo, weighing in at 12 tons. Airplane fuselage parts, large cabins, drilling equipment, oil rig drills, and oversized cargo tie for second place, at 10 tons each.

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